Crystal Apple Award at Rees Elementary

Rees Elementary Crystal Apple Award Recipient At Rees Elementary on January 26, 2010, Craig Harvey from Horrace Mann presented the "Crystal Apple Award" to Jacquelyn Searle for her excellence in teaching. She has taught for ten years, where she has mastered the art of classroom management. When her colleague Mrs. Jenise Rowley was asked why she thought Jacquelyn received this award she said "She is just a great teacher! She cares about each individual student in her class and wants what is best for them." Jacquelyn is willing to help anyone.

Grants given by the Nebo Education Foundation - January 2010

Lana H. Hiskey - Public Information Officer - Nebo School District

Springville Junior

Principal Darrel Rolfe; Shellie Anderson, teacher; Blaine Bird, foundation vice president; Natalie Clyde, past president

Springville Junior received two grants from the Nebo Education Foundation. Shellie Anderson, special education teacher, was awarded a grant for audio digital equipment, and Shawn Hatfield, science teacher, received a grant for technology from the Nebo Education Foundation.

Crystal Apple Award at Art City Elementary

This years Crystal Apple Award goes to Miss Shoni Winkel, Second grade teacher at Art City Elementary. Shoni grew up in Nyssa, Oregon where she graduated from Nyssa High School. She attended Ricks College (now BYUI) then transferred to Brigham Young University in Provo where she studied Early Childhood Education. Shoni Graduated in August 2000; she then started teaching 1/2 day Kindergarten at Sage Creek and 1/2 day Kindergarten at Art City. She taught First Grade for six years and has taught Second Grade for three years at Art City Elementary.

Crystal Apple Award at Goshen

On Wednesday, January 27, the Crystal Apple Award at Goshen Elementary was given to Mrs. Julie Parkin. This is Julie's second year teaching sixth grade at Goshen Elementary. Julie has four kids and is known to some as the yard sale queen. She spends hours working at home on weekends making lessons and developing hands-on-activities for her students. Julie has been writing amazing songs to teach math and science concepts. Her students love her and enjoy coming to class every day. They know there will be some fun activities and songs to be learned. Thanks Mrs.

Crystal Apple Award at East Meadows

The Crystal Apple award this year goes to the brains of our operation. Julie Hammari leads our team through her talents, knowledge, abilities and height. She has been a great leader and teacher for both faculty and students here at East Meadows Elementary. She has always been willing to change a grade level because of her nature to be flexible and ability to work in any situation. This is most apparent in her current grade level team.

Cherry Creek Presents to Nebo School Board

Lana H. Hiskey - Public Information Officer - Nebo School District

Cherry Creek’s second-grade students performed a patriotic musical selection for the Nebo School Board in January. Principal Mark Balzotti addressed the Board praising his wonderful faculty, staff and parents for the success the school has had with testing. Mr. Patrick Money and Mrs. MarJean Strong, school community council members also addressed the Board highlighting the wonderful programs at Cherry Creek Elementary.

Nebo School District's Captain's Academy

Lana H. Hiskey - Public Information Officer - Nebo School District

In January, Nebo School District held its second Captain's Academy on leadership and sportsmanship. The Captain’s Academy is held three times a year. This event took place at Springville High School and included captains from each winter sport, student government, drill team, cheer squad, and band.

Crystal Apple Award at Hobble Creek

This year’s recipient for the Crystal Apple Award from Hobble Creek Elementary School is Deana Coates. Deana has been sharing her time as an Instructional Coach for the last four years between Hobble Creek and Spring Lake Elementary. Previous to that Deana taught at Brookside Elementary, Grant Elementary, Sage Creek Elementary and Westside Elementary. Deana is a meticulous planner as a teacher; she prepares well and is a great example of a continuous learner. She stands out as a leader among teachers.

Judy Catlett is awarded the Crystal Apple Award

Hayley Kirkland

On Monday, January 11, 2010, the Crystal Apple Award was presented to Judy Catlett of Barnett Elementary. The Crystal Apple Award is given to teachers that show devotion to students and outstanding performance in the classroom and is awarded by nomination from the school faculty. Mrs. Catlett is adored by her students and loved by the Barnett faculty. She has been teaching at Barnett for twenty-five years and has her masters in Math. Positivity is her greatest strength whether it be with students, parents, or faculty members and she always makes everyone feel important and special.