Due to the anticipated opening of the new Springville Junior High School, a boundary adjustment has been made in order to accommodate growth and help balance student populations beginning with the 2014-2015 school year. 

The following information is intended to provide information about the boundary adjustment and answer any questions that you might have relative to this change.

General Information


Q: Why was the Mapleton Junior and Springville Junior High School boundaries adjusted?

A: A boundary change was made because the opening of the new junior high school in Springville will accommodate more students than the current building.  Mapleton Junior High School is currently experiencing rapid growth and it is anticipated that a boundary adjustment will help level the enrollments at both schools.  Adjusting the enrollments at both schools will accommodate more growth and delay the need for new building construction.

Q: What factors are considered in establishing boundaries?

A: Many factors are considered, including, but not limited to, feedback from parents, students, and the community; long-term implications; natural boundaries; feasibility and functionality; student safety; cost; potential growth; and student enrollment numbers over time.

Q: Where is the area that was adjusted?

A: Beginning at 400 East and 800 South in Springville, proceed east on 800 South, (which turns into 900 South), to 1350 East.  Turn north at 1350 East to Canyon Drive, then proceed east to 1700 East, then south to the Springville/Mapleton City border.   Going west, follow the city boundary to US 89, then north to 400 East, continuing north to the beginning at 800 South.

For clarification, a detailed boundary map and a Question and Answer page can be found on our website at www.nebo.edu. Your local school principal also has boundary information and is willing to answer any questions that you might have.

Q: What does this mean to students living in that area?

A: Beginning this fall (2014-2015), students living in this area will be asked to transition to Springville Junior High School.

Q: When will the new boundaries go in to effect?

A: Fall of 2014

Q: Did the Board make any exceptions for students that have been attending Mapleton Junior High School prior to the adjustment?

A: In considering the input of parents and students in making this boundary decision, the Board is offering to “grandfather” current eighth-grade students to stay at their current school (MJHS) throughout the remainder of their ninth-grade year.  If your student is affected by the boundary change and you are interested in this option, please complete an “Open Enrollment” application stating the reason for your request before the February 21st deadline.  The Open Enrollment application is available on our website, www.nebo.edu

Q: My student does not qualify for the exception mentioned above, yet I would still like him/her to attend another school.  How do I do this?

A: Under the Utah Open Enrollment law, students may attend schools other than their boundary school if there is room at the school they wish to attend.  You may apply for attending school in another area through a process called “Open Enrollment.”  Open Enrollment applications will be accepted during the Open Enrollment window, which runs from December 1, 2013 to February 21, 2014.  Students who wish to apply for an Open Enrollment application should review important information available on Nebo School District’s website: www.nebo.edu

Q: I still have questions that are not answered here.  Who should I talk to?

A: Your local school principal is the best person to visit with regarding the boundary adjustment.   Each school principal was involved in the boundary adjustment process and is very knowledgeable about the issues relating to the adjustment.  School principals are also very experienced in Open Enrollment.  Each principal has stressed that they are happy to answer any questions their parents and students may have regarding the boundary adjustment or Open Enrollment.