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New Administration Appointments

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Wed, 04/15/2015 - 7:49pm

Tiffanie Miley – Springville High Assistant Principal
The Nebo School Board of Education appointed Tiffanie Miley as the Springville High School Assistant Principal for Nebo School District. 

Tiffanie earned her bachelor’s degree in English Education and a master’s degree in Education all from Brigham Young University as well as an Administration License from Southern Utah University.

Ms. Miley taught seventh, eighth, and ninth grade English for 14 years and journalism for 6 years. She mentored new teachers for 10 years. Mostly recently, Ms. Miley is serving as the Dean of Students at Springville Junior. 

Principal Ken Van Ausdal said, “Ms. Miley’s vast experience as a mentor, her understanding of the change process, her natural leadership abilities, her work ethic and general scholarship driven by her love of children truly sets her apart.”

Ms. Miley was honored as Springville Junior High Teacher of the Year in 2011 and received the Springville Junior High PTA Excellence in Service Award in 2006 and 2012.

Ms. Miley said, “I have loved working with the students, parents, faculty and staff of Springville Junior High School, and I feel privileged to continue my association with the families of Springville.  I am so grateful for all the mentors I’ve had over the years—Everett Kelepolo, Annette Evans, and most recently Ken Van Ausdal.  Their impact on me as an educator has been profound.  I have great faith in what we can accomplish as educators for the good of our students.”

Tiffanie enjoys reading, movies, and eating out as often as possible. 

Jesse Sorenson – Payson High Assistant Principal
The Nebo School Board of Education appointed Jesse Sorenson as the Payson High School Assistant Principal for Nebo School District. 

Mr. Sorenson earned his bachelor’s degree in English Education from Utah Valley University and his master’s degree in Education Administration from Southern Utah University.

Mr. Sorenson has been the assistant principal at Payson Junior for the past three years. Prior to that, he was an English teacher and also worked as a English as a Second Language (ESL) migrant teacher. Mr. Sorenson served as program director and on the board of directors for an orphanage support service organization. 

Principal Carl Swenson said, “Mr. Sorenson is very dedicated to his work as an educator. Jesse’s greatest strengths are his love and respect for students. He is a self-starter and self-motivated. Mr. Sorenson speaks fluent Spanish and was influential in starting a Latino’s in Action group at Payson Junior High. He has natural leadership skills and a calming influence.”

Mr. Sorenson honored with the 2014 Latinos in Action Administrator of the Year and recognized by Specialized Bicycle as an educational consultant in the launch of The Specialized Bicycle Foundation. He currently serves on the Payson City Trails Committee, Communities that Care Board of Directors, and the Orphanage Support Services Organization Board of Directors. 
Mr. Sorenson’s motto includes: “The student first and always. Students must know that we, their teachers, believe in them. That the work we are engaged in is important; that we won’t give up on them even when they give up on themselves.” 

Jesse said, “For the last 12 years, I have loved working at Payson Junior High.  I have created friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.  It will be hard to leave.  I am excited to be a part of the administrative team at Payson High School.  It will be an honor to continue my work with our great students at PHS, and I look forward to getting to know the teachers and staff.”  
Jesse enjoys mountain bike racing, traveling, back country snowmobiling, and spending time with family. He is married to Patty; they have four children including Jacob, Maya, Leah, and Jenna.

Alesha LeMmon – Payson Junior Assistant Principal
The Nebo School Board of Education appointed Alesha LeMmon as the Payson Junior High Assistant Principal for Nebo School District.

Alesha earned her bachelor’s degree in history education from Utah Valley University and her master’s degree in Education Administration from Southern Utah University in 2013. Mrs. LeMmon is currently the Dean of Students at Diamond Fork Junior High. She taught U.S. History, World Civilization, Government and Citizenship, Leadership, Business Management, and Student Government for over five years. 

Principal Troy Petersen said, “Alesha has become the power behind our new public relations commitment. She has taken upon herself to keep our website updated with what is happening at Diamond Fork and posted more stories and photos than we have ever had. Our Facebook and Twitter accounts are revitalized. She sends out a weekly emails to parents and is our School Community Council facilitator.

“Alesha is an exemplary role model, a woman of character and integrity, a devoted wife and mother. Alesha is one of the most skilled, energetic, organized, and dedicated interns!” stated another colleague.”

Mrs. LeMmon received Teacher of the Year for Landmark High in 2012. She works with young people on recycling efforts and building a sustainable future.

Alesha said, “My philosophy begins by asking the driving question, ‘Will the action I take benefit students?’ Everything I do as an educator must center on student success. Am I creating an environment that facilitates and promotes learning? My task is to generate a desire in students for lifelong learning, a love of knowledge and the ability to critically analyze information. “I personally have been positively influenced by every teacher I have had and especially one history teacher in high school who helped me to love all aspects of social studies. It was then I decided I wanted to teach. I have never enjoyed work so much as when I have the privilege of coming to school each day.” 

Alesha enjoys gardening, landscaping, hiking, biking, and traveling. She is married to Steve; they have two children, Abigail and Avery.