Offering Counseling, training, and other help to get through life's ups and downs.

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What is the Employee Assistance Program?

We all experience ups and downs in life. Stresses, conflicts and challenges occur as part of daily living. Often we deal with these situations on our own or with the help of family and friends.

However, sometimes it helps to talk to an experienced counselor.

Nebo School District recognizes how important you are to the success of the district. So we have contracted Blomquist Hale Consulting to provide this valuable Employee Assistance Program (EAP) service Free of Charge, to support the well being of you and your family.

Blomquist Hale Consulting offers solution focused counseling for work or personal problems. Counseling is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is 100% confidential. Our extensive network of experienced therapists will work with you and provide the tools and strategies you need to resolve the situation. If ongoing or specialized services are needed, the counselor will refer you to an appropriate resource.

Here are common reasons to call Blomquist Hale Consulting:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Marital and Relationship Counseling
  • Family Counseling
  • Group Counseling
  • Financial Counseling and Referrals
  • Legal Advice and Referrals
  • Child Care Referrals
  • Elderly Care Support and Referrals
  • 24/7 Crisis Intervention Services
  • Change Groups and Educational Seminars

Language Assistance Availability

You can request an interpreter to speak with a Blomquist Hale EAP counselor. To request an interpreter or ask about written information in your language, first call Blomquist Hale EAP and we will find someone who speaks your language and can help you.

Aviso de disponibilidad

Puede solicitar un intérprete para hablar con Blomquist Hale EAP asesor. Para solicitar un intérprete o información escrita en su idioma, primero llame a Blomquist Hale y una persona que hable su idioma puede ayudarlo.