Sage Creek Elementary delighted the Nebo School Board of Education with a video entitled “Welcome to Sage Creek.” One of the School Improvement Plan goals at Sage Creek is to improve communication through the use of technology. With the input of the faculty, Anthony Bowden, the schools public relations representative, created a video brochure highlighting the positive and unique programs at Sage Creek. The video debuted for the board in its premiere showing and is now posted on the school’s Facebook page and website.

Gina Bingham, a second year member of the Sage Creek School Community Council also addressed the board. She credited Sage Creek faculty and staff for helping to set the stage for the educational success of her seventeen year old autistic son who currently has a 4.0 at Maple Mountain High School. Mrs. Bingham also heralded the Chinese Immersion program citing her first grader the night before asking for a hamburger and French fries in Chinese. Reporting on Sage Creek’s use of precious Trustland funds, Mrs. Bingham reported to the board that Sage Creek now has three iPads in every classroom and a mobile Chromebook lab and charging cart made possible partly by this funding. Helping to alleviate large class sizes and providing intervention for struggling students, she explained was another focus for Sage Creek’s Trustland allocations. Mrs. Bingham also explained how grant writing and Eagle Scout projects have been used to supplement Trustland funding.

Sage Creek’s board night presentation finished up with the third-grade Chinese Immersion Program and the Sage Creek Singers choir singing together in Chinese. The students marched in to the beat of a plastic cup percussion performance and were introduced by three third-grade emcees who spoke Chinese and then translated into English for the audience. Visiting teachers from China and Taiwan, Jia Shen, Shu Li, and Ann Chen, as well as their partner English teachers, Joan Foote, Claudia Schaffer, and LoriAnn Sleight, were introduced to the board and parents.

A highlight of the evening, board member, Randy Boothe, joined in with the students in singing Mo Li Hua, a song he had learned in China over 35 years ago. Sage Creek families, faculty, and students left feeling that they had communicated the message “It’s a great day to be a Sage Creek Dragon.”

Congratulations to Adam Gull for winning this week’s Wednesday Challenge sponsored by Wiggy Wash.