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Some of these shows have sound, movie files and background CD music as part of the presentation. However, many of these sounds are
not embedded within the presentation. To get these sounds and movie clips to run the show within PowerPoint right click on the sound
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in the same folder as the multimedia show. Now delete the existing sound object within PowerPoint and Insert-Sound from File.. Navigate
to your sound file and your sounds should begin working. Because of copyright laws those shows that have background CD music are not
embedded within the show or available in the sound file library. You'll need to use your own CD and insert the CD audio track within the show.
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These shows were created as part of a three day intensive TLCF Professional Development Grant.
Check back as this archive will continue to grow.

-General- -Elementary- -Secondary- -Teacher and Classroom Spotlights-

General Use Shows

Name of Show
Subject Description
Background CD
General Application
Harry Potter Latin General Using word roots to determine meaning  
Abundance (new) General Is there enough? We are the World music track.
Power of One (new) General What can one person really do?  
Millennium Mix General A look at memorable events of the millennium set to music Kenny G's Millennium Mix
Wonderful World General A look at our beautiful world. Louis Armstrong/Kenny G
Yellowstone General Pictures of Yellowstone  
Mission Impossible General Introduction of assignment or unit using a Mission Impossible theme  
Funny Signs General Humorous road signs Signs: Ace of Base
North Face General Dramatic mountain scenes  
SIS Training General Student Information System Tutorial  
Make a Difference General Inspirational Story  
Public Speaking General Keys to good communication  
Anger Management General Steps to managing anger  
Problem Solving General Steps to Problem Solving  
PowerPoint General Introduction to users of Microsoft PowerPoint  
Keyboarding Technique General Proper Keyboarding Technique Introduction  
God Bless the USA General USA theme pictures to God Bless the USA song God Bless..:Lee Greenwood
America the Beautiful General USA theme pictures and words to America the Beautiful  
Pledge of Allegiance General Meaning of Pledge of Allegiance  
Video Communications General TLC assignment, look at t. v. communications and four genres of television commercials Assorted videos to down load
Happiness Guide General    
Aids General    
Autism General    
Web Page Eval General    
GradeBook Overview General SIS Gradebook training ppt  
Student Recognition General Student recognition yearly overview  
Library Orientation General Library tour and organizations  
Library Orientation1 General Another Library tour and organizations  
Story Board General    
Old Mule Tale General    
Respect General    
Student Schedule General    
Web Site Eval General    
PowerPoint General    
Space: Solar System (new) Science General overview of out solar system  
Moon (new) Science Images and information of the moon  
Spiders of Utah Science Pictures and information regarding the spiders of Utah  
Stars Directing our Fate Science Space exploration photos and the stars Stars Directing Our Fate:
Space: The Final Frontier Science Mission to the moon Rocket Man: Elton John
Apollo 11 Science A look at the Apollo 11 mission  
Landforms Science Look at the different landforms  
Dynamic Earth Science Look at the forces that change our earth's surface  
Rocks Science General look at the classifications of rocks  
Favorite Animal Science An example of an animal student presentation  
Neptune Science Visit the planet Neptune use as a template for student presentations  
Rocks Science Overview of different classifications of Rocks  
Volcanoes Science Volcanoes are hot stuff  
Scarab Science Natures favorite decomposer  
Outside the World Science History of space exploration  
Where is Science Science How science is all around us  
History/Social Studies
Country Template History Template for creating a country presentation  
Martin Luther King Social History Great pictorial history of MLK  
Historical Person Template History Template for creating a historical person presentation  
Holocaust History Pictorial representation of the Holocaust Voice of the Children: Kurt Bestor
Antarctica (new) Social Studies Overview and history  
Pictorial Utah Social Studies Pictures of Utah, what a place  
President Template (Bush) Social Studies Template for a president presentation  
Utah County Social Studies All about Utah County, Utah  
Humanity Social Studies Children in our world  
Govt. Jeopardy Social Studies Game/Activity  
History Millionaire History Game/Activity  
Statue of Liberty Social Studies History and collection of images  
Language Arts
Poetry (new) Lang Arts Overview of Poetry  
Literary Voice Lang Arts The importance of literary voice  
Newspaper Lang Arts What makes a good newspaper  
Online Research Lang Arts Conducting Online Research  
Ancient Newspaper Lang Arts Creating a newspaper for ancient times  
Blending Sounds Lang Arts Steps in Sounding out words  
Literary Elements Lang Arts Basic elements of literature  
Book Talk Lang Arts Example of a Presentation Book Talk  
What's a Hero Lang Arts    
Proper Keyboarding Tech Emphasis on the techniques of proper keyboarding  
Game Show Test/Review Jeopardy game show theme for content review  
Game Show 2 Test/Review Who Wants to Be..show theme for content review  
Game Show 3 Test/Review Jeopardy game show history theme  
Classroom Management Training Teacher training classroom management  
Music and Culture Music Role that Music Plays in culture  
Art Impressionism Art Impressionistic Artists  
Sportsmanship (new) P. E. Sportsmanship and NCAA Eligibility  
P. E. Procedures P. E. Physical Ed class procedures  
Self Starter Timer Misc. Counts down from 60 to 1 racing the jet around the world.  

