Lana Hiskey

Nebo District is saving energy and going green. With strains on the budgets and the continued growth of students, Nebo decided to research energy savings plans. Through this process, Nebo also found ways to help the environment.

Nebo School District teamed up with Cenergistic, which is a data driven, energy conservation company. Cenergistics spent hundreds of hours working with Nebo’s energy specialists with over 70 visits from energy consultants, data consultants, certified energy managers, and mechanical engineers.

The mission statement for the Nebo’s energy program is: “Nebo’s energy management program will sustain safe, comfortable school environments conducive to learning while ensure efficient use of facilities and resources and reduce the district environmental impact.”
Nebo’s maintenance department and building custodians work the day-to-day operations reducing energy consumption and are the backbone of the program. The energy specialists spend a great deal of time in the buildings during unoccupied times at night, on weekends, and holidays to ensure the equipment, lighting, and electronics are working properly.

In the first 11 months, with the guidance of Cenergistics, Nebo reduced its electrical use by over 20 percent, which equates to over 6.5 million kilowatt hours and avoided over 191,000 therms of natural gas. Based on EPA calculations, these savings equate to preventing 6,486 metric tons of CO2 emissions, removing 1,351 automobiles for an entire year, or planting 166,302 trees for ten years. 

Nebo School District earned the Energy Star Partner award by being committed to the highest standards in energy conservation and by being good stewards of district funds and the environment.

Energy specialist Russell Maughan said, “Nebo School District’s energy management program is more than just a short term “Go Green” project. It is a comprehensive, sustainable plan designed to address behavioral, mechanical, and logistical use of our facilities in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint and be good stewards of taxpayer funds.”
Nebo thanks all of their employees including principals, teachers, staff, and students who have helped the district make energy reduction a priority and the energy program a success!

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