Article: Get rid of your seventh grade fear

Springville Junior High School News - Sat, 10/14/2017 - 7:19pm
Attributions: Article by Leslie Ruiz - SJHS Student Staff Writer

For those of you that are in seventh grade it can be a little hard to deal with this new school year. It’s a new school, new people, new staff, and pretty much a new kind of lifestyle. A lot of you are probably feeling a bit overwhelmed and scared, but you just remember one thing. We all went through seventh grade. Your teachers, your ‘cool’ older siblings, everyone went through the horror that is seventh grade.  

  Jr. high throws a lot of new things at you on the first day. You’ve got classes, lockers, teachers, classmates, and all this new  social stuff you’ve got to deal with since you count as a teen now. You want to live a little, too.  It’s not the easiest thing to deal with, but just remember Ellie Taylor’s wise words,” Don’t think it will be bad.” Your attitude can affect how you feel about your time in Jr. high, so try to keep a positive, open outlook on school.

A few ways you can get rid of stress from your classes are very simple. First and foremost, pay attention in your classes. There is a reason why your teacher is talking. Also do your assignments on time, try your best and please don’t cheat. Teachers would rather have you make mistakes and learn than giving you a good grade because you cheated. They can also tell if your cheating which will get you in even more trouble. SJHS has wonderful teachers that are willing to help you learn. Teachers respect you so you have to respect them too. Try to stay quiet during lessons and do your assignments when you are told. You’re teens now not little kids, it’s time to start acting like it.  

Lockers are also an issue for you guys. One day you were probably trying to open your locker to put your stuff in it and get out what you need for your next class. You were trying and trying, but it just didn’t wanna budge. You’re starting to freak out a little because you don’t want to be late. Plus your precious phone is in that locker! What if you could never get it out!? This situation won’t last forever. Give it another month tops of opening it and you’ll be able to do it in your sleep. Also don’t flip anyones locker, that’s just a jerk move right there.

Now onto your greatest trial of Jr. high, classmates and friends(DUN, DUN,DUN).You’ve got a lot of classmates this year. It would be a good idea to learn people’s names now that it wouldn’t be too awkward to ask. Half way through the year is not a good time, just trust me on this one. Try not to exclude people and if you’re paired with someone you don’t know still try to work with them. If they don’t do anything then it’s on their conscious not yours. You tried they didn’t, sounds like a good day.  Many of you are able to make friends quite easily, but for others it can feel like the Hunger Games(Please don’t treat school like the Hunger Games, a lot of us want to live).  Get out there and don’t be afraid to meet new people, but remember that you don’t need thousands of friends. If you have one friend that would help you with any problem then it’s enough. Quality is more important that quantity.

Finally, to finish off this article, a few words of encouragement from your upper classmates.   “There is nothing to be scared of,” Kelin Salmeron. “...Be yourself, don’t doubt your abilities,” Ellie Taylor. “Always try your best, never give up,” Dulce Tenorio. Remember to have fun this year seventh graders.

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Article: Cross Country

Springville Junior High School News - Sat, 10/14/2017 - 7:17pm
Attributions: Article by Kekoa Akiona - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Are you board at home every day after school because your friends are doing things? Is there a school sport that you could play? A sport that is fun, you can make friends, and succeed in running. A sport that you can make friends in and hang out with for hours. A sport that will make you feel good in the long run. Your answer is cross country. At Sjhs we are doing Cross Country.

Cross country is a fun sport, that you can improve your running, stamina, and your athletic ability.  Cross country is all about getting in shape, hanging out with friends,making new friends, and having a fun time. Every Friday the cross country team has meets. The girls run first and then the boys run, there is only one race, and this is the half mile run.  On friday the 15th the Cross Country team had their first meet. The coaches this year, are Mr Hammon, the health teacher, and Mr. McKell, the geography/ world civilizations. Every Monday through Thursday  the Cross Country team practices. They practice from 3oclock  to 4oclock. They run a few miles every day.

