New Things at Payson

Payson High School News - Tue, 10/17/2017 - 10:15am
Attributions: By: Emily Miller
(more pictures available)

Payson High is constantly changing and improving. Not only scholastically, but also physically. Over the summer Payson High was upgraded. If you haven’t noticed, there are new things all around the school. The school has new and improved drinking fountains, widened concrete walkways, new senior banners, and new bulletin boards. These changes are very exciting, so be sure to check out the new features in our school.

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MNJHS Panthers of the Day - Monday, 10/16/17

Mt Nebo Junior High School News - Tue, 10/17/2017 - 10:00am

Hear the ROAR! A Panther is: RESPECTFUL, OUTSTANDING, ACADEMIC and RESPONSIBLE! Congratulations to Mason Rasmussen and Chezney Ortega for being nominated as our MNJHS Panthers of the Day on Monday, October 16, 2017. Mason was nominated by Mrs. Bennett for finding and turning in another student's personal belonging.  Chezney was nominated by Mr. Powell for being engaged in lessons and excited when ideas make sense.

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MNJHS Panthers of the Day - Friday, 10/13/17

Mt Nebo Junior High School News - Tue, 10/17/2017 - 9:57am

Hear the ROAR! A Panther is: RESPECTFUL, OUTSTANDING, ACADEMIC and RESPONSIBLE! Congratulations to Bristol Peterson and Julian Patino for being nominated as our MNJHS Panthers of the Day on Friday, October 13, 2017. Bristol was nominated by Mr. Powell for showing respect, helping others, turning in all work, and asking encouraging questions. Julian was nominated by Mrs. Ewell for helping with an afterschool project.

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Bulldog Pride in September

Barnett Elementary News - Tue, 10/17/2017 - 9:04am
(more pictures available)

Just like that- the month of September has come and gone. However, within that month a few Top Dogs and Leaders stood out amongst the crowd. On Friday, September 29, we had our Bulldog Pride Assembly where we recognized those Top Dogs and Leaders of each class, and they received a certificate for their achievement. Students also learned where their pack stood in our Pack Points! Right now, Yellow is in the lead, but it is a super close race. The assembly came to a close, as our Top Dogs and Leaders did a victory lap through the halls of the school where students, teachers, and parents stood and cheered the students on for their success! Congratulations to those Top Dogs and Leaders! Barnett sure does have some awesome kids! Not only do we have awesome kids, but some pretty awesome teachers. Congratulations to our Alpha Dogs this month, Mrs. Peterson and Mrs. Davis!

Top Dog:

Kindergarten: EllieMae Mellor, Kyri Gregory

TK: Brandon Crawley

1st:Jordin Salas,Brynlee Larson, Briggs Mechem

2nd: Sam Anton, Riah Tingey, Ashton Swasey

3rd: Kenia Najarro, Tanner Brindley, Dawson Egbert

4th: Emmalee Epps, Katelyn Caldwell, Emery Christensen

5th: Henry Draper, Craig Humpherys, Alexa Gonzalez

6th: McKenzie Mitchell , Kaden Kirkwood, Chloe Marshall

UEI: Mackinzey Critchlow, Chase Esplin

Leaders of the Month

Kindergarten: Lahni Miramontes, Kylar Nichols

Tk: Anthony Rivas

1st: Benjamin Miramontes, Maya Davis, Naedelin Galvan

2nd: Paige Bagshaw, Maddison Luckau, Molly Hixson

3rd: Ricardo Alvarez, Spencer Waite, Gordon Wilson

4th: Addison Pugmire, Breanna Bryson, Kyston Owens

5th: Kymber Rosenbaum, Abbey Sunday, Ethan Reaves

6th: Jason Christensen, Jocelynn Oblad, Laura Waite

UEI: Alec Cefalo, Breanna White


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Ancient Egypt

Spring Lake Elementary News - Mon, 10/16/2017 - 9:21pm
Attributions: Mrs. Howard
(more pictures available)

Students have been learning about Egypt in art and learning all about what life was like. You need to visit the school to see this display, pictures don't do it justice. Classes worked on different things. 

