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Nebo School District Retirees 2013

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Mon, 05/20/2013 - 2:10pm
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Kelly Anderson, Springville Junior High
Marilyn Anthony, Orchard Hills Elementary
Calleen Argyle, Canyon Elementary
Marie Ashworth, District Office
Terri Beckstrom, East Meadows Elementary
John Bingham, Spanish Fork Junior
DeeAnn Binks, Spanish Fork Junior
Mary Brown, Park View Elementary
Patricia Ann Cannon, Rees Elementary
Joyce Carter, Diamond Fork Junior
Barbara Christiansen, Diamond Fork Junior
Connie Crandall, Salem Hills High
Ann Dart, Spanish Fork High & Legacy
Sue Davis, Springville High
Sheila Daybell, Cherry Creek Elementary
Ron Durrant, Maintenance
Diann Ewell, Maple Mountain High
Peggy Giles, Hobble Creek Elementary
Kathy Gull, Payson High
Diane Hansen, East Meadows Elementary
Sharon Hansen, Canyon Elementary
Diane Hartman, Springville High
Susan Hatch, Diamond Fork Junior
Susan Hereth, Taylor Elementary
Susan Huff, Spanish Oaks Elementary
Rita James, Maple Mountain High
Dee Jeppson, Spanish Fork High
Robert Keddington, Park Elementary
Alan Lewis, Springville High
Robert Lewis, Salem Junior High
Linda Martinez, Santaquin Elementary
Darwin Gary Mathewson, Payson High
Debbie May, District Office
Charlotte McIntier, Park View Elementary
Melanie McKinlay, Payson Junior
Gerilyn Morley, Oakridge
Annette Morrison, Brockbank Elementary
Vickie Nielsen, Mt. Nebo Junior
Patricia Palmer, Park Elementary
Ann Penrod, Springville High
Wendy Swenson, Taylor Elementary
Charles Thorpe, Riverview Elementary
Lynn Villaverde, Sierra Bonita Elementary
Elwood Wall, Payson High
Shauna Warren, District Office
Kathleen White, Hobble Creek Elementary
Bonnie Wickes, Canyon Elementary

Kelly J. Anderson
Girls PE Teacher, Springville Jr. High School
29 years of service in Nebo

Marilyn Anthony
6th Grade Teacher, Orchard Hills Elementary School
28 years of service in Nebo, and 2 years in other
“I have made many wonderful friendships in students and fellow teachers.  Their enthusiasm lifts everyone around them.  I am excited to be able to spend time with my family and rediscover a lot of things I’ve forgotten how to do.”

Calleen Argyle
Facilitator, Canyon Elementary School
30 years of service in Nebo
“A person only needs three things to be successful in life; a wish bone, a back bone, and a funny bone.  A wish bone to dream and set goals for yourself, a back bone to stand up for what’s right, and a funny bone to laugh at yourself and whatever comes your way. I can’t think of a better way to finish out my teaching career than to be able to “give back”.  It’s been a joy to have been able to work with all of the great people associated with the BYU/Nebo Partnership, and to have had the opportunity to mentor and share my teaching experiences with so many wonderful, young people that I’ve seen turn from being nervous and unsure into capable, confident, great teachers. Thank you!”

Marie Ashworth
Assistant Payroll Clerk, District Office
20 years of service in Nebo

Terri Beckstrom
Resource Technician, East Meadows Elementary School
28 years of service in Nebo
“I thank Ron Bills who hired me first.  Dwight Liddiard has been wonderful to work for.  He always believed in me.  Jamie Pintar was the best! She always thanked me every day for what I did!  And of course the children I am so glad I could be a part of their lives while in grade school.”

John Bingham
Math Teacher, Spanish Fork Jr. High School
30 years of service in Nebo

DeeAnn Binks
PE Teacher, Spanish Fork Jr. High School
29 years of service in Nebo, and 2 years in other
“Shirley Otteson and Joyce Henderson instilled in me a desire to give back to my community the importance of staying active thru sports, like they did.  My personal motto “Do what you like and like what you do.”

Mary Brown
Food Service Transport, Park View Elementary School
16 years of service in Nebo
“Have faith in yourself and your abilities-be kind and friendly-have good and dependable work ethics….be happy!”

