Sixteen fifth- and sixth- grade students from Brockbank Elementary and Hobble Creek Elementary participated in the Utah State Elementary Debate Division I on April 19, 2013.

Hobble Creek students, Leah Ribble and Bailey Monson, took Third Place as an Affirmative Team. Bailey also earned a Speaker Award. The coach at Hobble Creek is Carol Day.

Brockbank students, Mallory Bingham and Rachel Cahill took Second Place as an Affirmative Team. Emily Lund and Amanda Mitchell, took Third Place as a Negative Team, and Anna Mockett and Paige Tomadakis took Fifth Place as a Negative Team. The coach at Brockbank is Kristel Peterson.

This Year’s resolution was: “Resolved that the state of Utah substantially increase support for  nuclear energy generation within it’s borders.”

Debate skills are a part of the core. Debate provides an excellent opportunity for students to use their skills of reading, thinking, writing, speaking and listening.

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