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Children all over Nebo School District honored Veterans in their community. In many of the schools, the students dressed in their best attire and listened to testimonials of service. Some ideas and quotes included: “The land of the free, because of the brave,” “America, the home of the brave,” and Freedom is not free.”

Spanish Fork Junior High students were captivated by the Veteran’s Day program orchestrated by Becky Provstgaard. 

Principal Dwight Liddiard welcomed all the students and the honored guests, Veterans and their wives. The flag ceremony was presented by the Utah National Guard. The Pledge of Allegiance was given by a student, and the National Anthem was sung by Kathleen Provstgaard.
A clip from the Honor Flight program was shown. The highlights of the program were the messages from our very own Veterans. Randy Morgan read a poignant poem by Brent R. Jones. Jade Andersen introduced his father, Wayne Andersen. 

Veteran and former Mayor Andersen said to the students how proud he was of the students in their dress and respect. Veteran Andersen also taught that freedom is not free. There are thousands that sacrificed to establish our freedom and over 1,400,000 people who gave their lives to maintain our freedoms. 

Andersen said the United States has never been a conquering country. He spoke of his own father and his role when the American Navy docked at Hiroshima after the bombings. The Japanese people begged the soldiers not to kill them and were surprised when the Americans took the Japanese by the hand and gave them food and candy. Americans helped build back their country.
Thank you to all Nebo’s faculty and staff for commemorating Veterans’ Day.