Patricia Ann Cannon
2nd grade Teacher, Rees Elementary School
7 years of service in Nebo

Joyce Carter
Head Food Service Cook, Diamond Fork Jr. High School
28 ½ years of service in Nebo

Barbara Christiansen
Resource Technician, Diamond Fork Jr. High School
11 years of service in Nebo
“My years in Nebo School District have been very positive.  I have worked with so many wonderful people.  I wish I could name them all.  The last 9 years I have been at Spanish Fork Middle School and now Diamond Fork Jr. High.  I will miss the association with my amazing co-workers, teachers, administration, and students. ”

Connie Crandall
UCBT Technician, Salem Hills High School
28 years of service in Nebo
“I have truly loved working in the schools the past 28 years, and will miss all the kids/friends I’ve made there.”

Ann S. Dart
English Teacher, Spanish Fork High School/Legacy School
28 years of service in Nebo

Sue S. Davis
English Teacher, Springville High School
34 years of service in Nebo

Sheila Daybell
Title 1 Technician, Cherry Creek Elementary School
30 years of service in Nebo
“It has been an honor to serve these past 30 years with such wonderful teachers, administrators, and especially children.”

Ronald J. Durrant
Plumber, Maintenance
29 ½ years of service in Nebo

Diann Ewell
Food Service, Maple Mountain High School
14 years of service in Nebo

Peggy Giles
Lunch Manager, Hobble Creek Elementary School
30 years of service in Nebo
“My feelings have always been: run the kitchens like you would your own business.  Be fair, honest, and responsible.  Like your job – it will rub off onto your employees.”

Kathy Gull
Custodian, Payson High School
28 years of service in Nebo
“I have enjoyed working with teachers, students, and my co-workers, especially Ben Ford.  He tolerated my many moods with candy and chocolate. ”

Pam Hall
Food Service Clerk, Cherry Creek Elementary School
15 years of service in Nebo

Diane Hansen
Food Service Cook, East Meadows Elementary School
17 years of service in Nebo

Sharon Hansen
Food Service Cook, Canyon Elementary School
13 years of service in Nebo

Ted Hansen
Bus Driver, Transportation
9 years of service in Nebo

Diane Hartman
Career Coordinator, Springville High School
6 years of service in Nebo, and 6 years in other
“I have had several excellent mentors and co-workers who have influenced me over the years.  In return I have tried to pay it forward the help given and my love of teaching. The highlight of teaching has been seeing the light of understanding shine in a student’s face.  That is worth all the work and sacrifice in this profession.  My current position is especially fulfilling, as I can focus on helping a student full-time rather than being overly concerned with classroom management or grading.  It’s been an especially nice way to end my teaching profession.”

Susan Hatch
Counseling Secretary, Diamond Fork Jr. High School
10 years of service in Nebo, and 12 years in other
“Retirement for me is a mixed bag of emotions, both exultation and tear producing sadness.  It’s the wonderful people that I work with that I’ll miss.”

Susan Hereth
Special Education Teacher, Taylor Elementary School
14 years of service in Nebo
“Special thanks to Sharee Swenson, Pam Haney, Penny Morris, Joann Kirk, and Rhonda Proctor for being so nice and helpful to me for the past nine years.  My husband and I love living in Salem, and look forward to spending time with grandchildren, traveling a little, and hopefully going on a mission this fall.”

Susan Huff
Principal, Spanish Oaks Elementary School
34 years of service in Nebo
“The work of schools is continuous improvement in teaching and learning.  Educators must continue to grow through reflective practice and continue to learn both individually and collaboratively in order to best facilitate the learning of the students we serve. I love the principalship!  Coming to work every day is a new adventure filled with challenges, hard work, and lots of fun.  It has always been easy for me to love other people’s children, and I will so much miss the children at school, as well as all of the wonderful, dedicated adults with whom I work.  Seeing each child progress is the best part of my job!”

Rita James
Business & Digital Media Teacher, Maple Mountain High School
20 years of service in Nebo, and 7 years in other
“I view the CTE courses offered in Nebo School District as opportunities for students to discover their passion and prepare them for successful careers.  My greatest satisfaction is seeing former students on the job using the skills learned in class.  It has been a great career, but the best is yet to come!”

Wendell Dee Jepson
English/ESL Teacher, Spanish Fork High School
20 years of service in Nebo
“Nebo School District is the best place to work on the planet.  I have enjoyed every moment of my associations with the administrators, teachers, staff, parents, and students of this great, progressive organization.  I envy the teachers who have been recently hired and wish them the best of everything.  I will especially miss having captive audiences that are willing to listen to my “war stories” about life.  Keep reading!”

Robert E. Keddington
Principal, Park Elementary School
17 years of service in Nebo, and 8 years in other
“There are many people in Nebo School District who have made lasting impressions in my life.  The man who has impacted my career more than anyone else is Roger Bushman.”

