Cherry Creek Outstanding Employee Award 2010: Mr. Randel Talbot

Craig Harvey, with Horace Mann Insurance Company, presented the Outstanding Employee Award to Randel Talbot, the head custodian at Cherry Creek Elementary. The staff relies on Mr. Talbot's dependable service. When anyone asks Mr. Talbot to do a task, he gets right to the request. He often replies, "I'll do it right now, so I won't forget."

He is great with the students and keeps our campus neat and clean. A while back he brought in a horned-toad for a 2nd grade class pet from one of his hunting trips.

Studying the Wetlands at Salem Pond

by Bentlee Hatch and Aleesa Hardy

Rees' multi-age classes all had a very fun time studying about Utah Wetlands last Friday. About 10:30 a.m. we loaded the buses and headed to Salem. When we go there, we ate our lunches at the park. It was a nice change to have recess right their by the pond. The we rotated through five stations. One station was learnind about bird adaptations and dissecting Owl Barf with Mrs. Wiley! Owls can't digest the bones and hair of their prey so they throw it up. I found a mouse skull in my pellet. I liked to pull the little teeth out.

Principal Transfer

Recently, Goshen Elementary found out that Principal Jim Welburn will be transferring to Salem Elementary next year. Goshen wants to thank their principal for all his hard work and dedication over his four years of service.

His dedication to students and their well-being is seen in his professional attitude and attention to detail. Each of his decisions is made for the benefit of the students. His focus on fostering a productive environment while maintaining a relationship with students is reflected in the time he spent allowing students to get to know him.

Crystal Apple Award at Spanish Fork Jr. High

Chris Hall was recently awarded the Horace Mann Classified Employee of the Year Award at Spanish Fork Jr. High School. Chris has been at Spanish Fork Jr. High for ten years. The last seven of those years has been spent in the finance office. She is extremely organized and efficient in all she does for the school. Teachers and staff know they can go to Chris for any help of any kind and she will immediately take care of their needs. She not only runs the finances for the school, but is continually helping make faculty functions and other activities successful.

Local Author Wins Best of State: Non-Fiction

Lu Ann Brobst Staheli has been named Utah’s 2010 Best of State Medalist in Literary Arts: Non-Fiction. In the past year, Staheli saw the publication of her first full length book, When Hearts Conjoin, “Which Way—Do-It-Yourself or Traditional?” as a featured cover article for The Writer Magazine, “Bringing the Library Back to Life After the Library Dragon is Slain” in Library Media Connection Magazine, and Fablehaven Teacher’s Guides for Shadow Mountain Publishers.

Crystal Apple Award at Payson High School

By Ryan Shumway

Shawn Johnson is the recipient of the 2010 Crystal Apple Award. This is a unique award given to teachers who go out of their way to provide help and friendship to the students and co-workers at their school. “I’ve never seen a person who cares more about students than him. Not only the education but about their lives too,” said fellow teacher Jeremy Chapman. Mrs. Brotherson admitted that Shawn would hate the publicity, he doesn’t like to do things publicly; he helps each student without making a big deal about it; he keeps it quiet and to himself.

Park View Has “Got Learning”

by carrie.vannosdol

At Park View, learning is not an option. Teachers have committed themselves to making sure all students learn at high levels. This motto is not only on their shirts, it is in their instruction and in their hearts.

“We want all students to learn at high levels,” says Principal Kristie Reynolds. “According to RTI (Response to Intervention) principles, children are non-learners either because of motivation or ability. We want to make accommodations to reach both types of learners.”

Crystal Apple Award at Brookside Elementary

Lana H. Hiskey - Public Information Officer - Nebo School District

Who answers our questions? Who keeps us organized? Who knows where everything is? At our school that person would be Mrs. Jeanie Clements. Craig Harvey with Horace Mann presenting the award for outstanding employee at Brookside Elementary to Jeanie on Tuesday, April 20th. Jeanie is always the first person to warmly greet patrons as they enter the doors of our school. She takes things as they are thrown at her with loads of patience and grace.