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Valentine Class Party

Wed, 02/14/2018 - 2:49pm
(more pictures available)

Happy Valentines Day! A big thank you to all the parents who came and helped with their student's class party. Thank you for all you do for the school, way to go lions!

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Nebo Stakeholder Survey 2017-2018

Wed, 02/14/2018 - 12:52pm

Nebo School District is always trying to improve communication and responsiveness to our stakeholders. To that end, we invite students, parents and teachers to give feedback on teachers and administrators in Nebo District schools.  A link to the Nebo Stakeholder Survey 2017-2018 will be found on the Nebo home page at beginning Wednesday, February 7 and remaining open until Wednesday, February 21, 2018, where Nebo District stakeholders will be able to share their thoughts and experiences. (Parents and employees will be emailed a link to help them gain access, while students will be shown the link in their computer labs.)

The purpose of the Nebo Stakeholder Survey is to help us improve instruction and to keep our finger on the pulse of our patrons. For feedback to be most useful, we suggest being polite even when sharing intensely positive or negative feelings, sharing specific experiences that illustrate your ratings, and using appropriate language in all circumstances.

Thank you for your helpful feedback.

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Pawkemon Winner February 7

Tue, 02/13/2018 - 4:19pm

Way to synergize Lions! They worked together to find last weeks Pawkemon in the hallway. Great job!

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Pawkemon Winner January 31st

Tue, 02/13/2018 - 3:42pm

Great job Ahloa Watkins for finding the Pawkemon! Way to go Lion!

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Chess Club

Tue, 02/13/2018 - 3:23pm

Morning chess club is a huge hit with our wilson lions! All grades love showing their skills and learning new ones. Way to go Lions! Thank you Mr. Hansen and Mr. Rawlings for all you do for our students.

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White Ribbon Week

Tue, 02/13/2018 - 3:19pm
(more pictures available)

Last week students participated in many activities for White Ribbon week. Each day at lunch they were able to make decorations that went up in the hallways. Thanks to our PTA for all they do, this white ribbon week was awesome! 

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Habit 4 Think Win-Win

Tue, 02/13/2018 - 11:54am

Our 7 Habits focus for February is Habit 4 Think Win-Win

Everyone can win! I can balance courage for getting what I want with consideration for what others want. When conflicts arise, I look for third alternatives.

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Outstanding Classified Employee Award 2017/2018

Tue, 01/23/2018 - 8:45am
Attributions: Mrs. Terry

Outstanding Classified Employee Award

Loura Martin


Loura Martin is an amazing classified employee. She keeps our office running smoothly and is the heart of our school. We could list a thousand things about her, but here are the top 10:


  1. She is kind and sincere.

  2. Everyone who walks into the office is greeted with a warm smile and kind word.

  3. She is pleasant even when asked the same question repeatedly - by the kids, or for a last minute P.O., or what time the bell rings, or...

  4. She is willing to do anything. She takes on additional tasks.

  5. She sees the good in our students, their parents, and the faculty.

  6. She puts in a lot of extra time and never complains.

  7. She loves working with the students.

  8. She is a master juggler who handles everything that we throw at her.

  9. She has never said an unkind word about anyone.

  10. She is organized! She keeps the office clean and sanitary. We all appreciate that!


We are so lucky to have Loura at our school and know that she is an important part of our school running well! We love Loura!!!

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Pawkemon Winner January 17th

Tue, 01/23/2018 - 8:42am

Evie Bishop found last week's Pawkemon, way to go Lion! What great observation skills. #Wilsonlions #ROAR

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Get Away Today Magazine

Tue, 01/23/2018 - 8:39am
Attributions: Nebo School District

Watch for your new Get Away Today magazine to come home with your student soon. It is filled with travel specials for your family including Adults at Kids’ Prices at the Disneyland Resort for travel in January, February and May 2018! Plus, you can still get 2018 tickets at 2017 prices before they go up! Get the details at Remember, with every vacation purchased Get Away Today will donate back to Nebo Education Foundation. #focusonstudents #nebohero #studentsuccess#empowerstudents #engagestudents

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Mental Health Parent Awareness Nights

Tue, 01/23/2018 - 8:38am
Attributions: Nebo School District

Nebo School District will be hosting a series of Parent Awareness Nights. The topics of discussion will include mental health and safety planning with youth. Several community service providers will be present to answer question and help individuals to access services. See the event flyer for more information.


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Pawkemon Winner January 10th

Tue, 01/16/2018 - 2:09pm
Attributions: Mr. Rawlings

Southern Drage found last week's Pawkemon, way to go Lion! 

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Pawkemon Winner January 3rd

Wed, 01/10/2018 - 1:29pm

Congradulation's to Brielle Kilpatrick for finding the First Pawkemon of the new year! Way to go Lions!

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Habit 3 Put First Things First

Thu, 01/04/2018 - 9:49am

Our 7 Habits focus for January is #3: “Put First Things First.”

Students who Puts First Things First: Spend time on things that are most important. Say no to things they should not do. Set priorities, make a schedule, and follow a plan. Are disciplined and organized.

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January Newsletter 2018

Thu, 01/04/2018 - 9:47am
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January Parent Teacher Conference

Wed, 01/03/2018 - 2:34pm
Attributions: Thurday, January 11th 2018

Thursday, January 11th, from 3:00-9:00pm, is SEP Conference night! We are looking forward to talking with you about your child, celebrating their accomplishments, and making goals to help them progress. Please sign up for a time withthe link below to meet with your child's teacher. We can't wait to see you!


 SEP Conference Sign-up Sheet


 *Note: If you would like to sign up via a mobile device, you cannot edit it without the Google Sheets app (which is a free download).

1. Click on the Google Doc link.

2. In the top right corner is an edit button (looks like a pencil). Click on it.

3. A message will pop up with a button that says "USE THE APP." Click on it, and it will take you directly to the Google Sheets app at the app store.

4. Download the app. Once that is done, you can edit the Google Doc.


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