Getting Started

Locate at least one Student ID

You can find a Student ID in the following places:
(may be referred to as Student Number)

  • Reports
    • Report Card
    • Transcript
    • Progress Report
  • Ask Your Student
    • Student Body Card
    • Lunch Number
    • Computer Login
  • Visit the School

Create a Parent Account

  1. From the SIS Login Page
  2. Click "request a username"

  3. Enter both the Student ID and Birth date of one of your students
    Date of Birth: MM/DD/YYYY
  4. Click "Lookup Student"

  5. Confirm you have selected the correct student
  6. Check box to certify your authorization
  7. Select the Contact for which you are creating the account
  8. Choose a Username
    Username must be unique
  9. Choose a Password, Type it again to confirm it.
    Password must be at least 8 characters long, and contain at least 1 letter, and at least 1 number.
  10. Click "Create Account"

  11. Now log in using the Username and Password you just created.

Help Students with Passwords

  1. Go to the Parent Home Page...
  2. Click on "Change a Child's Password"

  3. Authenticate using your Aspire SIS Username and Password

  4. Select a student.

    You may only change a password for students for which you are the Custodial Contact

  5. Enter a new password.
  6. Retype the new password.