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Mapleton Elementary Students Delight School Board - Answer to Wednesday's Challenge

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Tue, 12/23/2014 - 3:30pm

Mapleton’s Elementary students delighted the Nebo School Board of Education with music, math mastery, after-school STEM “tech” club, and computer programing among other learning experiences. 

Principal Julie Peery addressed the Board and introduced the student performance and thanked the School Board for this opportunity. 

Mapleton’s orchestra is directed by Jessica Knight. The students performed two songs: "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and "Silent Night." These students meet multiple times a week before school. The students performed very well and were enjoyed playing.

Sharee Killpack, chairperson of the School Community Council, spoke about the Trustland funds that support the school’s library, intervention support, and technology including iPads.

Mike Bennett and Kyson Crompton, students who benefitted and excelled from the school’s Math Mastery program in fifth grade, showed their progress from the math enrich provided to the students. This included spending time with varying teachers based on math needs during the re-teach and enrich portion of the day. Two trained technicians make math enrichment possible. Teachers can meet with smaller differentiated groups. The students discussed how they love the challenge of math this year.

Eleanor Standifird and Grey Hoffiens, both sixth-graders, presented their computer coding that they are learning in class. The coding program is sponsored by and provided teachers with professional development. The teachers wrote grants to obtain Chromebooks so students can do the programming in class. These students love the game aspect and learning how they can program what actually happens in gaming.

Finally, Kate Cooper and Jaxson Thurgood both presented on the after-school STEM "tech" club available for fourth through sixth grader. This STEM “tech” club is run by Americorp volunteers through a grant from the Boys and Girls Club. Students can sign up to participate in different units including engineering/bridge building and rocket making activities. Kate and Jaxson both love the experiments as they are learning.

Congratulations to Dusty Averett for winning this week's challenge sponosred by Wiggy Wash.