Salem Hills High’s (SHHS) political science students had the opportunity to meet Governor Herbert and visit with local Representatives and Senators. Mr. Jim Griffin, political science teacher, said that students learn how laws are made and that citizens can make a difference.

“The students come back more excited to stay current on local events and news. Some of these same students traveled to Closeup in the fall and learned how the Federal Government operates,” stated Mr. Griffin.

Social studies student, Emily Hedelius, said, “I loved it! Honestly, the capitol is such a beautiful place filled with such ornate decorations. It is elegant.  Learning about government in school is fine, but actually seeing the senate and house in action was pretty much amazing.  It gave me an application to the things that I had been reading in the textbook, that I could not have found anywhere else. Afterwards, being able to talk with our senators was really good. We got to hear their views about some rather controversial issues, and that was really good for me to hear that some people in politics still have similar views to me. Anyway, it was a great field trip, and I would suggest that everyone do it if at all possible.”

This is an annual event for Mr. Griffin’s students for the past 17 years. This year he had to take two trips to transport all the students that wanted to go see the local government in progress.

Maple Mountain High’s history teacher, Shauna Griffen, is the winner of this week’s “Where are we Wednesday?”

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