Spring Lake Elementary News - Thu, 03/01/2018 - 7:33pm

Mrs. Miller’s class learning a jig with Laura Brockbank.

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First Grade Animal Reports

Spring Lake Elementary News - Thu, 03/01/2018 - 3:50pm
Attributions: Mrs. Ware
(more pictures available)

Mrs. Ware's class learned about animal classifications and adaptations. In January, the class also did animal reports as part of their homework. 

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Respect the Pride

Payson High School News - Thu, 03/01/2018 - 10:08am
Attributions: By: Michelle Rushton and Briton Wilson of Lion's Roar

Other schools in our district have taken to calling us trash, talking garbage on us, and just all around not really liking us. However, sometimes at our lowest points, we also think that we are nothing special. In order for other schools to even think about respecting us, we need to start having respect for ourselves. If we respect ourselves than others will respect us too. We need to keep having positive thoughts, and just take in all of the negative comments and throw them in the actual trash.

From the article The True Meaning Of Self Respect by Amanda Mina she stated, “Self-respect is about having a sense of honor and dignity about yourself, your choices, and your life.” Max Bennion explained how when he talks to his friends at Salem they can be kind of condescending right in the beginning of any conversation, they are always surprised to hear that students actually like attending Payson High School. In a post on Instagram Max stated, “The PHS student section will always amaze me. People say: ‘Payson never wins,’ as if that’s a bad thing? No. Every single game, we are a full student section that stands until the very last second of the very last quarter. We never stop coming back, and we never stop cheering. Being unstoppable isn’t about winning, it’s about never stopping no matter what.” Yes, Payson High School doesn’t win every game, but that is why our student section is so amazing. Because no matter if we win or lose, we are always there to supporting our fellow lions.

Never judge a book by its cover. People judge Payson on whether our football team wins or loses. Bridger Kilmer, a senior at Payson High School, loves PHS, he had this to say about why other people don’t like our school, “they had an experience with a person from Payson that they thought the person was trash and they judged the whole school on one person.” You can’t judge a school based off of one person, or how good we are at certain things.

When asked the question how having pride at Payson helps them battle and show others their pride, Bennion expressed, “If you are constantly saying Payson sucks, the other schools are like, yeah, and they can kind of get a higher edge up on that. When you have pride at Payson it kind of builds a shield around the school, and allows others to have pride. So pride is self sufficient, if you have it.“ Standing up for what you love gives you a sense of pride, that can be found nowhere else except for inside yourself. “Self-respect is about having the courage to stand up for yourself when you are being treated in a manner that is less than what you deserve.” said Amanda Mina from the article The True Meaning Of Self Respect. Here at PHS we deserve as much respect as any other school.

There is no denying that a lot of people do not like Payson High School. The question is, how are we going to change that? When you’re out and about, wear your Payson attire with Pride, if you hear someone disrespecting Payson, shut it down and stand up for your school. If we want other schools to respect us, then we need to start by respecting ourselves.

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PJHS Track and Field

Payson Junior High School News - Thu, 03/01/2018 - 8:05am

Track and Field is here! All levels of athlete ability are needed. Great for cross-training for other sports. Parent/athlete meeting Friday, March 2, after school in the PJHS library. Practice starts Tuesday, March 6. Talk to Mrs. Bragg or Mr. Ward with questions.

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Ground Hog Day

Spring Lake Elementary News - Wed, 02/28/2018 - 9:31pm
Attributions: Mrs. Ware
(more pictures available)

Mrs. Ware's first grade class learned all about Ground Hog Day and watched an online clip of Punxsutawney Phil as he predicted 6 more weeks of winter! They then did Ground Hog centers including Ground Hog Pop Art.

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Mrs. Ware’s Class Rocks!

Spring Lake Elementary News - Wed, 02/28/2018 - 9:28pm
Attributions: Mrs. Ware
(more pictures available)

Mrs. Ware’s Class has been learning about rocks! They had a special guest, Mrs. Harper, come and share her expertise about rocks with them. Mrs. Harper is not only a parent at Spring Lake, she is also a geologist. The class enjoyed help classifying her rock collection, viewing an awesome video on volcanos, and even got to take home a small container of volcanic sand. Mrs. Ware’s class really thinks that rocks ROCK!

