First Day of School Around Nebo School District - Answer to Where Are We Wednesday?

Congratulations to Karin Caswell for guessing last week's "Where Are We Wednesday?" sponsored by Wiggy Wash. 

Photos were taken around Nebo School District on the First Day of School including Mapleton Elementary, Cherry Creek Elementary and Springville High School. 


Thank you Spanish Fork City

Lana Hiskey

Nebo School District would like to personally thank all the Spanish Fork City employees and volunteers for their tireless work in putting out the transformer fire on Canyon Road in Spanish Fork. These employees and volunteers worked through the night and into the early morning hours to restore the power and Internet to our schools, homes, and community. 

What do educators do in the summer?

What do educators do in the summer? They take classes and learn all the latest techniques and technology to enthuse their students’ desire for learning.

Can you guess Nebo’s theme this year? 

If you guessed “Teach Like a Pirate!”, you are absolutely correct. 

Dave Burgess entertained over 3,600 educators in Nebo School District on how to “Teach Like a Pirate!” His energy was exploding as he taught PIRATE: Passion, Immersion, Rapport, Ask, Transformation, and Enthusiasm. Dave’s “hooks” also kept educators on the edge of their seats.