Alan J. Lewis
Art Teacher, Springville High School
29 years of service in Nebo, and 6 years in other
“Years ago, the Nebo District adopted an approach to teaching characterized by “Pike Place Fish Market” located in Seattle, Washington.  The thrust of it was that one can be effective in getting the job done while at the same time having fun throwing fish and being just a little bit crazy. This approach when used in teaching presents challenging opportunities to discover a productive balance between being spontaneous while at the same time being effective and “getting the job done.”  In fact, this balance adds to the whole experience of learning.  My philosophy is making my teaching enjoyable, memorable, and full of positive energy.  Inasmuch as it is my last year of teaching, it’s been an awesome ride.”

Robert Lewis
Social Studies Teacher, Salem Jr. High School
25 years of service in Nebo

Linda Martinez
Food Service Clerk, Santaquin Elementary School
28 years of service in Nebo
“Count your blessings, love your life, and treasure your family and all you’re thankful for.  Enjoy each moment!”

Darwin Gary Mathewson
PE Teacher/Coach, Payson High School
31 years of service in Nebo
“I hope I have been a positive influence on students’ lives over the years.”

Debra J. May
Curriculum Specialist, District Office
38 years of service in Nebo, and 2 years in other
“Love what you do; do what you love.  I have loved working in education.  Forty years is a long time to work at one place, but I have truly loved every minute of it.  It’s all been about the kids, but really there are no better people than those working in Nebo School District.”

Charlotte H. McIntier
Speech Language Technician, Park View Elementary School
10 years of service in Nebo

Melanie McKinlay
English/Theatre Teacher, Payson Jr. High School
15 years of service in Nebo, and 6 years in other
“When we come to recognize that nothing has to go right for us to be happy, and that people do not have to behave for us to love them, our walk home can become surprisingly simple.” - Hugh Prather

Gerilyn Morley
Technician, Oakridge School
8 years of service in Nebo

Annette Morrison
Food Service Clerk/Cook, Brockbank Elementary School
24 years of service in Nebo
“I feel like your attitude has a lot on how you view life and what life deals you.”

Vickie Nielsen
Food Service Cook, Mt. Nebo Jr. High School
25 years of service in Nebo
“You can never be too nice.  I have mixed feelings about retiring, having taken three years off in 2000-2003, I found out how much I missed it and returned to work in 2003.  I plan to visit Mt. Nebo Jr. High often!  Nebo School District has many great employees; I will miss many of them very much.”

Patricia Palmer
2nd Grade Teacher, Park Elementary School
34 years of service in Nebo, and 3 years in other
“My motto has been ‘Good, better, best.  Never let it rest till the good is better and the better best!’  I have had many people influence me and make a difference in my life.  I have also strived to find the good in each person and help them develop their strengths. Teaching has always been a great part of my life and I am retiring with a love for teaching and all the great people I have associated with throughout my career.  I can honestly say –I have never had a boring day in the teaching profession!”

Ann Penrod
Family and Consumer Science Teacher, Springville High School
22 years of service in Nebo, and 8 years in other
“I have loved teaching at and being a part of SHS.  I will always be grateful for the opportunities Nebo School District has given my family and me.”

Wendy Swenson
Food Service, Taylor Elementary School
9 years of service in Nebo

D. Charles Thorpe
4th Grade Teacher, Riverview Elementary School
38 years of service in Nebo
“Everyone is important and has things to offer.  My principals have been good friends along with peer teachers.  I like to see ‘the lights’ come on, on a child’s face.”

Lynn Villaverde
Special Ed Teacher, Sierra Bonita Elementary School
7 years of service in Nebo

Elwood Wall
Math Teacher, Payson High School
30 years of service in Nebo

Shauna Warren
Human Resources Secretary, District Office
16 ½ years of service in Nebo
“I have loved working for the Nebo School District.  It has been like one big family; we all have different strengths and weaknesses but in the end we all pull together and it works.  I have grown so much working here.  Thank you for the wonderful ride.  Now it’s time to choose a new one.”

Kathleen White
Food Service Clerk, Hobble Creek Elementary School
23 years of service in Nebo
“Do what is right, do your best.”

Bonnie Wickes
4th Grade Teacher, Canyon Elementary School
41 years of service in Nebo
“When a door closes, somewhere a window opens for you, and you need to look at the best from your window.  Waldo Jacobson, my first principal, helped me believe in myself.”

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