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6th Grade Day at MNJHS, February 28th

Mt Nebo Junior High School News - Wed, 02/28/2018 - 1:37pm

6th grade students from Barnett, Spring Lake, Goshen, Wilson, and Taylor Elementary Schools were welcomed to MNJHS today, February 28th. 6th Grade Day gave these students a chance to come to our school, take a look around, and get a small glimpse into what 7th grade will be like. Our incoming 2018/2019 class was greeted by our band students playing for them.  6th graders were then introduced to our Student Council, Orchestra Department, Drama Department, Sports Departments, Art Department and Choir Department. The dreaded subject of vaccinations required for 7th grade admission was also addressed by our school nurse.  Our Counseling Department then spoke to students about registration and other fun activities available at Mt. Nebo. 

We were so excited to meet these new students and can't wait to see them again in the Fall!  If you have an incoming 6th grade student, make sure to turn their registration packets in by this Friday.

For more 6th Grade Day Photos please see our Facebook page @






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TONIGHT: Latinos in Action Parent Night, February 28th, 5pm

Mt Nebo Junior High School News - Wed, 02/28/2018 - 12:00pm
Attributions: Veronica Solorzano, Photo Credit: Angie Perkins

Latinos in Action will be hosting a Parent Night Wed. the 28th from 5-6:30 pm to inform parents (of those LIA students) what our students do at Barnett.  They'll have a slide show to show an overview of what LIA is and what they do at Taylor, Wilson and Barnett for their SEP's.  Our LIA dance group will also be performing.  LIA students have also organized a dinner for their parents and our administrators.


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Why am I single?

Payson High School News - Tue, 02/27/2018 - 9:25am
Attributions: Millie Durfee


Why am I single? We have all asked ourselves this question at least once before, and sometimes it’s hard to understand why it isn’t happening for you. Your not alone; there are, on average, 45.2 percent of the American population that is single just like you. Now cheer up here are some tips on how to get rid of the lousy feeling we all get when we don’t get a second date.

You love yourself to much or not at all. When your around someone, you want to learn about them and hear about who they truly are, or what they like to do while their alone when they aren't being influenced by the world. If you are to focused on you and you haven’t learned a thing about your date, then you're talking too much and not letting your date express themselves or share a connection with you. You may come off as vain, narcissistic, or arrogant.

While on the other hand if you are too shy, quiet, or insecure, you can come off as a hard person to get to know and talk to. Nobody wants to have to battle with someone just to hear about what they like.

Confidence is key. Have you ever wanted to go up to someone and just confidently ask them out or get to know them, but you’ve convinced yourself they’re not going to reject you? Well here's a little secret that recently made sense in my mind: how do you know if they don't like you if your rejecting yourself before they even get the chance to speak or look at you? Just have confidence, even if you’re what the world considers un-attractive. If you have full confidence in yourself you can do anything.

Put yourself out there. If you need to make up an excuse why you can’t go to a dance, date, or activity because your afraid of putting yourself out there, try it just once and see what happens. If you need a friend to go with you to a party then take someone who will give you support, and just be yourself. After all, life is made up of little moments and if your life is just made out of regrets, that you didn’t try harder, or you didn’t do it out of fear of rejection. Then don’t have regrets make this year the moment in life that you can become a person your proud of, that you won’t regret in the future.

Have Fun! This might be a simple tip for others, but some people are too uptight and worry about dumb things. Think about it, when have you been happiest? When you’re you, you should feel happy and accepted. If your date doesn't like the way you truly are and they want to change you, don’t let them, you have someone out there that will love the true you, not the alter ego you want to be. Have a good time, experience life in a way you haven’t before, experiment in your interests and go out and enjoy life.

If you have in anyway related to these tips on how to not be single, it’s highly recommended that  you listen and take into account what you can do to correct your adventure in finding your other half. Don’t be so pressured to go out into the world and immediately find the person of your dreams, because in reality no ones perfect. Just try your best to have fun, meet people, and don’t regret showing people who you are. Good luck PHS and may all your date experiences be ones for the book.


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Do you have self-love?

Payson High School News - Tue, 02/27/2018 - 9:24am
Attributions: Millie Durfee

The mirror. We all have various feelings about this object, but you have a special one. You look into it every day and try not to think about all the judging eyes, advertisements, and words that the world and people claim defines you. The American society has been telling people what we should look like since the early 1920s, even famous beauty icon Marilyn Monroe was told she wasn’t enough for Hollywood. Unreachable beauty has been a part of ancient cultures, since 3000 BC and it’s time to change.