Elementary K-5

Name of Show
Subject Description
Background CD
Utah Animals (new) Science Pictorial overview of native Utah animals  
Utah Plants and Animals (new) Science Follows the TRB script in the 4th grade science core  
Wonderful Water Science Photos of how water affects our lives  
All About Plants Science Meet the Plants  
Bears Science Bear slide show  
Bobcats Science    
Heat Science Changes in heat  
Rocks Science Changes written in stone  
Coniferous Trees Science Trees  
Earth and Moon Science    
Evaporation Science    
Animal Biomes Science Favorite animal biomes  
Forest Biomes Science    
Seasons Science Combo of 3 4 seasons  
Gravity Science    
Insects Science    
Dinosaurs Science K-2 Dino show  
Lake Powell Science    
Life Cycle Science    
Neptune Science Space: Planet Neptune  
Plants Science    
Rocks Science    
Seeds Science    
Simple Machines Science    
Soil Science Types of soil composition  
Solar System Science    
Space Kid Science Be a space kid and learn about the moon  
Jupiter Science Space: Planet Jupiter  
Tigers Science    
Utah Animals Science Lets Go Wild  
Volcano's Science Hot Stuff!  
Water Science How I Use Water  
Water cycle Science    
Watercycle1 Science    
Weather Tools Science    
Weather Science Look at the causes of weather  
Animals of Utah Science Animals found in Utah  
Biomes of Utah


Biomes of Utah  
Life Cycle of a Chick Embryo Science Look at the developmental stages of a chicken embryo  
Utah Fossils Science Overview of Fossils found in Utah  
Wonderful Water Science States of a Liquid  
States of Water Science Overview of the water all around us  
Penguins Science All About Penguins  
Rocks Science Classifications and types of rocks  
Entering the Human Eye Science Exploring the human eye  
Water Cycle Science The water cycle  
Dinosaurs Science Introduction to different dinosaurs  
Physical Matter Science Each of the States of Matter  
Moths and Butterflies Science Similarities/Differences between Moths and Butterflies  
Chicks Science A look from egg to chicken  
Utah Animals Science A look at animals native to Utah  
Geological Features Science Features of the Earth  
States of Water Science Three states of water  
Matter Science Detailed look at matter  
Matter1 Science What is matter?  
Matter2 Science What is the matter?  
Matter3 Science As a matter of fact  
States of Matter Science The three states of matter  
Reptiles Science Different types of reptiles  
Volcanoes Science Hot stuff about volcanoes.  
Beetle Science Natures recycler!  
Simple Machines Science    
Scarab Science Egyptians and the Scarab.  
Social Studies
Shelters Social Studies Introduction to the different types of shelters  
Beautiful Utah Social Studies Quiz of locations in Utah  
Tour Washington D.C. Soc. Studies Tour the Washington D.C. monuments  
Australia 1 Social Studies Introduction to the land down under  
Australia 2 Social Studies Introduction to the land down under  
Antarctica Social Studies Fun test as an introduction to Antarctica  
Antarctic 2 Social Studies Introduction to Antarctica  
Utah Places Social Studies Picture overview of Utah  
Winter Olympic Wax Museum Social Studies Overview of a wax museum with winter Olympic theme  
Travel to South America Social Studies Visit South America  
Colorful Utah Social Studies Look at Utah with a color theme. A picture quiz included  
Communities Social Studies What is a community  
Spanish Fork Community Quiz Social Studies What do you know about Spanish Fork  
Spanish Fork Explorers Social Studies The major explorers responsible for Spanish Fork  
Spanish Fork Pioneers Social Studies The Pioneers of Spanish Fork  
Ute Indians Social Studies Facts about the Ute Indian tribe  
Africa Social Studies Introduction to Africa  
South America Countries Social Studies Learn the names and locations of the countries.  
Christopher Columbus History Overview of Columbus's life  
Mock Elections Civics Conduct your own classroom election  
Abraham Lincoln History All about Abe  
George Washington History All about George  
Money Civics Recognize the different coins  
Language Arts
Writing Leads (new) Lang Arts Samples of how to start stories  
It's Story Time (new) Lang Arts Fun overview of the elements of fiction  
Reading Strategies (new) Lang Arts Overview of general reading strategies  
I Can Read Lang Arts Motivational Show on beginning to Read  
Alphabet Lang Arts Introduce the letters of the alphabet  
ABC's Lang Arts Letters and pictures  
I Can Read Reading 6 step home reading introduction  
Woolly Mammoth Reading Introduction to Woolly Mammoths and True-False Test  
Animals Talk Reading Reading activity of beginning readers  
What's for Lunch Reading Reading activity of beginning readers  
I Like to... Reading Reading activities of beginning readers  
What Can Go Reading Basic animated story  
Blending Steps Lang Arts Step by step look at the process of blending  
Phonics: Mini Lesson Lang Arts Using phonics  
Guided Reading Lang Arts Introduction to guided reading  
Home Reading Lang Arts Why read at home  
Bookworm Quiz Lang Arts Reading Quiz  
Animal Alphabet Lang Arts Animals introduce each letter of the alphabet  
Blends and Digraphs Lang Arts Clip Art and animated words for each blend and digraph.  
Eric Carle Lang Arts An introduction to the author Eric Carle  
County Report Writing Report Template  
President Report Writing Report Template  
Pirates (new) General Notes are included with each slide. Inspired by a trip to the Caribbean and the popular movie  
Presidential Fitness General Overview of the Presidential Fitness Award  
Where in the USA... General Getting to know you activity  
Birthday Celebration Self Image A show to spotlight a students birthday  
Classroom Helpers Management Classroom management outline with a Mash Theme  
Kindergarten ABC's General Intro to life in Kindergarten with an ABC flair  
I See Colors (new) Art Colors from the world around us  
Classic Art for 4th Grade Art Art for 4th grade core  
Division Rules Math Close look at division  
K-2 Math Standards Math Overview of the K-2 Standards  
Music and Math Music Look at Music through fractions  
Numbers Math A look at 1-5  
Money Math Student Money  
Addition Story Problem Math Addition story problem template.  

