Teacher and Class Spotlight Presentations
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Presentations: Each of these presentations were created to spotlight a teacher, class, or subject area. These shows were created by classroom teachers to be used in a Back to School Night, First Day of School, Curriculum/Class Introduction, or All About Me presentations. All of these presentations can be modified to fit a variety of expectations (A fifth grade welcome show could be modified for a 8th grade English teacher). Have fun and bring the excitement of multimedia to your classroom.

Instructions: If you are using Internet Explorer clicking on the links will display the show within the browser window. Or you may right mouse click on the link choose Save Target As... or Save Link As... to download the PowerPoint (.ppt) file. This is recommended if you plan on using or modifying the show for your use.

Some of these shows have sound files and background CD music as part of the presentation. However, many of these sounds are not embedded within the presentation. To get these sounds run the show within PowerPoint right click on the sound object icon and choose edit sound object to find out the file name. Click here to see a list of all the sound files used in these shows. Locate the sound file right mouse click on the link and choose Save Target As... or Save Link As. Remember to save the sound file in the same folder as the multimedia show. Now delete the existing sound object within PowerPoint and Insert-Sound from File.. Navigate to your sound file and your sounds should begin working. If you have any questions E-Mail Your Request.

These shows were created as part of a three day intensive TLCF Professional Development Grant. Check back as this archive will continue to grow.

Welcome Class and teacher overview
Welcome to 5th Grade Fifth Grade
Back to School Night 1 Elementary
Back to School Night 2 Third Grade
Back to School Night 3 Second Grade
Back to School Night 4 Fifth Grade
Back to School Night 5 Third Grade
Welcome to 4th Grade 4th Grade welcome
First Grade Welcome
Back to School Night 6 4th Grade
Back to School Night 7 4th Grade
Back to School Night 8 5th Grade
Back to School Night 9 Second Grade
Welcome 3rd Third Grade
Welcome 2nd Second Grade
Back to School Night 5th Fifth Grade
1st Grade Overview First Grade
4th Grade Welcome Fourth Grade
5th Grade Welcome Fifth Grade
2nd Grade Who Wants to be a Good... Millionaire Theme show applied to being in the second grade
Back to School Elementary
Kindergarten Parent Presentation ABC Theme
Welcome to 5th Grade First Day Welcome Back
General Welcome Back Elementary Theme
4th Grade Welcome Welcome Back


TLC Overview TLC
Descriptive Writing Jr. High descriptive writing assignment
Welcome to Mathematics Mathematics
Art Foundations Welcome
U.S. History 8th Grade
Math Class Math
7th Grade Science Science overview
8th Grade U.S. History History
Algebra Math
Social Studies Introduction
7th Grade Health Introduction
6th Grade Science Introduction
6th Grade Math Introduction
P.E. Procedures General in class p.e. procedures
9th Grade Honors English Overview
9th Grade English Overview
8th Grade English Overview
Reading and Writing in the Content Area Class overview
English/Reading 6-8 Introduction
Clothing Dynamics Class introduction
Science 6-8 Class description
Honors Science Class description
Food and Fitness Overview


Class Rules Classroom rules
Technology Overview Technology
World of Art Art overview
Welcome Back to Middle School General classroom
Getting Acquainted Introduction
Teacher Introduction Space Theme
Media Center Introduction What's available in the media center
Media Center Introduction 2 Media Center Rules and Introduction
Adolescent Literature Reviews of great adol. books
Teacher Introduction Jungle Theme