Technology Used in Classrooms

Lana Hiskey

The Nebo School Board of Education enjoyed seeing the innovative ways that technology is being used in the classrooms of Nebo School District.

Janna Runolfson, first-grade teacher at Brockbank Elementary, shared various experiences that has truly helped her first-grade students improve their reading ability. She mentioned that teachers are always looking for new and innovative ways to teach students. Mrs. Runolfson learned that it is about the students and their thought process and skills.

Payson Junior Presents to the Nebo School Board of Education

Lana Hiskey

Payson Junior High delighted the Nebo School Board of Education with their Jazz Band directed by Mrs. Connie Ericksen. They performed music from the selection of Glenn Miller – music popular in the1940's. Some of the pieces played included "My Dinner With Ronald", "American Patrol", and "Ain’t Got No Place to Go".

Principal Carl Swenson remarked about the music presentation, "Mrs. Ericksen directs her Jazz Band in class just as enthusiastic as she has here tonight."

The Jazz Band meets at 7:00 a.m. a couple of times each week.

Annual Christmas Books Sharing

Contributors Lana Hiskey & Jeanne Singerman

For more than a decade, Principal Dwight Liddiard and Clinical Faculty Advisor for Brigham Young University, Katherine Beck, have been sharing Christmas books with educators, librarians and others interested in fabulous, recently published new books.

Dwight and Katherine researched and reviewed books copyrighted in 2010 and chose 31 well-written and nicely-illustrated Christmas books.

Grants Awarded This Fall by the Nebo Education Foundation

Lana Hiskey

Brenda McFarland, kindergarten teacher at Spring Lake Elementary, was awarded a grant for an Egg Incubator. Brenda said, "I am so excited to have received this grant from the Nebo Education Foundation. I can't wait to use it with my kindergartners. We will hatch eggs during our Farm Unit this spring. What a great experience it will be for my students to have a hands-on experience hatching eggs. Thanks again Nebo Education Foundation!"

Kids Cause Making a Difference for Nebo School District

Bonneville UniServ noted that many students in Utah County schools are struggling. Some live without the basic necessities of food, clothing, and shelter despite the availability of social assistance programs.

Nebo School District and other school districts have joined with Bonneville UniServ, United Way, and community groups to serve our children. Children from low-income families who need glasses, hearing aids, shoes, winter coats or dental needs, can receive these items through Kids Cause Coordinators.

Art City Presents to Nebo School Board of Education

Lana Hiskey

Art City Elementary delighted the Nebo School Board of Education with a PowerPoint showing some of their successes including reading and many fine arts.

Principal Lori Nielsen said, "When I came to this school just three months ago, I found the teachers and staff really do work for the students. I also found that Art City Elementary does live up to its name."

The board learned about the art frames for every grade level to display students’ art in the foyer. There is an orchestra program before school as well as a school choir.

Health Fair for Nebo School District Students

Rita James

On Friday, November 5, 250 students from five Nebo District high schools attended a great health career fair at Landmark High School.

Students were introduced to 15 different careers by presenters from Intermountain Healthcare and Mountain Star.

Careers presented included nursing, physical therapy, pharmacy, radiology, emergency care and more.