Nebo School District is pleased to announce that Bodie Bradley and Russell Maughan have been named our Energy Specialists to implement and manage our new energy conservation program. Many of you know Bodie and Russell and their passion for our school district. They are now focusing that passion to ensure that our energy program is successful in allowing us to redirect much needed funds back into our classrooms. Bodie and Russell have already started training and working with our energy conservation partner, Cenergistic.

Bodie Bradley has worked in Nebo School District for the past 12 years. He has provided a clean and safe environment for students and faculty. Bodie has extensive experience in maintenance and repair. He received his Associate of Applied Science from Utah Valley University in 2004, and his Associate of Applied Science in Radiology from Weber State University in 2007.

Russell Maughan has worked for Nebo School District since 2007. He has worked as an instructional technician, tracking program coordinator, and operations intern. Some of his experience includes energy education research including working with local utility providers on issues and working with district construction projects. Russell received his Bachelor of Science in Construction Management.

Throughout the year – late at night, early in the mornings, and during holidays – Bodie and Russell will be in our buildings ensuring we are properly managing our energy resources. They will be reporting to Steve Maughan who will oversee the energy program.

The Cenergistic energy program will generate savings on our utility bills as we follow and support our Energy Specialists over the next 10 years. This program is extremely important to our school district and requires everyone’s cooperation.

Our Board will be receiving regular updates on the progress of our energy program in the weeks and months ahead. We plan to regularly share the news and results of this important program with you as well. Thank you in advance for your support of our energy program.