Springville High Band Receives $10,000 Anonymous Donation - Answer to Wednesday's Challenge

Jordan Goff and Spencer Houck, SHS News Writers

On Thursday, September 22, Springville High band students and band director, Mr. Ben Major, had a huge surprise from Lana Hiskey, Nebo Education Foundation Director—a $10,000 anonymous cash donation to SHS band.

Major said, “All of the money will be spent for band related activities.  Most of the funds will be used to purchase pit equipment.”

Mt. Loafer Elementary Delights Nebo School Board - Answer to Wednesday's Challenge

Principal Blackhurst thanked the Board and Superintendent Nielsen for the opportunity to present. She said, “Mt. Loafer Elementary school is honored and excited to share with you how wonderful it is to be a Grizzly! Mt. Loafer Elementary is in its twenty-first year of academic excellence and most importantly a wonderful culture of student leaders and learners. Tonight, I have brought some of our most amazing, talented and driven students, teachers and parents with me to share how much we love our school. We will first hear from Nelson Barrett.

Nebo Teacher Honored at BYU vs Toledo Football Game

David Jex, Mapleton Junior, was honored at the BYU vs Toledo football game on Friday, September 30. David Jex teaches health, physical education, and weight training. He is the athletic director at Mapleton Junior and the on-site supervisor and Shadow Mountain. David spent countless hours this summer at Shadow Mountain making camp a positive experience for all 712 Nebo students who attended.