Colton Balanga, an 8th grade boy, is on the cross country team. He really likes being on the team, and has been running on the cross country team for two years now. He likes running because it keeps him in shape and increases his stamina. He likes to play basketball to and cross country helps him to be able to run back and forth on the court. “I think cross country is beneficial because i’m able to keep my stamina high and I feel great after runs.” he said. He thinks that through cross country he won’t only get physically stronger, but mentally strong as well. Because when you are at the end of the race and your legs are tired you have to tell yourself that you can do this.

Through cross country you can make friends, increase your stamina, be mentally strong, and physically strong. Would you do cross country?

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Article: Changes in the Library

Springville Junior High School News - Sat, 10/14/2017 - 7:14pm
Attributions: Article by Karly Bracken - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Do you have a library pass? According to the students, it’s the thing to have at SJHS. The library has so many changes recently and for the most part, everybody has been happy with them.

Library passes are something that you can get from Mr. Brimhall, the librarian. Sydney Averett, an eighth grader at Springville Junior High School, has a library pass and likes it a lot.  She said, “I like having the pass because I get to be with my friends in the library, and also because it’s not crazy like it is in the commons.” So as you can see, if you have a pass then you can chill with your friends in a calmer environment.

The library also has student library workers who help check out people’s books. Makenley Gross, another eighth grader at SJHS, is a student worker in the library. To become a worker, you ask your specific grade’s counselor if it would work with your schedule. Gross likes being a library worker, but she isn’t very fond of the library passes.  When asked if the library passes were liked, she replied with, “The library passes are okay, but It gets tiring of having to always open the door for people with passes.” And the other workers probably feel the same way.  

In conclusion, there are lots of changes in the school concerning the library. You can even get a library pass!  So are you going to get a library pass?

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Article: Chinese immersion: New to SJHS

Springville Junior High School News - Sat, 10/14/2017 - 6:58pm
Attributions: Article by Cheyenne Skinner - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Did you know that languages are easier when you learn them as a child? That’s why the Chinese immersion is so GREAT. The Chinese immersion started seven years ago. The students had one half of the day in chinese and the other half in English at Sage Creek. The students can not hear one word in english from their chinese teacher. Making it harder to understand what is going on, and easier to learn the chinese.

Here in the Jr. High it’s different- the students had a option of one period or two of chinese. In one of the classes they learn Chinese spelling and Chinese words. In the other class they learn Chinese culture and history. Mrs. George, the Chinese teacher from sage creek, said “ First graders don’t understand chinese that well seventh graders do!”. As the first graders go through the chinese immersion program they understand chinese more and more. Mrs. Distefano, SJHS counselor and mother of a 5th grade chinese student, said “It is amazing to go to parent-teacher conference and listen to her communicate with her teacher in chinese”.

The students of the chinese immersion program love learning chinese too! Kailey Neilson ,a chinese immersion student here at SJHS, said I “made good friends from it” Kailey also thought it was weird cause the time was way shorter, and another chinese immersion student  named Gibson Condie said “It’s fun I like it”. In response to, how is Jr. high different from Elementary school Chinese, the students thought it was way more challenging.  Which is good because that means they are making a lot of progress or should be in the future.

In the end with all the facts together the chinese immersion program sounds like the students are learning a lot and the parents are glad they are doing it. Hopefully the chinese immersion program will keep and being successful. The students think that it will go well. The chinese immersion program is very small so far because so far in the Jr. High it is only the seventh graders but when it is it will be fun for the whole school to have chinese students! 

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Teachers Get Pies in the Face

Westside Elementary News - Fri, 10/13/2017 - 4:00pm
(more pictures available)

On Friday the whole school gathered in an assembly to celebrate Westside's tremendous success in our fundraiser this year. Grades K - 4 met their goal, so one student from each of those classes was called up to put a pie in their teacher's face. Great job Westside kids, families and friends, and thank you so much for supporting our school!

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SJHS Students Pay It Forward with Pumpkins

Springville Junior High School News - Fri, 10/13/2017 - 3:16pm
Attributions: Meg Grierson - PTSA Public Relations
(more pictures available)

More than thirty students from Springville Junior High School volunteered at Jaker’s Pumpkin Patch on Tuesday, October 10th, harvesting gourds for a community service project. The students, who belonged to chapters of the PTSA, Student Council, and National Junior Honors Society, brought in almost two dozen wheelbarrows of produce. In gratitude for their service, Jaker’s awarded each student a pumpkin—not to keep for themselves, but to pass along to someone in need.