Secondary 6-12

Name of Show
Subject Description
Background CD
Arc Welding Safety Science Overview of safety issues related to arc welding.  
Safety Color Code Science Overview of the standardized safety color code system.  
Genetic Engineering Science Details of genetic engineering in agriculture.  
Herbicide Rates Science Pros and Cons of reducing herbicide usage.  
Hydroponics Science Hydroponics in agriculture.  
Elk Hunting Science The three P's of Elk hunting.  
Horticulture Science All about annual and perennial plants.  
Tree Bible Science All about trees  
Classroom Procedures Science Agriculture classroom procedures.  
Genetics 1 Science General Genetics overview.  
Quality and Yield Grading Science Grading of cuts of meat.  
Genetics 2 Science Study of genetics  
Breeds of Swine Science Different breeds of swine.  
Horse Terms Science General horse terms.  
Food Chain Science Overview of the Food Chain.  
General Science
Engine Operation (new) Science Basic engine operation  
Gregor Mendal (new) Science    
Mendal History (new) Science    
Heredity (new) Science    
Periodic Table (new) Science    
Robert Goddard (new) Science    
Habitats Science Introduction to Habitats  
Biology Science The study of biology  
Livestock Digestive System Science The livestock digestive system in detail.  
Volcanoes Science Types of volcanoes  
Volcanic Eruptions Science Causes and types of volcanic eruptions  
Erosion Science Causes of erosion  
Ecology Science Look at the science of ecology  
Microbiology Science Microbiology in a nutshell  
Dung Beetle Science Natures favorite decomposer  
Planet Neptune Report Science Planet report template  
Carbon Family Science Uses for elements in the Carbon Family  
Payson Canyon Science The environment and ecosystems of Payson Canyon, Utah  
Social Studies
Eifle Tower (new) Soc. Studies    
England (new) Soc. Studies    
Hasidism (new) Soc. Studies    
Japan (new) Soc. Studies    
Japanese Writing System (new) Soc. Studies    
Paris (new) Soc. Studies    
German States (new) Soc. Studies Template for German State reports  
African Savanna (new) Soc. Studies    
Tea Ceremony (new) Soc. Studies Better understand this ancient Japanese ceremony  
Ancient Civilizations Soc. Studies Look at the major ancient civilizations  
Archeology Soc. Studies The study of Archeology  
Big Ten Explorers Soc. Studies Ten of the early explorers  
Greek Architecture Soc. Studies Look at the major forms of Greek architecture  
Checks and Balances Civics Checks and Balances between the branches of government  
Cold War (new) History Overview of the Cold War  
Civil War (new) History    
Discrimination (new) History    
Martin Luther King (new) History    
Jewish Resistance (new) History    
Ghandi (new) History    
Hitler's Rise (new) History    
Depression Era (new) History    
Middle Ages (new) History    
Mormons Move West (new) History    
Pre-Civil War (new) History    
Romans (new) History    
Rosa Parks (new) History    
Underground Railroad (new) History    
Vietnam (new) History Information and images of Vietnam  
Thomas Jefferson and the Louisiana Purchase History History of the Louisiana Purchase  
Spain Geography Picture tour of Spain  
Far Away Places History Visit Far Away Places and take a quiz  
Joe Hill History History of Joe Hill  
Dictators History History of the worlds dictators  
What Hate Can Do History/S. Studies Elements of hate and Adolf Hitler  
World War II History Overview of WW II  
The Roaring 20's History Learn about the 1920's  
American Revolution History Overview of the American Revolution  
American Revolution 2 History Overview and pictures of the Revolution  
Holocaust Picture Presentation History Pictorial representation of the Holocaust Voice of the Children by Kurt Bestor
Hypatia:First Women of Math History/Math Learn about the Greek mathematician Hypatia  
Bill of Rights Social Studies Overview of the Bill of Rights  
Espana Geography Visit Spain  
Constitution History Play the popular Jeopardy Game with Constitution content  
