Nebo District Elementary Debate

Left to right (blond in yellow) Gracen Chiniquy 1st place affirmative, Brinley Nelson 1st place affirmative, Kyle Barton 3rd place affirmative, Bri Perkins 2nd place affirmative Elise Wilson 2nd place affirmative. Not pictured Ryan Hawkins 3rd place affirmative, Cate Cannon and Ashley Anderson 4th place affirmative team.

Naming of new schools in Nebo School District

Lana H. Hiskey - Public Information Officer - Nebo School District

Nebo School District is excited to announce the names of new schools to be built in the next few years. The district received over 200 proposals from the public through our Web site by e-mail, mail, and telephone. All proposed names were submitted to the Nebo School Board for consideration.

The name for the new Payson Elementary that will be located at approximately 1100 West and 1600 South in Payson is Black Hawk Elementary.

Springville Junior High’s journalism class presents to the Nebo School Board

Assistant Principal David Knudsen, Principal Darrel Rolfe, Journalism Teacher Tiffanie Miley
Students: Julie Barbosa, Hayde Blanco, Jacob DeRosia, Spencer Duncan, Kara Dunn, Andrew Garza, Kristi Hatch, Sarah Jensen, Jose Martinez, Kenia Martinez, Chelsea Ricks, Max Schreiner, Brooke Seaton, Jack Setzer, Jacob Simmons, Christopher Taylor, Katya Wagstaff, Cody Woolsey

Bonneville UniServ Honors Candi Bown, Audiologist for Nebo School District

Bonneville UniServ’s board member, Brent Gordon, honored Candi Bown, Nebo School District audiologist, for her service with Kids Cause during the February School Board meeting. Dr. Bown serves approximately 29,000 Nebo School District students. This includes 310 hearing impaired and all preschool students. She mainly works with the students that wear hearing aids and those with audio processing disorder. Dr. Bown is known across the state for educating parents and students alike about noise induced hearing loss.

Utah in Top Ten in Percentage of Students Passing AP Exams

Mark Peterson, Public Relations Director, Utah State Office of Education

SALT LAKE CITY - With nearly one out of five high school students earning
college credit by passing advanced placement (AP) tests, Utah ranked 10th in
the nation for percentage of public high school students passing AP exams in
2009, according to the 6th annual AP Report to the Nation released today by
the College Board.

Crystal Apple Award at Wilson Elementary

Who do our kids turn to when things are not right? Who is always there to
help through the tough situations that happen in some students lives? Who
is always willing to help any teacher in any way she can? Vicki Lyons -
that's who!

Sending a note to a loved one in heaven on a balloon, helping a child know
how to make friends, being DoSo the dolphin or helping overcome a child's
fears are just a
few of the things that our school counselor does.