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A total of 52 employees are retiring from Nebo School District which represents a total of 1,253 years of service in Nebo School District.

Natalie Anderson
First-Sixth-Grade Teacher – Resource, Special Education – Orchard Hills Elementary School
34 years of service in Nebo
“Thank you to everyone who was part of my Excellent Adventure! Wow!”

Anders Arrhenius
Teacher – Resource, English, US  Studies, Health, Math, and US Government – Maple Mountain High School
17 years of service in Nebo
“I love my years at Spanish Fork High School and Maple Mountain High School. I am going to miss the camaraderie with the faculty members. They have been very professional and caring. It's been a privilege to teach students with disabilities and see how they improve and succeed. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for 17 wonderful years!”

Barbara O. Arrington
Work-Based Learning Coordinator – Landmark High & Payson High Schools
12 years of service in Nebo
“Nebo School District has been a wonderful organization to work for. I have loved the faculties and staff at both Payson High and Landmark High Schools. They have gone out of their way to make me feel welcome and appreciated. I have appreciated the professionalism of the Administrations that I have had the pleasure of working under. They have done all they could to help make my program successful and to make me feel valued. District employees have been encouraging and supportive. Thank you to all for the part you have played in my life for the last 12 years.”

Thurman Ashburn
Head Adult Sweeper – Cherry Creek Elementary School
14 years of service in Nebo

Mark Baird
Third-Grade Teacher – Orchard Hills Elementary School
30 years of service in Nebo
“Thanks for the ride.”

Jolene Bauer
Bus Driver – Transportation
22 years of service in Nebo

Dixie Bernards
First - Third-Grade Teacher – Wilson Elementary School
20 years of service in Nebo
“Teaching these young children has been a good experience for me. I have learned a lot and have grown in many ways. I have enjoyed seeing smiles on my students' faces and sparkles in their eyes when the ah-ha moments have come to them. It has been rewarding to bump into students I taught many years ago and find that they still have positive memories of the year we spent together. I will miss the hugs and hearing that I am the best teacher they have ever had (even though I'm sure they said the same thing to every one of their teachers before me). The sincerity of their sweet words still gives me warm fuzzies.”

Bradley H. Brinkerhoff
Third-Grade Teacher – Mapleton Elementary School
35 years of service in Nebo
“I have greatly appreciated and admired the many quality people that I have been associated with during my career as a teacher here at Nebo School District.  It has been very rewarding to be in a profession with talented educators who care about the future of each of our students.  Although there have been challenges along the way, it has been a win-win combination to work in a caring community with supportive parents, talented students and dedicated teachers and administrators.  Each of these has given me encouragement as I have seen them working together for the benefit and improvement of our students.  I am glad to have had the opportunity to teach all six of my own children while teaching at Mapleton Elementary School. I have taught all 35 years at Mapleton Elementary and have never had a group of students the same.  Each class has added new friendships and rewarding achievements. The four principals and all the teachers I have worked with have all brought varied talents and skills to our school. I have enjoyed the different seasons and the excitement of traditions and the memories that I have shared with each new class.  I will always enjoy the memories of what I have experienced while at Mapleton Elementary such as Mr. Poulsen’s green suit on Saint Patrick’s Day, my fourth grade “Utah, This is Your Life Play”, and singing White Christmas and other carols around our real Christmas tree. The highlight of the season was when Mr. Poulsen talked to Santa on his walkie-talkie and we heard Santa’s reindeer on the roof.  I am glad that my family and all my friends have shared many memories together and that we have all benefited from the heritage of good learning and great memories.  Thanks again one and all!

Richard Brough
Teacher – History, Government, Debate – Spanish Fork High School
32 years of service in Nebo, 20 years with another district
“It has been wonderful to work in this district and with the youth therein.”

Cheryl Brown
Title I Technician – Taylor Elementary School
27 years of service in Nebo
“I have worked in 5 different elementary schools over the years, ending at Taylor Elementary in Payson. My favorite saying to students is "Do a little better than your best". I have enjoyed being in the classroom or helping students one-on-one with reading and math. I am so grateful for this experience where I learned something new every day and hopefully helped the students enjoy learning as much as I did. Thanks to all the principals, teachers, and friends I have worked with. I have truly enjoyed my 27 years with Nebo School District, and will be happy to spend more time with my husband, Larry, our 6 children, and 21 grandchildren.”