“This was a great way for the kids to learn to work, and also to pay it forward,” stated Tess Jones, PTSA President and organizer of the event. “They can donate their pumpkins to friends who are being bullied, struggling with financial issues, medical issues, or just in need of cheering up.”

Despite over an hour of hard labor, and the grime and battle scars to prove it, the students wore genuine smiles as they cut the gourds free, piled them into wheelbarrows, then carted them away. “It feels great when I help people lift their burdens,” said eighth-grader Ella Unguren. “I know that I’m making their life easier.”

Several of the participants’ younger siblings joined the SJHS crew. Among them were Brookside Elementary students Levi Palmer and Madoc Jones—both of whom have joined the junior high’s PTSA organization despite their younger age—indicating that the school should enjoy an even brighter future of community involvement and service.

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Brookside Elementary Praise Notes For October 9, 2017

Brookside Elementary News - Fri, 10/13/2017 - 10:08am
Attributions: Mrs. Dana Beckert

Brookside Elementary students have been busy collecting praise notes from their teachers since school began in August. This week has been no exception. Our students for this week were:

Karleigh Ellison who stayed on tast while doing her math, Lisset Mosqueda is always kind, quiet and works hard, Samantha Rigtrup is patient and persistant, Teagan Farrer is funny and makes the class laugh, Ace York stayed on task and did classwork, Maili Putra is kind to others and helped clean other students desks, Miles Anderson followed directions, stayed on task and is friendly, Ethan Dover stays busy when he finishes his work, McKenzie Cooper is always smiling, Casey Cottle always works hard, Henry Mangum always follows directions and is a good example, Anika Thompson listens for directions and works hard, Avery Glover always does her best. Thank you Daylight Donuts in Springville for the free donut coupon

#praiseworthy #brooksidetigers #tigerpride

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What is a Hero?

Sage Creek Elementary News - Fri, 10/13/2017 - 9:22am
(more pictures available)

Mrs. Taylor's 3rd grade class dressed up today to show Sage Creek what a hero looks like, and who their hero is. We had students dress up as superheroes, police officers, and several dressed up as their parents, and siblings. Great job Mrs. Taylor's class for showing who your heroes are!

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Hansen's Heroes

Sage Creek Elementary News - Fri, 10/13/2017 - 9:20am

This week is a very awesome week to be a Hansen Hero! We have been talking all week what it takes to be a hero for red ribbon week. Great Job to all of our Hansen's heroes!

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Thoughtful Thursday

Sage Creek Elementary News - Thu, 10/12/2017 - 10:23am

Mrs. Bingham's class took a few minutes out of their day to write small notes of kindness and gratitude to celebrate "Thoughtful Thursday". Keep it up Mrs. Bingham's class you will make the world a more "thoughtful" place!

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Kindergarten Has a Blast at Jaker's Pumpkin Patch!

Sage Creek Elementary News - Thu, 10/12/2017 - 8:38am
(more pictures available)

Our Sage Creek Kindergarten classes went to Jaker's Pumpkin Patch on October 11th. They went on a hayride, vistited the petting zoo, played in the corn and got lost in the maze! Every student got to bring home their very own pumpkin!

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Sage Creek Halloween Parade

Sage Creek Elementary News - Wed, 10/11/2017 - 4:49pm

Calling all ghosts and goblins!  Our Halloween parade will be Oct 31, 2:30 pm.  Our students will parade around the exterior of the building - all are welcome to gather along the parade route!  

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Attention Parent Volunteers - sign up to get notifications!