Household pots were made from river clay. The clay was first prepared by adding fine sand to make it easier to work. The potters then shaped the vessels using the coil method and smoothed then inside and out to a remarkably even thickness. Pots were then 'Fired' to make the clay hard and water tight. 

Death Masks completed the mummy. Royal masks were made of gold, while others were made of linen or papyrus and painted to look like gold.

The Collar necklace was seen on the "Royals" clothing, as well as the priests. Gold jewels adorned the collar.

Many beautiful objects have survived from ancient Egypt, indicating that the Egyptians were skilled and creative. They made papyrus sheets to write on, and rich adorned their houses with ornaments and fabrics.

A Cartouche was your name or signature in Hieroglyphs. Egyptians used 27 hieroglyphs, or signs, to represent sounds. There were an additional 700, which could be used in various combinations to give particular meanings or else to represent groups of two or three consonants.

Worn by rich and poor, men and women, and even some sacred animals. Elaborate costume jewelry was worn to adorn otherwise plain clothing and as a sign of social position.

The Chariot was introduced to Egypt by the Hyksos from southern Palestine. The rich were the only people able to afford chariots.

Worn by many Egyptians who shaved their head or kept their hair short. Elaborately curled and beaded wigs were worn on special occasions. The base was made from a net of woven hair with individual strands looped into the netting.

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Happy Boss Day!

Barnett Elementary News - Mon, 10/16/2017 - 8:51pm
Attributions: Bobbi Diamond

Today, Barnett got to celebrate our principal.  Barnett is lucky to have a truly GREAT leader in Mrs. Stoddard. “A great leader has brains, vision, soul, values, and heart.” She’s got it all and we are so lucky to have her! 

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THANK YOU FOR HELPING AT Night of the Heroes!

Taylor Elementary News - Mon, 10/16/2017 - 5:43pm

We would like to thank the following Heroes and businesses for helping us SO MUCH to make our Night of the Heroes so successful!

Night of the Heroes Heroes: Helicopter-Life Flight Mtn View Hospital, K-9 unit, George the Crossing Guard, Apple Farmer, tractor-Mr Ellsworth, Contractor-Bob Provstgaard, Veterans from the Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force, Dentist-Dr Jon Chisholm, Superheroes-Batman, Batgirl, Black Widow, Ray, Spiderman, Superman, Supergirl, Chiropractor-Dr Jim King, Chemist- Linda Walker, Miss Spanish Fork-Hope King, Biologist/Educator- Dr. Mark Belk, Nurturing Nations charity founder-Laura Belk, Artist-Mr Mayhew, Taylor Tiger- Roary, Ambulance, Fire Fighters, Policemen, Coach, Skyhawk, Student Council, Athletes, cheerleaders-Salem Hills High School, Coach, Lion,Student Council, Athletes, - Payson High School, BYU Cougars Basketball team and team trainer -Mr Ramos, Nurse Practitioner-Chelsea Bringhurst, Author-Dr Richard Bennett PhD, Electrician-Mr Ellsworth, Farmer-Manglesons, Cowboy Poetry-Bill Wright and Kevin Elma, ER Nurse, Radiology tech-Mountain View Hospital, Ms Utah, Juggling Jay, Mt. Nebo Jr High Latinos in Action and Student Council and Taylor Tiger Teachers and Staff

Night of Heroes Donators:

Costa Vida, Little Caesars, Fat Jacks, Sip N, Papa Murphy's, Burger King, Good Tyme, Roll with it Creamery, Tsing Tao, Daylight Donuts, Taco Time, Mi Rancherito, Cold Stone, Rocky Mountain Choc Factory, Chik-filet, Ruby River, India Palace, Dairy Queen, Roxy Juice, Terra Mia, Sub Zero, Hu Hot, Papa Johns, Cubby’s, Culvers, Maceys, Swig, The Healing Attic Massage, American Beauty Academy, Sports Clips, Just My Style, Heather Blackhurst Massage, Gracie Lou’s Quilt Shop, Rod Works, Mia’s, Target,, Indigo and Sage, Pyper and Plum, Anytime Fitness, Payson Total Fitness, Valvoline SF Oil and Lube, Nightmare on 13, Country Farm Fest, McCoards Pumpkin Fest/corn maze, Stadium Cinemas, Hale Center Theater Orem, Covey Center, Tuacahn, Emerald Eve, Escape Key, Heber Valley Railroad, Clark Planetarium, Get Out Games, Payson Ropes Course, Ron Gordons Tire, The Dug Out Texaco, Daves Classic detailing, Big O, Auto Works, Little Giant Ladders, Ace Hardware, Snyders Chem Dry, Melanie Rice Photography, Lemontine Photography, Quality Inn, Ellerback Mansion, Chamberlain Pediatric Dentistry, Jon Chisholm Family Dentistry, Trapnell Orthodontics, Red Rock Orthodontics, The Bizzy Biddy Boutique, Mel Hanks and Sons Furniture, Kearsten Van Ausdal Furniture, AT&T, Plunder Jewelry, Orem Owlz, BYU, Studio C, UVU, Olsens Garden Shoppe, Laura Kay’s Garden Shoppe, Rochelle Meyer Quilting, Pam Turner Farmers Market, Debbie Camp sewing, Southwick Plumbing, Chalk Couture, Flity Aprons-Lori Hardy, Pebbles in My Pocket, Copy Central, Jolley’s Pharmacy, Payson Pharmacy, Kneaders, Forget Me Not Floral, Rocky Mtn ATV, Scentsy, Carrabbas, Wall Brothers Apples, Pioneer Party and Gifts, Temkin, Doug Smith Chevrolet, Mini Moustachery, Lula Roe, Piggytail Princess

Night of Heroes Sponsors: 

Keystone Insurance, MHS Signs, Best Deals Springs, B &M Garage, Skiba, Chamberlain Dentistry, Zions Builders, Red Rock Orthodontics, J&R Scraping, MK Construction

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MNJHS Panthers of the Day - Friday, 10/13/17

Mt Nebo Junior High School News - Mon, 10/16/2017 - 3:29pm

Hear the ROAR! A Panther is: RESPECTFUL, OUTSTANDING, ACADEMIC and RESPONSIBLE! Congratulations to Bristol Peterson and Julian Patino for being nominated as our MNJHS Panthers of the Day on Friday, October 13, 2017. Bristol was nominated by Mr. Powell for showing respect, helping others, turning in all work and asking encouraging questions. Julian was nominated by Mrs. Ewell for helping with an afterschool project.

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MNJHS Panthers of the Day - Thursday, 10/12/17

Mt Nebo Junior High School News - Mon, 10/16/2017 - 3:23pm

Hear the ROAR! A Panther is: RESPECTFUL, OUTSTANDING, ACADEMIC and RESPONSIBLE! Congratulations to Jacob Brown and DJ Thomas for being nominated as our MNJHS Panthers of the Day on Thursday, October 12, 2017. Jacob was nominated by Mrs. Wright and Mrs. Capell for coming up with unique stories for math problems.  DJ was nominated by Mrs. Bennett for turning in a personal item which he found.

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Museum Of Natural Curiosity

Spring Lake Elementary News - Mon, 10/16/2017 - 7:27am

(more pictures available)

On September 29 third-grade students got to go to Thankgiving Point's Museum of Natural Curiosity thanks to an iSEE Scholarship from Thanksgiving Point and other business. Students got to learn about our five senses, and how they help us make sense of the world around us. Lots of curious minds exploring and learning at the museum. Thanks to all the parents who helped chaperone.

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The Living Planet Aquarium

Spring Lake Elementary News - Sun, 10/15/2017 - 10:59am
Attributions: Mrs. Stone
(more pictures available)

The students had a great time! The first-grade team wants to thank the parent volunteers. We couldn't have done it without them!

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Students Of The Month For September

Spring Lake Elementary News - Sun, 10/15/2017 - 10:29am

(more pictures available)

Septembers theme was 'Unity'. The following students were selected by their teachers as students that show this trait the last month. 