Gail Callison
Librarian – Foothills Elementary School
13 years of service in Nebo

Julie Camara
Teacher – Special Education – Payson Junior High School
22 years of service in Nebo
"I have enjoyed working with students with disabilities.”

Steve Dudley
Assistant Principal – Spanish Fork High
36 years of service in Nebo

Vernon Dunn
Teacher – English, Library/Media, Photography, Reading – Landmark High School
7 years of service in Nebo, 31 years with another district
“It has been a great career, and especially the last few years working with Joe Kelly and his staff. In many ways there are too many memories to recount. It has been exciting to see how many things have changed over the years. Just one quick example - when I started teaching in a large high school (around 2900 students), there were only two or three teachers who even had hand-held calculators. Everyone else figured their grades by hand. Now we complain that Aspire doesn't do it all for us faster than it does. It has been a great ride, and if I had it all to do over again, I would look forward to it with great excitement. It has been a really great career.”

Lee Wayne Elmer
Head Custodian – Park Elementary School
20 years of service in Nebo

Paula G. Farrer
Third-Grade Teacher – Park Elementary School
34 years of service in Nebo

Susan Garfield
Counseling Secretary – Spanish Fork High School
28 years of service in Nebo
“Working at Spanish Fork High has blessed my life. As I walk through the front doors every day, I'm greeted by young, exuberant, intelligent students who constantly keep me on my toes. Then, throughout the day, I get to work with top-notch professionals who share a genuine concern for the students in their care. I work in the best counseling office in the state (I may be prejudiced) where I learn something new every day. Then to put the cherry on the top, this job also made it possible for me to be with my children during summer break and all the other holidays and breaks throughout the year. Thanks for the memories!”

Rebecca M. Greene
Third-Grade Teacher – Larsen Elementary School
29 years of service in Nebo

Ronda Griffin
Third-Grade Teacher – Foothills Elementary School
19.6 years of service in Nebo
“I will always be grateful for the opportunity I've had to work with administrators, faculty, and staff, who are dedicated to educating children and touching their lives for good. I have learned so much!”

Janet Hendrickson
Baker – East Meadows Elementary School
31 years of service in Nebo

Julie A. Higginson
Secretary – Canyon Elementary School
24.1 years of service in Nebo
“I feel so fortunate to have been hired by the Nebo School District in May, 1990, as a secretary at Park Elementary School. I absolutely loved working there with Principal Howard Creer and all of the teachers and staff who have become my life-long friends. In 1997, I transferred to the new Canyon Elementary where I have remained a secretary ever since. I honestly believe I have had the best job in the whole world. I have truly loved all of the students over the past 24 years and loved rubbing shoulders with the faculty and staff there, as well. I loved going to work every single day. The parents are amazing and have always been so supportive and kind. I have had the privilege of working under wonderful Principals; Howard Creer, Garth Bird, DeAnn Nielsen, Jeanne Baadsgaard, and Dave Harlan. I appreciate all that they taught me, their patience and their support. I have also had the privilege of working side by side for many years with another secretary, June Hawkins, who helped make coming to work with her fun personality and her southern drawl, an absolute joy. What a blessing and a wonderful opportunity it has been to work with amazing administrators both district and school, and the phenomenal teachers who I love and respect for all they do for our children. Thanks for 24 amazing years!”

Lois H. Hoffman
Behavior Intervention Team – District Office
24 years of service in Nebo

Richard Huff
Library/Media Specialist – Spanish Fork Junior High School
24 years of service in Nebo, 3 years with another district
“I have appreciated the opportunity to work with the students, parents, and staff at Spanish Fork Junior High. Collaborating with teachers to improve instruction, and thus improve student learning, has been a rewarding experience. I have loved participating in the evolution of the use of technology in schools to improve learning.”

Barbara Jensen
Special Education Technician – Salem Hills High School
35 years of service in Nebo, 2 ½ years with another district
“I have really loved working with the children and had a great time these many years. I've learned a lot from the kids and from the adults with whom I've worked. I've met many endearing friends, both young and old, and had lots of laughs. I'm going to miss going to school. I look forward to my future.”

Harlow K. John
Special Education Teacher – Diamond Fork Junior High School
30 years of service in Nebo

Kathleen Johnson
First & Fourth-Grade Teacher – Larsen Elementary School
27 years of service in Nebo
“I feel blessed to have worked with and learned from the "Best of the Best"! All my love to my Larsen family, students, and friends!”

