Lana Hiskey

Stacie Conrad is also the Nebo School District Employee of the Year

Stacie Conrad – Transportation
For the past four years, Stacie Conrad has been assigned to drive several different sizes of buses. No matter the size of the bus, her driving skills are outstanding. She provides a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable ride to her passengers. She is very courteous to other drivers on the road. Stacie knows the names and needs of her students. She provides a happy and positive environment. Stacie interacts with  parents, teachers, and staff in a  positive manner to make sure that the students’ needs come first. She creates a sense of security for her students by driving her route every day, arriving on time, completing a pre-trip safety check, and cleaning her bus. Stacie represents Nebo School District in a very professional manner by doing her job 100 percent each and every day!

Jimmy Burraston – Custodian Rees Elementary
Jimmy is an outstanding employee! He is always willing to jump in and do anything around the school. He never complains about any job he is asked to do.  He keeps our school clean and is so pleasant to be around. The faculty can rely on him and can always count on him for a laugh.  He is a great example of a positive and hard-working employee.  One coworker said, “I have worked at three different elementary schools, and Jimmy is HANDS DOWN the best custodian I have ever encountered.“  The children in the school love Jimmy and follow him around. Many little boys say they want to be like Jimmy when they grow up.  He is a bright ray of sunshine to our school.

Darald Miller – Maintenance
Darald is a great employee. He is always willing to go the extra mile. He will  fix roof leaks after hours, plow snow all night, and then work all day to complete the tasks he is responsible for. He always has a positive attitude. He is a very talented craftsman. We can always count on the best quality of workmanship from Darald. He is respectful of his coworkers, which has earned him respect and admiration.

Terry Brindley – Technical Services
Terry has had a challenging year. He was given the responsibility of getting computers setup at the new Salem Junior this past summer and has worked hard to ensure all the technology concerns were met. This was a lot of pressure due to the late construction of the building. Instead of complaining, Terry took the lead and got the job done with the assistance of others. Besides working on the Salem Junior challenge, Terry has also kept Salem Hills High, Mt. Loafer , Foothills, and Salem Elementarys running efficiently with their many technology needs. Terry has done all of this with a good attitude and pleasant demeanor. He is always willing to spend that extra few minutes with someone to ensure they are taken care of. Terry has had many positive comments from teachers, employees, and administrators on how much they love Terry and his work ethic.

Nan Black – Food Service Salem Hills High
Nan has worked for Nebo District for ten years in Food Service and at Salem Hills High since it opened. Nan comes to work every day with a positive attitude and  smile. She tries to get to know the students by their first name, what they like to do, and what classes they enjoy. Nan reads two to three newspapers a day to find students names. She cuts out the articles and gives them to the students. Students come into the cafeteria and thank her for the articles and tell her how much it means. When a student walks in to the kitchen, Nan drops what she is doing to help the student, whether it’s feeding them lunch when they are late or finding them a something to eat when they are not feeling well. She makes sure the students feel like they are number one. Nan makes the students her first priority while still putting out great product for lunch. She takes pride in what she does and wants the kitchen to sparkle from top to bottom just like she does every day in her work performance.

Abbie Finlinson – Secretary Wilson Elementary
Abbie works hard from the moment she walks through the door to ensure that all of the children and employees are happy, comfortable, and generally taken care of. I have never once heard her complain about a situation, student, or fellow employee. She handles calls from parents with professional behavior and resolves problems like a true leader and peacemaker. She always says hello, asks how we are, and genuinely cares about how we're all doing. She makes walking into the office a joy every day. Abbie is always POSITIVE. She has a quote by  Harry Truman at her desk that she looks at every day. The quote says: “Isn't it amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” This is how Abbie lives her life!

Collette Russell – Educational Technician Mt. Loafer Elementary
Collette worked at Spanish Oaks for ten years and was recently moved to Mt. Loafer Elementary. She is a wonderful example of someone that goes above and beyond what is asked. She was always prepared, willing to help, and positive. Mrs. Russell worked with one of our down syndrome students and was so loving and patient with her. She invited this student to her farm in the summer so she could pet the animals and play with her dog. She would prepare packets for her to work on over the summer. We miss her, but know that she is working her wonderful magic at Mt. Loafer Elementary. She is very deserving of recognition for the wonderful work she has done every day. Collette goes above and beyond as a classroom technician. The students respond well to her and she is a wonderful teacher. She helps each student achieve their educational goals.