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Animal Science Has Special Visitors

Fri, 04/20/2018 - 3:34pm
Attributions: By Chaleesa Warren
(more pictures available)

Animal Science classes got to learn about the importance of therapy animals. Mini horses can be therapy animals with lots and lots of training. Ever After Mini's brought two of their therapy horses to class today.  Students learned about care and training of a therapy horse, they learned about horse behavior and benefits of a therapy animal.  Horses are for people with memory loss.  Often times people make connections with them if they have ever owned a horse before. They cannot be ridden because of their size.  They are only about 120 lbs.  When they are born they are so small you can pick them up and hold them. The presenters told us their favorite part of their job is walking into places and seeing peoples reaction to a horse in a building. 

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Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

Thu, 04/19/2018 - 8:08am
Attributions: By Ryan Rawe

Mrs. Brockbank’s class was assigned to make a project that represented a book that they liked. Some of the ideas for projects consisted of comic strips, stories, a coat of arms, and more. These projects were meant to represent either the main characters in a book, or something like a big event that happened in a book, or just to give a short summary to get people hooked on a good book. The projects were a lot of fun and everyone enjoyed being creative and working on a fun project.

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SF FFA Competes in State Contest

Thu, 04/19/2018 - 8:05am
Attributions: By Chaleesa Warren
(more pictures available)

Congratulations to FFA students who competed this week in Logan!
1st Place Meats Team 
 Brayden Banks, Kalley Stubbs & Katelyn Beckstead 

2nd place Food Science Team 
Easton Redd, Kael Jensen, Wade Coombs & Gavin Woodhouse 

Veterinary Science Team 
Alanah Maltsbarger, Gavin Swan, Noah Runolfson & Rochelle Christensen 

Agriculture Sales Team 
Kaylee Jarvis, Ethan VanHoene, Kacie Jones & Kyle Clark

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April Students of the Month

Wed, 04/18/2018 - 10:50am
(more pictures available)

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Lobo Update 4/16/2018

Mon, 04/16/2018 - 3:42pm

Dear Parents, Students, and Friends,


On Saturday, the students who love theatre have a chance to participate in the annual Nebo Jr. Theatre Festival. It's an all day experience for the students to get to know those from other schools, perform, and participate in theatre workshops. If your student would like to participate, $15 needs to be paid in the front office and a permission form (found in Miss Holley's room) needs to be signed and turned in by Wednesday, April 18th. This is open to all students whether they're in drama classes or not.


Are you a poet but don’t know it? ...or maybe you do!  Either way, be sure to sign up to audition for this year’s poetry slam!  Everyone who signs up will be eligible to go on a field trip April 24th to hear famous poet and slammer, Sarah Kay, at UVU!  Plus, if you are selected to represent our school in the district slam, there are prizes and fame to be had. Auditions will be held in two weeks, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, April 25th, 26th, and 27th during Pack Time in Mrs. Thompson’s room.  We won’t be having our usual school poetry slam as originally scheduled, so bring your best poem and be ready to slam it during Pack Time--minus the bright lights and scary audience! Sign up for the slam and the field trip just outside Mr. Anson’s room #3 and be sure to ask your English teacher for more details.


Thank you teachers, staff, students, and parents for participating in our March Madness PTA fundraiser! We appreciate your time and donations.  Part of the money we raised will be given as a grant to the school to help purchase virtual reality equipment for your student to use in the science dept. The rest of the funds will be used for the PTA programs at our school (Reflections, Book Fair, Teacher Appreciation, etc.)  Thanks so much for your support!


Apr 16th-18th: Spikeball Intramurals 7:30

Apr 18th:  Native Club 9:30

Apr 19th: Great Utah Shakeout (drill), Spanish 2 Field Trip 8:00, Hope Squad 10:00

Apr 20th:  MIDTERM, Track @ SHS 2:00, Rock Project NJHS 3:00 (SEE MR. LAWRENCE if you want to volunteer)


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Another Spanish Fork Junior Student Gets Published

Mon, 04/16/2018 - 6:00am

Emily Wessman is a writer. When she heard about the opportunity to submit a poem to UVU's Write Outside Yourself Journal, she submitted a poem called "Illuminate the Forgotten." This beautifully written poem met the criteria of "Tales Throughout TIme," "exploring or reinventing different eras in history or presenting possible futures."

