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Grants funded by the Nebo Education Foundation - September & October 2009

Submitted by ts on Wed, 10/28/2009 - 11:48am
Lana H. Hiskey - Public Information Officer - Nebo School District

Brockbank Elementary

Chris Smiley, foundation board member; Lisa Muirbrook, teacher; Principal Alison Hansen; Kaleb Baum, student

Lisa Muirbrook, third-grade teacher at Brockbank Elementary, was awarded a technology grant from the Nebo Education Foundation in October.

Mrs. Muirbrook said, “I am very excited to receive this grant.  Having a document camera will greatly benefit our students.  I am so excited to have them share their stories, problem solving strategies, and science projects with each other.  The document camera helps make learning fun and exciting.  The students are all able to visually see what is being discussed.  A big thank you to the Nebo Foundation for helping teachers and students!

Wilson Elementary

Kim Anderson, foundation board member;  Kristina Christensen, foundation board member; Tamara Laing, fifth-grade teacher; Principal Ron Penrod; and Chris Smiley, foundation board member

Principal Ron Penrod; Chris Smiley, foundation board member;  Kristina Christensen, foundation board member; Laura Ross, third-grade teacher; and Kim Anderson, foundation board member

Laura Ross, third-grade teacher, received a grant for a document camera; and Tamara Laing, fifth-grade teacher, received a technology grant including projectors and document cameras for the fifth-grade team from the Nebo Education Foundation.

“I believe that the technology support I have in my classroom allows me to be a more advanced teacher with technology.  My students will absolutely love the document camera.  I know I will love the tablet that goes with the projector,” stated Mrs. Ross.

Cherry Creek Elementary

Blaine Bird, foundation vice president; Tiffany Searle, third-grade teacher; Chris Smiley, foundation board member; and Principal Mark Balzotti

Mrs. Tiffany Searle, a third-grade teacher at Cherry Creek Elementary in Springville, recently received a grant from the Nebo Education Foundation.  The money was used to purchase much needed computer speakers to go with new computer projectors in each of the third grade classrooms. The students were excited to hear that they can now watch educational movies and play educational games with new speakers providing sound!  October 7, was "Dress Up As Your Favorite Character Day" for Red Ribbon week, so Dorothy (from The Wizard of Oz), along with various other book characters were delighted to receive the award on behalf of Mrs. Searle.

Mt. Loafer Elementary

Principal Alicia Rudd; Kim Anderson, foundation board member; Chris Smiley, foundation board member; Allison Weathers, teacher; Kristina Christensen, foundation board member

Allison Weathers, sixth-grade teacher at Mt. Loafer Elementary, received a technology grant from the Nebo Education Foundation.

“Receiving this grant will be very beneficial to the students in my classroom. Technology can play a huge role in education, and be receiving the money to fund a projector, I will be able to have another tool to aid in their education. Both the students and I are thrilled to have this new technology tool in our classroom,” exclaimed Allison Weathers.

Art City Elementary

Cindy Roylance, second-grade teacher at Art City Elementary, received a technology grant from the Nebo Education Foundation.

Ms. Roylance stated, “I am so excited to get the grant for the document camera. It allows objects or documents to be placed under the camera and project its image onto a large screen for students to see. In math, children have been able to use models to demonstrate how they solved a problem. They are all excited to take a turn. For writing, I have been able to model the writing process and demonstrate editing skills. I look forward to using the camera in other areas of the curriculum.”

East Meadows and Barnett Elementary

East Meadows’ third-grade team and Barnett’s fourth-grade team received grants from the Nebo Education Foundation for a science field trip to the Salem Wetlands. The wetlands is a one-acre site adjacent to Salem Pond which provides an outdoor classroom for students.

Natalie Mecham said, “Thank you for awarding us grant money so we can take our classes to the Salem Wetlands. This will give students an opportunity to experience a wetland first hand. We are excited for the students to investigate the living plants and the animals that call the wetlands home.


Other Grants Funded by Nebo Education Foundation

  • Jeff Ballard, multi-age teacher at Rees Elementary, received a grant for Joia Tubes.
  • Deana Coates, literacy specialist at Hobble Creek Elementary, received a grant for reading manipulatives for third and fourth grade.
  • Judie Nielson and Pam Trevenen, first-grade teachers at Sage Creek Elementary, received a grant for CD equipment to aid in reading centers.
  • Kristin Holmes, first-grade teacher at Mapleton Elementary, received a grant for leveled reading books.


Congratulations to all our wonderful teachers that inspire the minds of children!