Answer to Wednesday's Challenge 8/21/13

Over 3,500 Nebo employees enjoyed the Opening Institute that kicks off the school year. This year’s theme was presented by Superintendent Rick Nielsen “Come Join US (Unity and Service). Superintendent Nielsen told three inspiring stories illustrating this theme that included the Lars Madsen story of Sanpete County, Josephine Catherine Chatterley Wood of San Juan County, and his own Westside Elementary story of Nebo School District.

The Superintendent said, “As we go about our daily journey this year, I invite each of us to continue to honor our pioneer heritage by following their examples of unity and service. Thank you for what you do for each other and for students. I feel privileged to have been able to “Come Join” with you in this most important and noble work. Have a wonderful school year!”

Nebo employees also heard wonderful remarks from Assistant Superintendent Scott Wilson and School Board members Kristen Betts and Rick Ainge. Four former or current employees were honored with the PEAK (Positive, Energy, and Kindness) Award. Each of these employees has a legacy of leading and learning. Congratulations to: Phil Bird, Terri Shimmin, Francis Christensen, and Andrew Goudy.

A guest speaker, Jerry Mills, entertained and captivated the audience with his powerful experiences and beautiful music. He reminded all to “Don’t Doubt the Dream”. Jerry prompted all to know that one person can truly make a difference. One of his music verses contained the following:

“One single second
in the course of time
can be one we’ll remember
for the rest of our lives
when people come along
and they leave their mark
all in the instant of their. . .

It was an inspirational Opening Institute and a great start to a fabulous year. All employees received a delicious treat reminding each of the theme: “Come Join US (Unity and Service)" and to keep our focus on students.

Congratulations to Amanda Kittell for answering this week’s challenge. Sponsored by Wiggy Wash.