 Emily's poem was one of only two accepted for publication. Middle and high school students from across the state of Utah were all invited to submit, so this is a great honor for Emily to have her poem selected to be published.  

Emily will be honored at a launch party this summer, and her poem will be published in Volume V of the print and online journal. You don't have to wait for the published version, however. Simply ask, and Emily will be happy to let you read her poem. Congratulations, Emily, and keep on writing!

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Sat, 04/14/2018 - 9:27am
Attributions: by Isaac Bryson
(more pictures available)

Mrs. Kelly’s FACS students were given an opportunity in their child development unit to see preschoolers learn. She separated them into seven groups. Each group was then assigned a topic that corresponded with the things they were learning about; the activity they planned was based on that topic. The greeting group made bunny shaped name tags. The large motor group’s activity was a bean bag toss. The small motor group let the preschoolers play with Play Dough. The snack group made little crabs with crackers, pretzel sticks, and cheese. The reading group had the kids sit down and listen to “If you Bring a Pig to a Party” and “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?” The math and science group enjoyed helping the preschoolers make oblik. The art group set up pictures of flowers, bunnies, and cats for them to enjoy painting. Mrs. Kelly taught the kids the song “Five Little-Speckled Frogs.” The last activity that the preschoolers did before they left was a freeze dance.

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Strawberry DNA

Sat, 04/14/2018 - 9:21am
Attributions: By Grace Forbush

On April 13 Ms. Warren’s class looked at strawberry DNA. It was a part of learning about Watson and Crick and their discovery of DNA. We learned why it would be important to know this in agriculture, specifically when we were learning about plant, animal, and soil scientists. “It was so cool! I loved being able to see the DNA strands,” a student said. Others agreed that the DNA strands were interesting and fun to see. “It was interesting with a strawberry. What do you think would happen if I tried this with an orange!” a student mentioned.

“The experiment was fun, and I got a bracelet out of it!” a student said. I think the whole class could conclude that it was a fun day in CTE.

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Squid Dissection

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 12:15pm
Attributions: By Andrew Bernards
(more pictures available)

Students in Mr. Whiting’s science class watched as he dissected squids to learn about the different cool adaptations and traits that the octopus has. They also learned some of the anatomy of the octopus. Mr. Whiting showed students some of the external anatomy, like the eyes, and he told us about the chromatophores which are things on the skin that make it so the squid can camouflage. Then he cut the squid open with some suture scissors. He showed students things like the gills, ink sack, and the squid pen which gives support to the squid. It was interesting and fun.

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SfJH Student Gets Published!

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 9:08am

Sam Whitaker, an aspiring writer here at Spanish Fork Jr. High, was delighted when his submission was accepted for publication in one of our local newspapers. Congratulations, Sam!

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Poetry Slam!

Wed, 04/11/2018 - 3:17pm

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BYU Science Fair

Fri, 03/30/2018 - 10:39am
Attributions: by Nate Bartholomew
(more pictures available)

On March 29th, twenty-one SFJH 8th graders participated in the state science fair at BYU.  These students had previously competed at the school and district levels and were finalists at both levels.

In the best showing in recent memory, 10 of the 21 students placed in their categories.  Third place finishers in their categories were: Hailey Campbell, Laney Hicks, and Rylei Voorhees.  Second place finishers in their categories were: Joseph Boyack, Wesley Campbell, Ashley Olsen, Ellie Maughan, Cheyenne Terry, and Gwen Beagley.  First place finisher and Junior Division Grand Champion was Jesse Shephard. Additionally, Broadcom Masters award winners (opportunity to compete at the national level) were Joseph Boyack, Ellie Maughan, Ashely Olsen, Cheyenne Terry, Gwen Beagley, Wesley Campbell, and Jesse Shephard. Ashley Olsen also won the World Food Special Award.   Great job Lobos!  Please congratulate these students if you see them today!