Abby Levanger
Special Education District Level Specialist – District Wide
36 years of service in Nebo
“I have been very fortunate to have worked with so many dedicated and exceptional teachers, technicians, administrators, secretaries and custodians. All of these people have helped me in countless ways. I will miss my association with so many amazing people in Nebo, but I am looking forward to opening that door to see what adventures lay on the other side.”

Sandra Lewis
Special Education Teacher – Westside Elementary School
22 years of service in Nebo

Brent Loveless
English Teacher – Spanish Fork Jr. High School
28 years of service in Nebo, 1 year with another district

Robert Craig Mustoe
English Teacher – Maple Mountain High School
32 years of service in Nebo

Jim “Shoe” Nelson
English, Physical Education Teacher and Head Baseball Coach – Spanish Fork High School
34 years of service in Nebo
“The last thirty-four years working in Nebo School District have been for the most part the most enjoyable, though challenging years of my life. I can honestly say that I enjoyed going to work each day and will certainly miss the relationships with students/players, fellow faculty members and staff/assistant coaches, and administration. Nebo School District is a GREAT place to work!!!!!  I will certainly miss it, but look forward to a new part in my life as a non- teacher and coach. The day to day relationship with students and players is something I will always cherish.

The worst days of teaching are those days when we didn't have students (they were boring). The teaching part I will be able to adjust very quickly to in retirement; the coaching part will be very difficult. SFHS baseball is something that is in my heart and always will be, and has been such a big part of my life and who I am. The title COACH is something that is very dear to my heart and I will have a hard time not being the Head Baseball Coach at S.F.H.S. My relationship with players and my coaching staff is real special to me and I will remember forever each one of them.  I THANK Nebo School District, Spanish Fork High School, Administrators, support staff, fellow teachers and coaches for all they have done for me, and also taught me. I've played for a helluva team for the last thirty-four years.  Now it is time to move on to a new part of my life coaching and teaching grandchildren, and maybe even spending more time with my wife. We'll see you at the ballpark!!!”

Marie Newitt
Superintendent Secretary – District Office
20 years of service in Nebo
“I have had the best job anyone could have ever had working for six wonderful bosses. I can honestly say that I have looked forward to coming to work each day and being able to associate with such great people. I will miss seeing each one of you, but will have lots of great memories. I am looking forward to a new phase in my life and doing some new things. Thanks Nebo for 20 of the best years of my life.”

Max Joseph Nielson
Mechanic – Transportation Department
35 years of service in Nebo
“It was a little over 35 years ago after graduating from college that my career began with Nebo School District in Transportation. For the most part they were very good years. I am pleased that I have had so many years with such a good organization, and do appreciate the retirement program they offer that makes it possible for me to retire at this time. I have met and worked with many great people over the years from all departments and schools. I value the friendships I have made and I will miss working with and seeing them almost daily. There are outstanding people I work closely with each day that have made my job easier and rewarding. What a comfort to know that for these 35 years I was able to make a difference in the lives of so many school children, ensuring their safety to school and back home each day, or wherever their travels took them. I would like to thank those who came before me that allowed me to be a part of this “family”; it has been quite a journey. And for all who serve and have served in the Transportation Department, thanks for the ride!

Marsha Oakey
Instructional Technician – Legacy School
22 years of service in Nebo
“I have loved my work with the children in Nebo Schools. It has been a great job. I have met and worked with the best people. Thanks for the many great years.”

Ron Penrod
Assistant Principal – Springville Junior High School
28 years of service in Nebo

Susie Perrett
Special Education Preschool Teacher – Mt. Loafer Elementary School
26 years of service in Nebo
“I have enjoyed working with families of young children with disabilities. I was the first preschool teacher to work in the district, when we had a handful of children we knew about. I have worked in about 9 different schools. Now the district is serving hundreds of students and their families. I will miss them and the great people I have had the privilege of working with. I will not miss the regulations, paperwork and moving my classroom.

Neil Sanderson
Electrician – Maintenance
15 years of service in Nebo
“I have enjoyed working with the Electrical Maintenance Department. I have lit up the lights for many people over the years.”

Elaine Selby
First-Grade Teacher – Salem Elementary School
25 years of service in Nebo, 19 years with another district
“Wow! 39 years have come and gone. I have loved working with the faculty at Salem Elementary, and have made lots of special friends. But it's also all about the great kids that I have taught. Thanks!

