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PEAK Awards for December 2013

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Mon, 12/16/2013 - 2:38pm
Lana Hiskey

PEAK Awards for December 2013


Ann Banks, Secretary, Park Elementary
Nominated by: Principal Ryan Kay, Tamra Lybbert, Lorie Graham & Sherylyn Lowe
“There is not a person who comes to Park Elementary that does not feel special because of this sweet lady.  Ann goes out of her way giving hugs for skinned knees and missing mommy. She laughs easily and cheers up others. Ann is compassionate and a ‘doer’ for everyone.  She sings happy birthday and cries when there is sadness or loss. She will buy Valentine cards and candy for little students who don't have any. Ann finds Halloween costumes and makes sure our little students will be getting Christmas.”

“On my first day meeting the new faculty, Ann had prepared a binder with my name on it. Inside the binder was a page for every employee with their photo, a hand written note about how long they have worked at Park, current and past grades taught, and their beverage of choice. One day this summer, I told Ann that I appreciated the extra time she had been putting in to make sure we were ready for a successful school year. Her reply speaks volumes about how much she cares. She said, ‘I just want you to love Park and our students as much as I do.’”

Julie Silcox, Lunch Manager, Salem Junior High
Nominated by: Principal Suzanne Kimball
“Daily, Julie is an exceptional face for our school and our mission.  Student needs are central to everything she does.  She serves the students in more ways than just providing food.  Julie is a friendly face as she greets our junior high students.  She notices if someone isn't eating, or if they are being picked on.  Overall, Julie sets the tone for her whole kitchen.  All the ladies in the kitchen are positive and enjoy their work. They are here to take care of children.”

Kerrie Taylor, Secretary, Cherry Creek Elementary
Nominated by: Principal Mike Duncan, Chalyce Peck, Jodie Gibb & Sarah Sumsion
“Kerrie is the face of Cherry Creek!!  She goes out of her way to greet parents, students and staff with a smile.  Every time others have questions, she is so happy to answer them and help out! At times, she is left to deal with hard discipline issues, be a school nurse, and much, much more.  Cherry Creek absolutely would not be successful without her.  She has made my transition to the school so much easier, and I will forever be in her debt.  Not only is she a phenomenal secretary, but she is an even better friend.”

“Kerrie gives exceptional service. Whether it's for the principal, teachers, parents and especially the students, her service is fabulous. I have seen her care about students like they are her own children. I've never seen her grumble or complain when a parent or teacher needs her help. She has been warm and welcoming to since I started working here. Now, I consider her a good friend.”

Steve Hone, Technology Specialist, Payson High
Nominated by: Brenda Gillie
“Steve is always busy--especially at the beginning of the school year. There seems to always be a bunch of computer and printer problems. No matter how many jobs he has on his list to do or how much stress, Steve is always calm, friendly and willing to help. We moved offices during the summer so the computers and printer were not hooked up or working. It took Steve a few days, but he came as soon as he could. Steve solved the problems and got our office up and running again.”

Kali Brown, Principal Spanish Oaks Elementary
Nominated by: Deann Carter
“Kali has only been our principal for a short time, but every situation that she has had to deal with (and there have been some difficult ones already), she has turned it into a positive learning situation.  To quote a student after he came out of her office, ‘That's a nice principal’.”

Scott Wilson, Assistant Superintendent
Nominated by: District Office Staff
“Scott is such a great individual to work with. He has many job responsibilities and deadlines, which keep him on a fast pace schedule. It doesn't matter how busy he is. He takes the time to listen to the concerns of others and shows that he truly cares. Scott spends time talking with parents to address their concerns. He listens intently and provides options for ways to resolve the problems that arise. He has a very calming affect on others, and they leave feeling there is a workable solution to the problem. Scott makes coming to work a fun place. He has an upbeat personality and a great sense of humor. No one knows what may appear when they open a drawer or cupboard–it may be a well placed spider, mouse, or snake. Scott always stays positive even when situations at work may become tense.”