Nebo and Utah Public Schools Increase Participation in AP Exams


Nebo and Utah Public Schools Increase Participation in AP Exams

“Utah public students achieved a remarkable increases in the 2013 school year by increasing overall participation in Advanced Placement (AP) exams by more than 8 percent, increasing minority participation in those same exams between 11 and 23 percent, and increasing the overall success rate on the exams by more than 7 percent,” reported the Utah State Office of Education (USOE).

Athletes Volunteer to Read to Elementary Students


Answer to Wednesday's Challenge 09/25/2013

Maple Mountain High football players take time out of their busy schedule to volunteer their time and read to elementary students. They want the younger students to know how important it is to read well. Many, if not all, the athletes were asked for their autographs has they went into the various classrooms to read.

Congratulations to Billi Robbins, Teacher on Special Assignment at Mt. Nebo Junior, for guessing correctly. "Where are we Wednesday?" is sponsored by Wiggy Wash.

East Meadows Presents to Nebo School Board of Education

Answer to Wednesday's Challenge 9/18/13

East Meadows Elementary presented to Nebo School Board. Principal Dwight Liddiard said, “East Meadows is a great place with 812 super students, supportive patrons, and amazing staff that all work hard for our students.”

School Community Council member, Wendi Barton explained, “Our school Community Council meets on a monthly basis where we are kept up to date on school happenings. The council discusses issues and concerns in the community and work to create and approve plans.”                           

An All-American Salute to School Meals

Article by Grace Phelon, Photo by Dorie Thatcher

Nutrition is an important topic in current legislation and in our school district. With the start of school, we imagine you have noticed some changes to our menus. We hope to share some of these changes with you and how they help your children’s health.

The mission of Nebo District Food Services is to provide quality food served with warm hearts and happy faces. We do this by following national nutrition guidelines, training our staff on safety and service, and by doing our best to prepare healthy menus your children will love.

SHS FFA Presents to School Board


Answer to Wednesday’s Challenge 9/11/13

John DeGraffenried, Secondary Director, introduced the Future Farmers of America Club and advisor, Monica Giffing. He mentioned that Ms. Giffing was awarded the Outstanding Agricultural Teacher for Utah. Mr. DeGraffenried said, “Ms. Giffing is very deserving of this award. She has worked in this field for 20 years and works hard. She also loves the students.”

Nebo Employees' Wellness Healthy Lifestyle Challenge

Answer to Wednesday's Challenge 9/4/13

Gimme 5 ways to destress —Create 5 ways to destress.  You can pick coping strategies like meditation, relaxation, exercise, communication, hobbies, build relationships, good diet, or spiritual renewal. Follow at least one of these rules for one day for 20 days.

• November: Gimme 5 emotional eating replacements. Create 5 rules to avoid emotional eating.  Follow at least one of these rules for one day for 20 days.