The next adventure is baby-sitting grandkids - not! Road trips - Harley, here I come.”

Bonnie D. Smith
School Bus Driver –Transportation
11 years of service in Nebo, 19 years with another district
“I have enjoyed serving the many children, regular and special needs and their families, over the years.

It is rewarding to watch children grow and to see some of my past students ride the bus on field trips as chaperones, with their own children.  Now, that is something! I will miss working with the children and the many friends I have made.

Thanks Nebo School District and Fallbrook Union High School and Elementary School Districts! (CA)

Also, thanks to my Father for suggesting I become a School Bus Driver, as he was.  It was supposed to be for only a few years, I thought at the time.  But, it worked as our family grew older, so I kept going.  Having time off on weekends, same holidays off as our kids and summer vacations together.  I couldn't ask for more!”

Joyce Smith
Media Tech/Librarian – Santaquin Elementary School
25 years of service in Nebo
“I have enjoyed working with the great people at our school. I will miss them! I have loved serving the students in library! Encouraging them to immerse themselves in the wonderful world of reading has been a privilege. We have had great fun exploring the adventures and knowledge to be had in books and media. I will miss the interaction with all the students and my co-workers!”

Ginnie Z. Snyder
First-Grade Teacher – Mapleton Elementary School
21 years of service in Nebo 
“The best employment choice I ever made was to return to teaching after 20 years. I had no ideas what an amazing journey it would be, and how it would change my life and my family's life. I am very grateful that J. Lynn Jones and Nebo School District were willing to take a chance on a 43 year old mother of six, returning to the classroom.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to teach 21 years at Mapleton Elementary where all six of my children attended. I taught Second grade the first year and then J. Lynn Jones moved me to First grade with the promise I could remain there as long as I wanted! I appreciate that because I fell in love with First grade and still after 20 years love it. The hardest part of retirement for me will be leaving my students and their wonderful parents! I have appreciated all the support of parents, staff and friends and the community! I still love teaching. I promised myself I would retire when I tired of teaching. That never has happened, however it is time for me to return home and enjoy retirement with my husband who has been so very supportive of my chosen profession.

I have had the privilege of being a part of a great District. Nebo School District has grown in leaps and bounds in the past 21 years. I have appreciated their willingness to keep us up on the latest techniques in teaching. I have been to hundreds of hours of training both with the district and the state. I know that learning is a lifelong pursuit and believe that I have modeled this to my students. Teachers need to be willing to take the time and effort to stay on top of new ideas and opportunities to help their students through educating themselves. The district has supported and encouraged me as a professional with the great opportunities I have been given.

Each year we attend opening sessions with amazing speakers who inspire us to be better educators and give us a positive attitude for the coming year. One of the most memorable speakers I ever had the opportunity of hearing was Harry Wong, "The First Days of School". He inspired me with the joy of teaching through classroom management and love for my students. I learned that I set the tone of my classroom each day. This came at a perfect time for me. A Time when I was somewhat discouraged with the management of it all! I will forever be grateful to Nebo School District for helping me become a better teacher, year after year. It has been a great ride, one I will never forget. I have so enjoyed teaching many wonderful students and hope that they will remember me for the positive things I taught them. Teaching students to "Be Responsible" and "Be the Best they can be" along with remembering that, "We learn by making mistakes"! I have loved using music to teach students. Music is an amazing part of the learning process. I will miss singing each day with wonderful children. Teaching has made my life rich beyond measure. I will cherish all of this as I move on to a new phase in my life! It is with gratitude that I retire still loving to teach. I look forward to having the opportunity to serve in my family and community in new ways. I know that teaching will be a part of me eternally!

Christine Sorensen
Attendance Secretary & Copy Technician – Legacy & Spanish Fork High School
20 years of service in Nebo

Roger W. Stahle
Health Teacher & Athletic Trainer – Spanish Fork High School
26 years of service in Nebo

