Lana Hiskey

PEAK Awards for October 2013

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Janine Smith, Secretary Maple Mountain High
Nominated by: Chris Wilson

Chris said, “Janine always follows up with bus requests and room scheduling. She lets others know quickly via email or in person when there are conflicts and questions. Teachers’ jobs are much smoother because of her efforts. Janine is always extremely kind and considerate when talking to others. I have always appreciated her kind eyes and smile in the front office.”

Ben Cluff, Head Custodian Payson Junior
Nominated by: John Carlisle

John said, “I have noticed many times how friendly and mindful Ben is about the school and his responsibilities to the school. He is always kind to those around him. Ben makes sure that the school is not only clean, but that it ‘Sparkles’. I have watched how he will smile and say hi to those in the hall. Ben is willing to help with anything that arises. The school has never been cleaner, and people notice the good attitudes of others feeling happy in a clean school.”

Connie Mattinson, Secretary Payson High
Nominated by: April Mangum

April said, “Connie is positive. She is always so willing to help even with all that she has to do. She will drop whatever she is doing and give her undivided attention to those that come into the office. She is always smiling, happy and such a joy to work with. Connie is the perfect person to have in the front office greeting people.”

Sara Matis, Principal Westside Elementary
Nominated by: Charlene Hall

Charlene said, “Principal Matis deals with many emotional students and parents. I have witnessed her handle crucial conversations professionally and positively. I have had to visit with her about difficult situations and have always gone away feeling supported. Ms. Matis’ support, positive attitude, sense of humor, and most of all, her love and concern for the welfare of our students encourages others to be better. She is truly a leader. Sara instills in others that Nebo School District appreciates teachers!”

Brenda David, Bus Driver Transportation
Nominated by: Dave Rowe

Dave said, “Brenda makes eye contact with and smiles at each child as they enter the bus and wishes each student goodbye as they exit. She knows the children by name and knows interesting facts. Brenda goes to evening events to support the students on her bus. Brenda takes the time and money to give little holiday gifts to the students. She plays fun music on special days and more.”

“To the parents who send their children off to school each day, Brenda is the first and sometimes the only face of Nebo that parents see. Thank you Brenda for being the epitome of a PEAK Award Winner!”