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Kindness Week

Tue, 03/27/2018 - 12:17pm
Attributions: Story by Mrs. Jaime Dannelly, Photos by SFJHS Teachers, Video by Mr. David Thacker

A new tradition was started at SFJHS this year by the student council. We celebrated the first annual Kindness Week. There has been so much going on in our world lately, and it is scary to think about what kids these days go through as they grow up. The best way to combat these types of events is to show kindness, acceptance, and love to our peers every day. We all have strengths and gifts to share, and that is what Kindness Week is all about.

On Tuesday, students wrote kindness notes and were challenged to walk up to someone, whether they knew that person or not, and give them a note. After pack time, the halls were full of smiling and laughing kids.

Wednesday was all about showing kindness to ourselves. The students created a paper chain which was full of statements about their strengths and amazing talents. It was kind of awkward at first because students didn't want to brag. But once they started, many students ended up doing way more than they were asked to. It was awesome to see kids light up as they realized they are special and unique individuals. The chain was hung up around the outside halls of the school to remind students about how special they really are.

Thursday was Compliment Day and students watched some funny videos about the importance of giving, but also receiving compliments. After that, brave students, and a few teachers, stood in front of white boards while others wrote good things about that person. When students could see what others wrote about them and see how others view them, their faces broke into grins and laughter.

Friday was the day to say thank you to those who may not always get the recognition they deserve. Classes talked about the importance of recognizing people for their hard work and showing our appreciation and gratitude. Each class made posters for the different faculty members in the school to let them know that we are grateful for their hard work every day.

We want to thank the counselors, the student council advisors, and the faculty for teaching the pack time lessons. And of course the students for their participation. Last week really was special, and we hope that a difference was made, even if it was small. One student admitted to their teacher "I just feel so good this week. I can't remember being this happy for a long time." And that's what it is all about.

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Lobo Update 3/26/2018

Mon, 03/26/2018 - 2:27pm


Last week we celebrated kindness at SFJHS. Each day during Pack Time every student in every class learned about being kind to themselves and to others. Students watched short videos that included affirmations of the good within and how they can affect others. Many times we push away the good thoughts and focus on the bad. We need and we crave positive, constructive connections. A caring school environment can create these connections between friends, classmates, teachers, and others. When we have a place to belong and a place to look outside of ourselves for support, we make meaningful connections. When we live the values included in the Lobo Way (Strengthen the Pack, Learn to Learn with Passion, Forgive and Accept, and Find My Voice), we make meaningful connections. When we give away affirmations to others – like telling someone they did a great job, or thanking someone for their help – we strengthen ourselves and others. We build community, and we grow together. Our hope for this email message is that you will click on the video links below and watch or re-watch the messages our entire school experienced. Talk about them. Share affirmations. Spread kindness. Change the world for the better.   Monday: The Butterfly Effect Tuesday: You Are Awesome Pep Talk Video Wednesday: "I am..." Paper Chain Surrounds School Video Thursday: Validation Video and Compliments Video   TERM 3 BY THE NUMBERS 876 students earned a spot on the Honor Roll 413 students with a perfect 4.0 325 students with High Honors (3.7-3.99) 138 students with Honors (3.5-3.7)   UVU SUMMER READING SKILLS PROGRAM UVU is offering a summer reading skills program. Students will learn the best way to take notes, study for tests, and read fiction, non-fiction, and textbooks. For more information or to register call 1-800-978-9596 or visit   CALENDAR Mar 26th: High School Musical 7:00 (final Performance) Mar 27th-29th: Pickleball Intramurals 7:30am Mar 28th: Captain’s Academy 8:00, PE-Bowling Field trip 9:00 Mar 29th: Antelope Island Field Trip 8:00, District Band Festival 9:00 Mar 30th: Basketball Intramurals 6:00am, CCA classes Wild Wonders Assembly (1st-4th Period)
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High School Musical - FRIDAY AND MONDAY

Fri, 03/23/2018 - 3:24pm

Only two days left to see SFJHS' fabulous production of "High School Musical"! 






Come support the school and the arts!

