KSL Teacher Feature--Brenda Wesson, Foothills & Brookside Elementary
Foothills Elementary and Brenda Wesson were surprised when a KSL reporter, Alex Kirry, and manager of Zion’s Bank, Ed Christianson, awarded Brenda Wesson with the KSL Teacher Feature Award in February. 

Brenda receives season tickets to Hale Centre Theatre, an overnight stay at the Anniversary Inn, and a certificate for dinner at The Roof Restaurant. Additionally, the teachers that receive this award can choose to enter the KSL Teacher Feature Car Contest where they can become eligible for the chance to win a two-year lease on a new 2015 vehicle, provided by Burt Brothers Tires and Service.

Brenda’s nomination letter written by Karl Wesson stated in part:“Brenda Wesson is more than a teacher. When Brenda's children were raised she went back to school at 8YU to get her MA degree and become a School Psychologist. Brenda not only finished top in her class, the year she finished her degree at BYU she was awarded with Student School Psychologist of the year by the Utah Association of School Psychologist in 2006. Devin Healey commented on her performance at this award 2006 ceremony in these words: Brenda Wesson currently serves as a School Psychologist at two Elementary Schools in the Nebo School District, a position she has held over the past eight years. All who work with Brenda acknowledge her great care and unending patience in the needs of students, parents, teachers and administrators. She helps parents feel at ease and better understand their children. She has promoted PBIS and the RTI model. She is a strong team player with great people skills. This year's school psychologist of the year is Brenda Wesson.” 

Brenda is currently working at Brookside Elementary and Foothills Elementary in the Nebo School District. The following tribute is from Keri Huntsman, principal at Foothills Elementary:
“Brenda is a school psychologist at Foothills Elementary. I am privileged to work with her. She is a tremendous asset to the students, parents, teachers and administration. Her expertise has and continues to help many students who have severe academic, social and/or emotional needs. She provides parents and teachers with strategies to help individual succeed at school. Brenda organizes biweekly Special Education Team meetings to identify students who need SPED interventions and to discuss student progress. She is a master psychologist, trusted colleague and friend. Thanks Brenda for all you do!!”

This is why Brenda is more than teacher.

Ed Christianson stated, "On behalf of Zions Bank and KSL NewsRadio, I would like to congratulate you on being recognized as an outstanding teacher in the state of Utah!"