Grant Information

Foundation's Giving Guidlines

  1. Nebo Foundation provides resources to enrich student learning including equipment and supplies.
  2. The funds and items purchased with foundation funds and matching funds need to stay in Nebo School District.
  3. A Line Item Budget is required: Total price amount of item, minus matching funds, final dollar amount you are asking from foundation.
  4. The donation should benefit as many students as possible.
  5. Nebo Foundation Board may consider just part of the proposal to fund.
  6. Nebo Foundation invests in long-lived, non-consumable items.
  7. Grants for consumables will NOT be honored.
  8. Grants for off-campus trips will NOT be honored.
  9. Grants for personal requests will NOT be honored.
  10. Priority will be given to requests that have matching funds.
  11. After receiving the grant, receipts need to be turned in to Nebo Foundation with explanation how this benefitted students.

Questions or Comments: Lana Hiskey 801.354.7400 or

Application Forms:

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