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Nebo Education Foundation Gives Grants January 2015

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Thu, 01/22/2015 - 5:35pm
Lana Hiskey

Nebo Education Foundation Gives Grants January 2015

Nebo Education Foundation board members meet each month to review and award grant requests, consider fund-raising avenues, and other items that advance the educational opportunities for Nebo School District students. The Nebo Education Foundation functions through generous donations made by individuals and businesses. 

Congratulations to the following teachers that continue to inspire the minds of students.

Mt. Loafer Elementary–Pat Bradley
Pat Bradley, second-grade teacher at Mt. Loafer Elementary, said, “At Mt. Loafer Elementary this week, just when we thought Christmas was over, we were surprised and delighted with an amazing gift. Santa didn’t bring this one though.  It was from the Nebo Foundation! We are thrilled to be granted money to be used toward the purchase of Chromebooks which will give additional time for students in grades third through sixth to use computers to prepare for testing.  In addition, the first- and second-grade classes, which are not required to be tested on the computer, will receive several to use within their own classrooms for literacy instruction and re-teaching with Raz Kids and Think Central.  Math, too, will benefit from programs such as Planet Turtle, ConnectEd, etc.  We look forward to accessing this technology immediately for the benefit of our students.   Thanks so much for your generous donation to education.” 

Salem Hills High School–Ralph Jamsa
“The Guitar Club at SHHS performs on a weekly basis in the commons during lunch and in other after school venues in our surrounding communities, i.e. the veteran's home in Payson and at the grade schools in the area.  We are excited to be able to purchase another higher quality guitar for our students' performances.  We appreciate the foundation's help in fostering a positive school culture at SHHS through music performance and helping students develop their talents,” said Ralph Jamsa, guitar teacher at Salem Hills High.

Mt. Loafer Elementary–Matt Jenkins
Matt Jenkins, physical education teacher at Mt. Loafer, said, “Our third- grade team is so excited about this PE grant.  We realize that our school has a PE specialist, but the students only go once per week.  We want our kids to get 30 minutes of structured activity each day. We have been working as a team to teach physical education in a fun and engaging way.  The problem we run into is a lack of equipment.  This grant has given us the ability to purchase safe, engaging, and appropriate equipment for our entire grade.  We plan to use these supplies for years to come. Some of the activities that this grant has helped us fund are juggling; the human square; sharks and sailors; ultimate frisbee; capture the flag; space invaders; and all-ball kickball.”

Brockbank Elementary–Rebecca Jensen
“Thank you for your consideration of Brockbank Elementary as a recipient of a grant. We appreciate the Foundation's decision to award our school a grant to improve the technology available in our computer labs. The experience of all students who attend the labs weekly, will be enriched through the use of projectors in the labs. This grant will be especially beneficial to those students who have limited use of technology outside of school hours.  Many of our students do not have computers at home, and as such are less familiar with the layout of websites in general, as well as the basic steps of logging on or off of a computer, opening and closing tabs, etc.  For these students in particular, the projectors will improve their ability to receive instructions and embrace the use of technology as a life-enriching process.  We appreciate the time of the Foundation and all those donors who make it possible to improve the education of students in Nebo School District,” replied Becca Jensen, planning time technician at Brockbank Elementary.

Diamond Fork Junior–Anne Ballard
Anne Ballard, special education teacher at Diamond Fork Junior stated, “The money from the Nebo District Foundation, in the past, has paid for a classroom set of TI 73 calculators. This grant will pay for headphones for the students in resource for testing, new assessments in math, and to use it with the program, “Dragon Naturally Speaking.”  The Foundation’s grant will allow students to have the tests read to them and will also provide me, as their teacher, an efficient manner to track their progress in ALEKS.  The Foundation truly is an entity that supports education with no strings attached.  Thanks to the Foundation Board and all those that serve with them.” 

Mapleton Junior–Jodi Partridge
“The grant money will be used to order CPR manikins.  The manikins will provide students hands-on experience to practice the steps and techniques for administering CPR.  This will help students understand what it feels like to give compressions and breaths in real life. This practice will increase students’ chances of remembering how to administer CPR correctly and effectively in emergency situations.  I’m grateful for Nebo Foundations for providing this grant and helping my students to save lives!” exclaimed Jodi Partridge, health teacher at Mapleton Junior.

Park View Elementary–Tara Makin
Tara Makin, office technician at Park View Elementary, said, “We are grateful to be the recipients of a $200 grant from the Nebo Education Foundation.  At Park View Elementary we are dedicated to helping our students learn at high levels. We use the Nebo Plus program at our school to help those students who are reading below grade level.  With this grant, we will buy books that are High Interest/Low Level.  With these books students who are below grade level will be able to read an age appropriate book that is cool and interesting.  We will be able to purchase 70 High Interest/Low Level books for our Leveled Library. We recognize that we cannot do all of this without the support from individuals and organizations like you. Thank you for helping us help our students.”

Spring Lake Elementary–Amber Stone
“I am so excited to use my new iPad in my classroom! It is going to be such a benefit for my entire class. Just one of the many ways I plan on using it is pairing it with my projection system that is currently installed in my classroom. This will allow me to walk around the room and assist students while I am interacting with the iPad. I will also be able to let the students interact with it while it is being projected up on the board. This will keep my students engaged as well as reinforce concepts they may be struggling with. Thank you so much for assisting me in purchasing an iPad for my classroom!” exclaimed Amber Stone, first-grade teacher at Spring Lake Elementary.

Salem Hills High School–Holli Allred 
Holli Allred, art teacher at Salem Hills High, said, “We are so excited and grateful to receive this grant from the Nebo Education Foundation! The ceramics program here at Salem Hills High School is growing rapidly and we are exploring alternate techniques and ideas to try in class. With this grant money, we have chosen to purchase a new kiln that will greatly expand the students' opportunities in ceramics. This addition to our program will increase the students' knowledge base not only in method, but in practice. We are eager to begin using our new equipment and discover new possibilities!”

Congratulations to all the teachers that applied for grants this month.