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Lagoon Education Foundation Fundraiser

Fri, 03/23/2018 - 9:26am

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Orchestra Festival

Wed, 03/21/2018 - 12:45pm

Our orchestra is participating in a festival today that will be live streamed on YouTube. Spanish Fork Junior is scheduled to perform at 4 PM. If you would like to watch the link is

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SFJH Earns an Energy Star Certification from the EPA

Wed, 03/21/2018 - 8:20am
Attributions: by Rillene Nielsen

Spanish Fork Junior High was recently notified it had earned an Energy Star from the Environmental Protection Agency. Our building is now listed in their special registry.

In order to earn an Energy Star Certification, a building must score 75 or higher based on certain criteria. According to the EPA’s webpage, “A score of 50 represents median energy performance, while a score of 75 or better indicates your building is a top performer — and may be eligible for ENERGY STAR certification.” Organizations, like schools, can earn this distinction “by reducing energy use through voluntary action, thus helping to decrease emissions of associated pollutants and their corresponding negative health and environmental impacts, such as those related to ozone, fine particles, acid rain, and regional haze.” Because we have been vigilant in our efforts to conserve energy, we were able to earn a top score.

SFJH Lobos believes we have a responsibility strengthen the community—our pack. Saving energy is a great way to live the Lobo way.

To find out more about the Energy Star certification, go to

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NJHS Membership Swells With Fifty-two Inductees

Tue, 03/20/2018 - 6:04am
Attributions: by Jonathan Lawrence pictures by Alesha LeMmon

On Thursday, March 15th, Spanish Fork Jr. High's National Junior Honor Society chapter conducted a mega-induction with 52 new inductees.

It was a great event with the student officers conducting the induction. The officers discussed the 5 Pillars of NJHS and Mrs. LeMmon discussed The Lobo Way.

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Lobo Update 3/19/2018

Mon, 03/19/2018 - 1:55pm


 In an effort to show and encourage kindness at SFJHS, the student council and counselors have put together Kindness Week. Special pack time lessons will be given with activities that will promote kindness throughout out our school. We want to show the world how amazing the students at Spanish Fork Junior are and what it means to live the Lobo Way! 

  • Tuesday: Walk Up Day-Walk up to someone who needs a friend
  • Wednesday: Be Kind to Yourself Day-Focus on how awesome you are
  • Thursday: Compliment Day-Compliment those around you
  • Friday: Thank You Day-Appreciation is the best motivation


 The Accuplacer test will be administered in the library on Wednesday, March 21 and Thursday, March 22nd. A $15 dollar fee will need to be paid to Mrs. Hall in the office before you take the test. Your receipt will be your ticket to take the test. This test is for 9th graders who would like to be considered for concurrent enrollment classes at SFHS. 


 It's time for our March Madness PTA Fundraiser. Your student will be bringing home a donation envelope on Monday, March 19th. Please think about donating to your school. Read the envelope- it's funny! All money will be used for PTA programs that benefit your student including a grant to the school for technology. The envelopes need to be signed, whether you donate or not, and sent back to the school by Friday, March 23rd. Prize drawings will happen each morning from the turned in envelopes. We will also be giving prizes to the FIRST class with 100% turned in and to the class with the next highest percentage turned in. Thanks for your support!


 If you are interested in trying out for the 2018-2019 Spanish Fork Drill Team there is a mandatory parent meeting on Monday, March 19 in the Choir Room. Tryout clinics will be held the 20-22 from 6-7:30am and tryouts will be on Thursday, March 22 beginning at 3:30. Physical must be complete by March 20th. Applications and Physical forms are available in the front office.


  • March 19 Term 4 Begins
  • Mar 19-23 Kindness Week (counselors and student council will be in charge of Kindness Week)
  • March 20 Utah State Orchestra Festival
  • March 23 Basketball Intramurals 6:00am, Natural History Museum Field Trip 9:00am
  • March 21-26 Drama: High School Musical (WE-TH-FR-SA-MO)
  • March 27-29 Pickleball Intramurals 7:30am
  • April 2-6 Spring Break


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