Looking back, what has been considered beautiful has changed immensely. For example in ancient China women would bind their feet into a mangled mess to fulfill the beauty standard of small feet, but now our society is much more sneaky about how they convey beauty. Our society loves to pick on us, and put us down for being ourselves. What we don’t realize is they’re putting it into our minds slow and stealthily like a cheetah waiting to pounce on its victim. The average person see’s over 5000 ads a day and 90 percent of them are in some way conveying what we should be, buy, and believe is true.

Break out of society's mold (you can gain the confidence back) by doing simple things through your day to make life tailored to you. First you need to have complete self love. It's going to be hard, since you have drilled bad thoughts into your brain for years, but it is going to change your life. You need to repeat to yourself throughout the day that you love one simple part of your body that it’s absolutely perfect to you in your mind. Start with your brain and say, “My brain is full of beautiful electrons that give me the power to be beautiful!” Do this for a week and when you feel ready move on through the top of your head down to the tips of your toes. It may take a long time, but you will feel immensely better.

Start to use the raw things you were born with that makes you unique. For a week embrace what makes you unique, whether that be your natural hair, face, or personality. You have full freedom to be you, don’t think about what other people see you as, their thoughts and words will not matter in the future. They won’t affect who you can become, or who you truly are. They’re just words; sounds that go through the air and can mean nothing to you. You are in control of what you bring into your mind, and if a condescending phrase is said, just let it be. Don’t take it.


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PTA Newsletter

Taylor Elementary News - Tue, 02/27/2018 - 8:16am

(more pictures available)

Please click on the link to view the PTA's March/April Newsletter! 


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Principal's Newsletter

Taylor Elementary News - Tue, 02/27/2018 - 8:13am

Kindergarten Pre-registration is coming up soon!   If you have an upcoming kindergartner or know of any neighbors who have an upcoming kindergartner, please share the following information:
Pre-registration will be on March 20, 2018 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m..   When parents come on this day to pre-register their 2018-2019 kindergartner, we ask that you bring your student's birth certificate, immunization record as well as proof of residency.   We will be asking you to complete  Enrollment information online on this day in our computer labs.   We use this information to make emergency calls and gather health information.  It also gives us phone numbers of people to call when a parent cannot be reached.  We also ask that you bring your 2018-2019 kindergartner with you to this pre-registration.  We will be conducting a mini assessment on each student while parents are completing the enrollment.    PLEASE SPREAD the  WORD to your Family and Friends.

Parents of 6th Graders-7th Grade Registration day is this week!  The students will walk to Mt Nebo Jr High on on Wednesday, Feb. 28th. Please make sure your student is dressed appropriately for the cold weather.  We need to be at Mt Nebo at 9:25 so we will be leaving AS SOON AS SCHOOL STARTS!  PLEASE make sure your student is here on time so they can join their class on this walk.  Upon arrival at MNJH, students will have the opportunity to hear from the following groups:  MNJH Administration, band, student council, orchestra, drama, sports, art, choir, school nurse and counselors.   This is a great opportunity for our sixth graders to be exposed to the classes offered next year as well as receive information on how to register for classes.  Students will walk back to our school at 10:45 a.m.  A packet of registration paperwork for your student will be given to the teachers.  When they return to the classroom, students will be given the paperwork to take home to be completed.  Remind your student that they need to return the completed paper work to their teachers by Friday, March 2nd .  A counselor will come to the school on Tuesday, March 6th to gather them.

Kindergarten Field Trip.  ALL kindergartners will be coming to school on Wed., February 28, 2018.  When the students return from their field trip, kindergartners will have the opportunity to participate in their end of term reward activity.

MINIMAL Day:  All students will be dismissed at 12:00 p.m.  on Monday, March 5. NO KINDERGARTEN on this day.    Buses will run their normal routes but at a much earlier time to accommodate the early dismissal.   Teachers will be receiving staff development in the afternoon.

Red Ribbon Week will be March 5th - March 9th.  We will be talking about goal setting and colleges on that week.  We have lots of fun activities planned and more information will come home soon.

Book Fair will be March 12th - March 16th.  Mrs. Miller will be sending home information on the times the Book Fair will be open during the day as well as activities that will be taking place during that week.

Upcoming Events:
February 28 ALL Kindergarten~ ALL DAY~ field trip and Behavior reward
March 2 5th and 6th Grade Maturation --information should have come home with your child.  Please contact your student's teacher if you did not receive the information.  All students will need a signed permission slip to participate in this event.