Powers of National Government Civics Government powers  
Marketing Business Details of Marketing  
7 Natural Wonders of the World Soc. Studies Pictures and information of the 7 wonders of the world  
Principles of the Constitution Civics Constitution  
Diversity Civics What makes us all different  
Voyages of Adventure Soc. Studies Look at the motives of exploration  
Dictators History A look at the major dictators  
Historical Report Template History Template for historical person report.  
Germany Soc. Studies/Lang. History of Germany  
Michelangelo History The life of Michelangelo  
The Great Depression History All about the Great Depression  
5 Nations S. Studies Mexico and its many facets  
Roman Civilization S. Studies Influence of Rome on the present day  
Brazil S. Studies    
Mexican Countries S. Studies The nations of Mexico  
Spanish S. Studies Spanish culture overview entirely in Spanish  
Free at Last History The African American struggle for civil rights  
American Jazz History Historical overview of Jazz and American culture.  
Civil War Leaders History    
Civil War History Overview of the Civil War  
Anne Frank History Life during the Holocaust  
Argentina S. Studies Sights of Argentina  
Greek Architecture History    
Language Arts
Mt. Everest Background (new) Lang. Arts Pre-reading activity along a Mt. Everest theme  
Descriptive Writing Lang. Arts Ways to improve descriptive writing  
Voice Lang. Arts Learn how voice affects your writing  
Story Elements Lang. Arts Elements of a story: protagonist, antagonists...  
Ninth Grade English English Intro to 9th grade English Class  
To Kill a Mockingbird Lang. Arts Introduction for the book To Kill a Mockingbird  
Eighth Grade English English Intro to 8th grade English Class  
Communications Lang. Arts Look at why and how we communicate  
Writing (Paragraphs) Lang. Arts Paragraph writing  
Creative Writing Lang. Arts Creative writing ideas  
William Shakespeare Lang. Arts A look at William Shakespeare  
Hamlet Lang. Arts Look at Shakespeare's Hamlet  
Shakespeare: Globe Theater Lang. Arts Close look at the Globe Theater  
Shakespeare: Overview Lang. Arts Close look at Shakespeare the Playwright  
Shakespeare 1 Lang. Arts More Shakespeare  
Shakespeare 2 Lang. Arts More Shakespeare  
Adolescence Literature Lang. Arts Introduction to adolescent books  
El Viaje Spanish    
Books, Books and More Books Library Media A Parent and Teacher’s Guide to Contemporary Adolescent Literature  
Anorexia (new) Health Overview of eating disorders  
Artist Chuck Close Art Life and works of Chuck Close  
Vincent Van Gogh Art History and works of Vincent Van Gogh Vincent: Don McLean
Color Classification Art All of the color classifications: Complimentary..  
Claude Monet Art    
Knowledge Bowl Art K. B. format on artists and paintings  
WordPerfect Technology Tutorial of the WordPerfect menu bars  
Education Pays (new) Guidance Differences an education makes for the future  
Job Interviews Guidance Steps and suggestions in preparing for a job interview  
Careers Guidance Guess the career  
Clothing Home Ec. Different type of clothing styles and components  
1980 Fashions Home Ec. Fashions of the 1980s.  
Geometry Math Geometry in the world around us  
Mathematicians Math Mathematicians down through the ages  
Order of Operations Math Detailed look of the Order of Operations  
Pythagorean Theorem Math    
Integers Math Integers and the number-line  
Problem Solving Math How to solve a word problem.  
Career Profile Careers A template students can use for a Career Presentation  
Careers Careers The Career I am most Interested in..  
Dance P. E. Introduction to dance  
Modern Slow Dance P. E. Basics of modern slow dance complete with photos  
Entrepreneur Profile TLC Template example for students to create a presentation  
TLC Scope and Sequence TLC Technology, Life, and Careers introduction  
Promotion and Marketing TLC Overview of Marketing and Promotion of products in business