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Nebo Legacy Mentoring Program

What is School-Based Mentoring?

A fun and rewarding program, Nebo Legacy Mentoring matches a carefully screened adult volunteer (Mentor) with a child (Mentee) in a school environment. Building a positive, new friendship helps to strengthen a Mentee's self-esteem and school performance. It provides a mentor with the chance to re-experience the adventure of childhood while contributing to the well-being of a child.

In-School Mentoring is truly a community partnership. Schools, the business community, service clubs, and faith-based organizations are collaborating to provide this cost-effective program. Schools allow breaks from regular programming for children to take part. Local businesses promote the program to their employees and support workers who are Mentors.

What Can You Do?

Become a Mentor - Take the first step. Contact us to learn more about this rewarding volunteer experience. Become a Business or Individual Supporter. Encourage your employees to participate in this program.

Talk to the Nebo Legacy Mentoring Program (465-6050) about ways to support the In-School Mentoring Program. Consider profiling your company as a corporate sponsor.

Refer a Friend - Talk to co-workers or others you know who would enjoy working with kids. Word of mouth is the program's best means of promotion.

Who Participates in the Program?

The Children

Our Mentees are elementary students who would benefit from a one-to-one friendship with a caring adult. Mentees are kids who, with encouragement, could realize their full potential by learning to feel good about themselves.

The Mentor

Any caring, responsible adult can make a difference. Mentors are all ages and come from all walks of life - trades people, homemakers, university and college students, retirees, members of the business community. The list is endless.

If you are someone who believes in lifelong learning and would relish the opportunity to feel like a kid again, this program is for you. As a positive role model, a Mentor exhibits a standard of behavior that models honesty, truth and respect for others. As a Mentor you will share your skills and talents with your Mentee.