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Spanish Oaks Delights Nebo School Board - Answer to Wednesday's Challenge

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Wed, 04/30/2014 - 11:21pm

Spanish Oaks Delights Nebo School Board of Education

Kali Brown, principal of Spanish Oaks Elementary, thanked the Nebo School Board of Education for their support and involvement in students’ lives.

Shauna Warnick, a parent-member of the School Community Council, spotlighted some of the great things happening at Spanish Oaks. She said, “Our School Improvement Plan boils down to one main idea: Our faculty, staff, and administrators diligently work together to meet the diverse needs and talents of each student at our school. Two of the ways they work daily to accomplish this is through the following.

“Collaboration – 1. Weekly collaboration includes: Discussion of common assessment results and reteach/enrichment goals, as well as cross-grade collaboration on preparing and receiving students.  2. Monthly grade-level collaboration utilizes discussions with specialists, resources teachers and administrators to monitor and track students in all areas. Our School Community Council funds the substitutes for this collaboration, making it possible to happen during the day. Discussion also addresses how to extend learning at each level and how to help individual student needs.

“Clubs – Early in our school's history, the topic of Gifted and Talented came up in school community council. The consensus was that the children have many talents and all have gifts, not just a small group of gifted and talented. These clubs meet outside of classroom time and are almost all self-selected. Our EXTRA clubs include: Choir, math, drama, writing, dance, art, chess and orchestra. We fund these endeavors because they reach directly into the classroom academic teaching and help students see broader horizons for a brighter future. We are very grateful to the faculty who give their time to mentor students on top of their other responsibilities.”

The highlight of the evening was when the EXTRA Club students presented a scene from the school play, Alice in Wonderland, recognizing Ms. Miranda Duke, an outstanding parent volunteer, who has directed and provided this experience for the students of Spanish Oaks for the last three years. Then the school’s EXTRA Club dancers, taught and directed by sixth-grade teacher, Mr. Gregg Crockett, performed a Bulgarian dance number that was show-cased in the school and family performance this month.

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