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Brockbank Delights Nebo School Board of Education

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Fri, 10/24/2014 - 3:53pm

Brockbank Delights Nebo School Board of Education

President Rick Ainge welcomed and introduced Alison Hansen, Principal of Brockbank Elementary. Principal Hansen introduced the School Community Counsel Chair, Chris Dudley, and two key programs making a difference at her school–STAR Tutoring and the elementary counseling program.

Chris Dudley, father of two sons at Brockbank, expressed his continued satisfaction with the education and faculty at Brockbank Elementary. 

Sherry Plaisted, Star Tutoring Supervisor, explained the STAR Tutor Program and introduced three students who were at-risk readers last year. Through a lot of time with their teacher, great support at home, and a huge boost from STAR tutoring, they are all beginning second grade reading on grade level. These students are graduates of STAR. Mrs. Plaisted trains the STAR tutors and coordinates kids in and out of STAR. All three students did an excellent book read for the board demonstrating their reading skills. The STAR Tutoring program is funded mostly by Trustlands funds. STAR Tutoring services approximately 50 Brockbank students a year.

Terri Jensen, school counselor, shared her empathy for every student. She is masterful at reaching all students and works with students on an individual basis with their particular needs. Each student can have another adult advocate. Mrs. Jensen visits each class once per month to teach life-skills such as how to take a personal time-out, de-escalate, conquer conflict resolution, and develop friendship skills. Two students agreed to help demonstrated a life skill of “time out”.

Student, Chloe Evans, shared with the school board her mind movie she created to help her rehearse positive thoughts to herself.

It was a delightful evening full of engagement and empowering students.