Marsha Steggell
Driver Trainer – Transportation Department
34 years of service in Nebo
“As I look back at 34 years I wonder where they have gone, I think I wished them away an hour, a day and a year at a time thinking that this day would never come, well it's here. When I applied to be a school bus driver it was just supposed to be temporary until my kids were all in school. Well, not thinking about the lasting effects of seeing the children for the first time (with their mom or dad standing there camera in hand for the picture of the first day on the bus), you see them smile and even squeal because they are so excited to go. Down the road a few years you watch them struggle going from sweet little kids to Jr. High "WOW" what a ride. Another quick look and they watch you cry as they walk down the aisle to graduate from high school. This stop gap has been more than a job, it has been a career, were there disappointments yes, but the rewards are amazing! The word Co-Workers will never fit because you are my friends, the ones that I have leaned on, looked up to, and I would not have had it any other way. So many silly times like water fights the last day of school, and being so scared of the bus shop mascot "ZAG" (the iguana) I broke my own glasses running from him, and he was tied up. Special times when my eyes would start to leak and run down both cheeks, thinking no one would even notice but you did. To all the children, parents, teachers, administrators and classified professionals, thank you for sharing my life and yours, for so many years. To Nebo School District I say "THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES"

Brenda Sudweeks
Special Education Technician – Park View Elementary School
20 years of service in Nebo
“The past twenty years have been some of the most rewarding years of my life. I love children and have had the opportunity to meet and work with such sweet and loving children. I have a very special place in my heart for each and every one of them. I am still in touch with some of the students I started with 20 years ago, what a joy it is to see how they have grown and how much they have accomplished. I have made many new friends in each school I have worked in. The faculty and staff of each of these schools mean so much to me. I also want to thank the administration for their kind help and service throughout the years. Nebo School District, you are awesome! I am sure retirement will be great, but teaching will always have a big place in my heart.”

Penny M. Tanner
Food Worker – Payson Jr. High School
10 years of service in Nebo
“I have loved working and enjoyed the children. It was a very happy place to work. I loved all the ladies I worked with throughout the years; lots of love, laughter and fun. Just wish I had worked there all my working years. Thank you Nebo School District.”

Nancy B. Taylor
Third-Grade Teacher – Cherry Creek Elementary School
24 years of service in Nebo
“It is hard to believe this chapter of my life is closing. I have loved teaching children and watching the "Light of Understanding" turn on in their eyes. Teaching children has been the best job anyone could have. I have enjoyed working with great teachers at Grant and Cherry Creek Elementary along with the association and support of other Nebo School District employees. I am looking forward to starting the next chapter in my book of life. I am excited to spend time with my husband, children, and grandchildren. I know I will never forget my Nebo family. Thank you for all the great years.”

Shelley Thomas
Transitional Kindergarten Teacher – Brockbank Elementary School
17 years of service in Nebo, and 7 years in another district
“This was a very hard decision for me to make because I love what I do.  I have especially loved the children that I have had the privilege to teach.  They have touched my heart in so many ways, as we learned together. I will always recall the children's smiles and joy as we sang fun educational songs. I will also remember their statements like "Oh Mrs. Thomas, you are wrong" or” Mrs. Thomas you are silly”, because I made errors (on purpose) to assess them. This in turn taught the children that it was okay to make a mistake. I know that the special education students, I have taught, have very special spirits. I have learned that by giving these children respect and love, you can help them learn more than most of the educational theories available today. Over the years, I have had the privilege of having many wonderful, helpful parents, colleagues, technicians, and principals.  I could not possibly name all of them but thank you sincerely for the friendships and help you have given me. Also, I want to thank Nebo School District for being a good district. As the end draws near, I am truly sad and I will miss the privilege of being a teacher.   A cute quote that I feel is true says: Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths theater.  The best quote I can say is “To be able to do, what you love to do, is one of the great blessings you can have in your life.”  I have truly been blessed!”

Julie H. Tracy
Fifth-Grade Teacher – Wilson Elementary School
30 years of service in Nebo

Karen Van Orden
Special Education Teacher – Springville High School
16 years of service in Nebo
“I have loved my years at Springville High School. I have had an opportunity to work with wonderful teachers, staff, parents, principals, district personnel, peer tutors, and most importantly my special, students. Every day I have learned many life lessons from my amazing students. I will miss everyone.”

Polly Willardson
Fourth-Grade Teacher – Wilson Elementary School
15 years of service in Nebo, 2 years in another district
“My dream has always been to teach. Fourth grade is the BEST! I have loved associating with the wonderful Wilson staff. Being a teacher in the Nebo School District has enriched and enlarged my life. Our family creed is "Help the Teacher," "Be a good example," "Do your best work," "Never give up." I hope my students will continue doing that!”

Donald F. Worden
Speech Language Pathologist – District Office
13.5 years of service in Nebo, 6 years in another district

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