March 5 ALL students will be dismissed at 12:00 p.m. No Kindergarten on this day!!
March 6 PTA meeting at 1:30
March 7 4th grade Field trip to Symphony
March 12 -15 Book Fair
March 15 SEPs by invite.  You will be receiving a note from your teacher with more information.
March 16 NO SCHOOL
March 20 Kindergarten Pre~registration  8:00 to 4:00 pm
March 21 Dental Varnish
March 22 Kindergarten and 6th grade graduation pictures
March 27 4th Grade field trip to Utah Capitol

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FFA Assembly

Payson Junior High School News - Mon, 02/26/2018 - 4:24pm
(more pictures available)

Last week at PJHS was FFA week, where students learned more about what the Future Farmers of America organization is all about. Throughout the week, students dressed up and participated in a variety of activities. The week culminated with an exciting assembly on Friday, complete with all kinds of awesome games and events. It was a great week!

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Grizzly Club Ice Skating Activity

Payson Junior High School News - Mon, 02/26/2018 - 3:53pm
(more pictures available)

Students who qualified for the Grizzly Club enjoyed ice skating at Seven Peaks on Wednesday. What fun!

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BYU Engineering and Technology Expo Field Trip

Payson Junior High School News - Mon, 02/26/2018 - 3:50pm
(more pictures available)

Ninth grade students attended the BYU Engineering and Technology Expo last Thursday, where they toured labs and got to explore interactive exhibits provided by BYU Engineering students. It was a great time!

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7th Grade CCA Class Rotations Today, February 26th

Mt Nebo Junior High School News - Mon, 02/26/2018 - 10:30am

Today is the day for College and Career Awareness (CCA) class rotations for all 7th grade students. If students had Mr. Wilson on Friday they'll go to Mrs. Johnson. If they had Mrs. Johnson, they'll go to Mrs. Miller. If they had Mrs. Miller they'll go to Mr. Wilson. All 7th grade students should go to their new teacher today for CCA.

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MNJHS Panthers of the Day - Friday, 2/23/18

Mt Nebo Junior High School News - Mon, 02/26/2018 - 10:04am

Hear the ROAR! A Panther is: RESPECTFUL, OUTSTANDING, ACADEMIC and RESPONSIBLE! Congratulations to Brakston Nordell and Brylie Black for being nominated as our MNJHS Panthers of the Day on Friday, February 23, 2018. Brakston was nominated by Mr. Sipherd for picking up trash in the hall without being asked. Brylie was nominated by Mrs. Cox for working with a math partner and explaining how to solve an expression for math.

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MNJHS Panthers of the Day - Thursday, 2/22/18

Mt Nebo Junior High School News - Mon, 02/26/2018 - 9:47am

Hear the ROAR! A Panther is: RESPECTFUL, OUTSTANDING, ACADEMIC and RESPONSIBLE! Congratulations to Adric Gariety and Brooke Gordon for being nominated as our MNJHS Panthers of the Day on Thursday, February 22, 2018. Adric was nominated by Mrs. Nielson for being polite and going out of his way to hold the door open for others. Brooke was nominated by Mrs. Davis for asking to help another student who was behind, being kind, and always doing what she has been asked to do.

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I’ve got the Power! White Ribbon Week

Spring Lake Elementary News - Sun, 02/25/2018 - 9:25pm
Attributions: PTA

Monday- Superhero Day, come dressed as your favorite superhero (what powers are you going to gain this week? I have the power to not view embarrassing pictures or share hurtful words.)

Tuesday- Blackout Day, come dressed with as much black as you can (a computer screen goes black when you turn it off. I have the power to turn it off)

Wednesday- Multi Colors Day, come dressed with as many colors as your can (the world around you has so many colors, go outside and explore. I have the power to tell a trusted adult is something doesn’t feel right)

Thursday- Stoplight Day, come dressed in red, yellow, or green (stop/caution/go when downloading. I have the power to ask before I download)

Friday- School Spirit day- dress in your school t-shirt or school colors (I have the power to help my friends make safe choices online)

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First-grade Celebrated The 120th Day Of School!

Spring Lake Elementary News - Sat, 02/24/2018 - 4:33pm
(more pictures available)

Our first-graders are so big they celebrated the 120th day of school instead of the 100th!

#unexpected #springlakehawks #springlakeelem

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