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Physics with Technology            1 credit          CTE                          86363/86364

Physics is the foundation on which all other sciences and technologies are built. This course follows the Utah State Core Curriculum for physics. Students will study the laws of motion, forces, energy and work, rotation and gravitation, heat, waves and sound, light electricity and magnetism and some modern physics such as relativity, atomic theory and quantum physics. Physics is an experimental science and the course emphasizes laboratory work and investigation. This class fills a science foundation or CTE credit. Pre-requisite: Algebra 1 Recommended: Algebra 2, could be taken the same year.

Pre-Engineering Technology            1 credit          CTE                          86342

Engineering scope, content, and professional practices are presented through practical applications. Students in engineering teams apply technology, science, and mathematics concepts and skills to solve engineering design problems and innovate designs. Students research, develop, test and analyze engineering designs using criteria such as design effectiveness, public safety, human factors, and ethics.


Engineering Design            1 credit          CTE                          86352

In the Engineering Design class students will study and learn the design process that is used by engineers.  They will also apply the process through the use of 3D modeling software. 


Materials and Processes            1 credit          CTE                          86382

In the Materials and Processes course students are introduced to different types of materials (e.g., iron, aluminum, plastic, composites, wood and laminates).  Students are also introduced to the different processes used with these materials.  As students study the different properties of these materials they will demonstrate the ability to use different materials and processes they have learned about to produce physical parts and products.