Sage Creek Elementary News - Wed, 10/11/2017 - 4:31pm

Our PTA room parents are now set up on the Remind app.  This is an opt-in app where you can follow a few simple steps to set up getting notified by text or email when room parents need volunteers or treats or any other misc needs in the classroom.  Whether you are in PTA or not, follow the simple steps in the attached link.  The first and most pressing item the classroom's head room parent will contact you about is the Halloween class party.  Get signed up soon!  Remind App Instructions


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Surprise Lunch Worker's Serve Students This Week At Brookside

Brookside Elementary News - Wed, 10/11/2017 - 12:01pm
Attributions: Mrs. Liz Porter
(more pictures available)

This week the students are being treated to a surprise. Their teachers are serving lunch in the lunch room and having a blast doing it. We love our regular lunch workers and appreciate all their hard work all year long!.This week is National School Lunch Week.

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Nebo Celebrates Our Business Partnerships

Art City Elementary News - Wed, 10/11/2017 - 10:24am

Art City Elementary recognized Rich Davis from Allstate at the Utah Valley Business and Education Partnership Breakfast on October 6, 2017 for his many donations which have helped upgrade classroom technology. Thank you!

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Parents-Please Make Sure You Are Reading Our Principal's Monday Message Every Week On The Website

Brookside Elementary News - Wed, 10/11/2017 - 10:19am
Attributions: Mrs. Liz Porter

October 9, 2017 Congratulations to Miss Bird’s class for bringing in the most Box Tops! They were given an Amazon gift card to buy something for their classroom. The PTA brought in $362.00 from the Box Top competition. Please keep saving your Box Tops. We will be having another competition soon and every little bit helps. If you log onto the Box Tops website,, there are coupons for participating products. Also, there is a Box Top app, 

which allows you to scan a product’s barcode and get double the earnings for the Box Top. Thank you for supporting this program.

We will be having the Reflections assembly Friday, October 13th at 2:00 pm.  You will be notified if your student’s entry has won in its category. Thank you for supporting this program and encouraging the arts.

The Halloween parade has been rescheduled for 2:30pm on October 31st. Our sixth grade classes will be performing “Thriller” at 2:15 with the parade starting immediately after. Please park in the school’s parking lot or on side streets. Please do not use Reams parking lot. Students will be allowed to wear masks during the parade, but they will not be able to wear them during school. In consideration of our younger students, please make sure costumes and masks are not gory.

This week is National School Lunch WeekWe appreciate our lunch staff and all they do for our students every day!

Have a great week!

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Walk/Bike to School Day

Sage Creek Elementary News - Wed, 10/11/2017 - 9:09am
(more pictures available)

This morning was a great success. There were several students walking and biking to school to show everyone how they can stay healthy during Red Ribbon Week. Sage Creek also had some very special guests greet students at school today! We had the amazing heroes of our Fire Department and Ambulance team. Springville Cheerleaders showing their school spirit with smiles and jump roping with students, and BYU's very own Cosmo was here jump roping and dancing with students to get them pumped up for Red Ribbon Week!

A big thanks to Mrs. Richards for getting everything set up for us! It was such a fun morning!

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Red Devils hand Skyridge their first loss of the season

Springville High School News - Tue, 10/10/2017 - 12:39pm
Attributions: photos by Mark Spencer
(more pictures available)

On Friday, October 6, Springville’s Red Devils traveled to Lehi to meet the undefeated Skyridge Falcons on their gridiron ending in a big Red Devil region and road win, 19-10. 

The Red Devils remained scoreless until the second half, but found their stride in the third quarter where they rallied for 13 points to take the lead and secure the victory. Quarterback Ty Eriksson rushed for a score and then connected with Trae Hillstead and Jaeden Church for two TD passes in the win.

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Sage Creek Elementary News - Tue, 10/10/2017 - 12:37pm
(more pictures available)

We are so excited for Reflections! Students in the past have blown judges with their creativity! This year is going to be no different! Please turn your reflections in by October 24th!  

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The Power of Yet (Darroll Young comes to Sage Creek)

Sage Creek Elementary News - Tue, 10/10/2017 - 12:35pm
(more pictures available)

Author Darroll Young was a fabulous guest here at Sage Creek. He discussed the importance of being a hero, and how you can be a hero. Students laughed, asked questions and participated in an amazing assembly all about the power that each and every one of us possesses.

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