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Nebo Schools and Students Celebrate Constitution Day

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Nebo Schools and Students Celebrate Constitution Day
The Federal Convention convened in the State House (Independence Hall) in Philadelphia on May 14, 1787, to revise the Articles of Confederation. Because the delegations from only two states were at first present, the members adjourned from day to day until a quorum of seven states was obtained on May 25. Through discussion and debate it became clear by mid-June that, rather than amend the existing Articles, the Convention would draft an entirely new frame of government. All through the summer, in closed sessions, the delegates debated, and redrafted the articles of the new Constitution. Among the chief points at issue were how much power to allow the central government, how many representatives in Congress to allow each state, and how these representatives should be elected--directly by the people or by the state legislators. The work of many minds, the Constitution stands as a model of cooperative statesmanship and the art of compromise.

Signers of the Declaration of Independence:
Adams, John; Adams, Samuel; Bartlett, Josiah; Braxton, Carter; Carroll, Charles of Carrollton; Chase, Samuel; Clark, Abraham; Clymer, George; Ellery, William; Floyd, William; Franklin, Benjamin; Gerry, Elbridge; Gwinnett, Button; Hall, Lyman; Hancock, John; Harrison, Benjamin; Hart, John; Hewes, Joseph; Heyward Jr., Thomas; Hooper, William; Hopkins, Stephen; Hopkinson, Francis; Huntington, Samuel; Jefferson, Thomas; Lee, Francis; Lee, Richard Henry; Lewis, Francis; Livingston, Philip; Lynch Jr., Thomas; McKean, Thomas; Middleton, Arthur; Morris, Lewis; Morris, Robert; Morton, John; Nelson Jr., Thomas; Paca, William; Paine, Robert Treat; Penn, John; Read, George; Rodney, Caesar; Ross, George; Rush, Benjamin Dr.; Rutledge, Edward; Sherman, Roger; Smith, James; Stockton, Richard; Stone, Thomas; Taylor, George; Thornton, Matthew; Walton, George; Whipple, William; Williams, William; Wilson, James; Witherspoon, John; Wolcott, Oliver; Wythe, George.

Who was the oldest Signer in 1776?
How many Signers were born in Europe?
Which Signer had the most children?
Which Signer was also a musician?
What happened on July 4, 1826?
Which Signer lived the longest?
How many Signers were also clergymen?
Which colony had the largest number of representatives?
Who was the youngest Signer?
How many Signers were physicians? Lawyers? Printers?

The Founding Fathers
Delegates to the Constitutional Convention

On February 21, 1787, the Continental Congress resolved that: is expedient that on the second Monday in May next a Convention of delegates who shall have been appointed by the several States be held at Philadelphia for the sole and express purpose of revising the Articles of Confederation...

The original states, except Rhode Island, collectively appointed 70 individuals to the Constitutional Convention, but a number did not accept or could not attend. Those who did not attend included Richard Henry Lee, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Samuel Adams and, John Hancock.

In all, 55 delegates attended the Constitutional Convention sessions, but only 39 actually signed the Constitution. The delegates ranged in age from Jonathan Dayton, aged 26, to Benjamin Franklin, aged 81, who was so infirm that he had to be carried to sessions in a sedan chair.

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