Nebo School District showcases our Positive Energy and Kind employees. PEAK Awards are nominated by patrons and recognized by the Superintendent Staff and Nebo School Board of Education.

May 2014 PEAK Award Winners:

Bobbi Diamond, Secretary, Barnett Elementary
Nominators: Gwen Spencer & Don Applegate
“Bobbi takes care of everything. She even knows what we need before we need it. She gives of her time and talents each and every day. She cares for everyone that walks into the office, whether it is a skinned knee, a bumped head, hurt feelings or just a bad day. She constantly volunteers to take on extra jobs that are not in her job description because she cares so much about the patrons and employees of Barnett.

“Each month we have a faculty luncheon to celebrate staff birthdays. Bobbi is always the one to organize the committee that puts it together. Bobbi goes out of her way to help a teacher, child, or parent who needs assistance. There is such a warm family feeling as people enter our school, and it's in a large measure due to Mrs. Diamond's welcoming presence.”

Matt Roach, Transportation
Nominator: Alison Hansen
“Matt is wonderful!  He has been my children’s bus driver for the past several years, and they have always enjoyed his fun and witty personality. He regularly goes "above and beyond" and truly just understands the mission and vision of the district when it comes to customer service. This is just one example.

“My daughter hurt her ankle during the morning. I thought she'd be fine.  By the end of the day, she was hobbling along and obviously in pain. Normally, Matt doesn't drive by our home. He turns the corner a quarter of a mile away, and my children get picked up and dropped off there. Because Matt saw the size of her ankle, and that she was in obvious pain, he didn't want her to walk on it. He drove to our home and used our driveway to turn around. Matt’s gesture meant the world to her. Matt cared enough to take extra good care of her and bring her ‘curbside service’ even though he had a busy afternoon with plenty of other children. Matt didn't think twice about helping her out.”

Candy Sorensen, First-Grade Teacher, Sage Creek Elementary
Nominators: Aymee Condie & Britney Ward
“Ms. Sorensen demonstrates positive energy and kindness and knows how to get children to do their best through positive reinforcement, appropriate discipline, and building them up. My son has some social and emotional problems and was diagnosed with high-functioning Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder and Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). My son can be difficult to manage. Ms. Sorensen has the unique ability to ‘roll with the punches’ and manage his behaviors and emotions very well. Ms. Sorensen has made special efforts to ensure my son’s needs are met, and that he progresses with his academic goals. She looks for answers instead of problems. Ms. Sorensen displays the perfect blend of strictness and love. It is clear she loves and cares about my son. She ensures that he knows the rules and finds ways to motivate him without fear, shame or guilt. Ms. Sorensen is dedicated to excellence.”

Melisa Brotherson, CTE Teacher, Payson High
Nominator: Ryan McGuire
“Mrs. Brotherson is Payson High’s student council advisor and mentor teacher. The student council did a charity event for a needy family. The family was displaced so I went with them to deliver the items. While there, Melisa noticed that one daughter was without a coat. She removed her own, along with her scarf, and gave it to the young girl.
The coat was high quality but was given without hesitation. It was not until our ride home that I asked, ‘Where is Mrs. Brotherson’s coat?” That is when a student told me what had taken place. Melisa has a giving spirit and truly cares about students.”

Stacey Johnson, Secretary, Spanish Oaks Elementary
Nominator: Jodi Asay
“Just over a year ago, my son was diagnosed with Diabetes. It was the scariest day of my life. I cried myself to sleep in the hospital knowing that I would have to sell my business and be at the school all day to take care of my then seven-year-old son. The following morning I called the school to let them know that my son would not be attending for a few days. They let me know that they would gladly take care of my son’s diabetes. Stacey has cared for him while he is at school. Stacey checks my student’s blood sugar several times a day, administers snacks based on the blood sugar, and administers insulin shots at lunch time and other times to help my student control his blood sugar. Not only does this ‘guardian angel’ do this for my son, she makes having diabetes a cool and fun thing. They play games like guess my blood sugar and guess the carbohydrate count of today's lunch. My son truly loves Mrs. Johnson and knows that no matter what is going on, he will be helped with his diabetes. I could never thank Mrs. Johnson enough for all she does. I feel safe taking my son to school. The only word that can describe her is ‘Angel’!”