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Dave Rowe honored as the Human Resource Developer of the Year

Submitted by ts on Mon, 10/26/2009 - 10:17am

Mr. Dave Rowe, Principal of Art City Elementary in Nebo School District, received the Human Resource Developer of the Year Award from the Utah Association of Elementary School Principals (UAESP).

Mr. Rowe has always invested a lot of energy into improving upon the already great things that are happening at Art City Elementary. He frequents classrooms and makes personal contact with all of this students throughout the year. Just one example is when he delivers a simple birthday card and pencil to each student in the school. Mr. Rowe is a hands-on principal and is involved at every level of the school, from traffic and recess duty, to wiping up spills in the lunchroom.

In Mr. Rowe’s first year, he continued to improve student writing by creating a writing assessment that combined the state core, Six Traits and the writing process. And after four years, he has moved his faculty to full implementation of Professional Learning Communities where Special Education and grade level teams are collaborating weekly in both language arts and mathematics.

Mr. Rowe also created a Teacher Assistance Team (TAT), which provides increasing support for teachers and students that facilitates effective use of school resources for struggling students. He also encouraged four teachers to become Reading Recovery Advocates to reach struggling readers.

Mr. Rowe said, “I consider myself extremely fortunate to work in Nebo School District with so many quality people that I look up to that constantly model what is best for children.”

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