By: Lana Hiskey - Nebo School District - Public Information Officer

KSL Radio and Zions Bank honored Scott Buck, English teacher at Diamond Fork
Junior High in Spanish Fork, for the “Teacher Feature” program this past
week. This program was developed to recognize outstanding teachers who have
gone the extra mile, not only in the classroom, but who have also made a
significant impact on many young lives.

Mr. Buck is honored with a plaque from Zions Bank, an overnight stay at
Anniversary Inn, a gift certificate for dinner at the beautiful La Caille
Restaurant, and a pair of season tickets from Hale Centre Theater, West
Valley . All winners are invited to attend an end of the year banquet at La
Caille in their honor.

Mr. Buck was submitted by Jacob Christensen.

The letter read: “When Garret Bardsley was lost he was going to be a student
at Spanish Fork Middle (now changed to Diamond Fork Junior High). His
parents wanted to build a school in a South America country in his name and
Spanish Fork Middle school wanted to help. Mr. Buck, an English teacher,
took on the project. He was told that $2,000 would be all they could raise.
But he is the type of teacher that goes above and beyond. He inspired the
students, faculty, community, and even people from out of town to donate
money to this very heartfelt and worthy cause. In the end, over $21,000 was
raised for the Bardsley school. Mr. Buck took no credit for this
accomplishment and humbly said, “We have great kids at this school.” His
inspiration doesn’t stop there. Every November he is at it again but for the
Utah Food Bank. When he finished the food drive, the school donates over
20,000 pounds of food. The men from the food bank have said they can’t
believe the amount of food that comes from that one school. This is all
stuff Mr. Buck does for the whole school, but the things he does in his
classroom are changing the lives of his students. He teaches English with an
emphasis on real life. This is what really makes a difference. I have never
known a teacher to care as much or encourage his students as much as he
does. His approach helps kids want to make something of their own lives and
the lives of others. I whole heartedly nominate Mr. Buck at Diamond Fork
Junior High for the Teacher Feature award.”

Congratulations Mr. Scott Buck and a BIG thank you to all you continue to do
for students at Diamond Fork Junior High in Spanish Fork!