Paisley Mason, Bentley Nielsen, Hailey Plake, Teagan Ortiz, Caleb Christensen, Zander Miller, Daiana Pastor, Elizabeth Sorensen, Jazzi Orr, Aisley Faust, Tynsley Soots, Yael Bermundez, Kakayla Broderick, Levi McFarland, Milo Oldham, Mallory Marvin, Jordyn Keisel, Braxton Headman, Vance Lillywhite, Necia Wilson, Dayvin Johnson, Brynley Hirst, Adelyn DeNovellis, Savannah Johnson, Felicity Wilkerson, Anamaria Ceja, Joshua Cox, Hallee Christensen, Blakleigh Edwards, Melinda Bartholomew, Ester Wolfe, Samantha Heath, Molly Clayson, Angel Vasquez, Morgan Lines, Chase Christensen, Sophie Smith, Daniel Ceja, Benjamin Peacock, Ashlynn Rowley, Jacelyn Keisel, Elissa Petrell, Emily Losee, Brock Cary, Kaylie Durfee, Malaylie Stone, Cooper Soots, Emily Wood, Sophia Sweet, Kaydrie Slider, Brayden Rowley, Jakenzie Jones, Mauricio Peralta, Mary Wolfe, Omar Del Billar-Vasquez, Kelsey Miller, Kelsey Hales, and Ryan Booth.

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Spring Lake Elementary News - Sun, 10/15/2017 - 10:25am

(more pictures available)

At the student of the month assembly on October 6th we were so excited to debut our school mascot Hero. Our wonderful art teacher Mrs. Sunny Howard has been working hard with Mrs. Fordiani's class to make the costume. They did a wonderful job. The student bringing Hero is Luke Paul, one of our student council members. 


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Second Grader Wins Bike During National School Lunch Week

Taylor Elementary News - Fri, 10/13/2017 - 4:57pm

This week has been National School Lunch week. Each day the lunch staff has been rewarding kids with prizes by placing stickers on random trays. Students would bring their tray back up to the lunch ladies to redeem their price. The district donated a grand prize which was a bike. Today all students’ names were placed in a bucket for a drawing and Hunter Ramirez, in Ms. Leavitt’s 2nd grade class, was our lucky winner!

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Tree Festival scheduled for November 21

Payson High School News - Fri, 10/13/2017 - 10:35am

PHS classes, clubs and groups and the Payson City community are invited to participate in the annual Tree Festival by decorating and donating a tree to be auctioned off during a boys basketball game on November 21.

A large portion of the proceeds goes to the student council to provide “Sub for Santa” to families in our area. In the past, many groups have secured donations from the community and trees have sold at much higher prices! If any community members are interested in donating funds or a tree to decorate, you can reach Julie Gowans at

This festival has been a great resource for providing Christmas to families in need.  Payson High Student Council and the PTSA hopes this year will be another great year at the auction.  Mark your calendars for November 21.



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Panther Pantry Now Open at MNJHS!

Mt Nebo Junior High School News - Thu, 10/12/2017 - 4:33pm
Attributions: Troy Peterson
(more pictures available)

Mt. Nebo Junior High is excited to announce the opening of the Panther Pantry, a place where students in need can get school supplies, clothing, and food for home. We are most grateful to the Payson Walmart for donating the school supplies and to others in the community for donating food, clothing, and hygiene items. If you are interested in donating to the Panther Pantry you can contact the school at 801-465-6040. 

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Winners Of The Fire Prevention Week Coloring Contest

Spring Lake Elementary News - Thu, 10/12/2017 - 4:19pm
(more pictures available)

Congratulations to the winners from Spring Lake Elementary for the annual Fire Prevention coloring contest. Kindergarten through sixth-grade participated and the winners are: Jaquelle Jones, Samantha Adams, Caleb Carrick, Makinley Renzello, Kambri Muir, Elissa Petrell, and Amberly Peacock. They enjoyed lunch at the Payson City Firehouse on Wednesday October 11th, along with winners from other schools. Thanks to all those that entered.

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Payson Mayor Youth Recognition Award - Quinton Hadlock

Mt Nebo Junior High School News - Thu, 10/12/2017 - 3:45pm
Attributions: Photo Courtesy of PJHS

Quinton Hadlock – 9TH GRADE

Mt. Nebo Jr. High School

Quinton Hadlock, a 9th grade student at Mt. Nebo Jr. High, has been nominated to receive the Payson City Mayor’s Award for the month of October. Quinton is a positive example at MNJHS.  We couldn't be more proud to have Quinton receive this award from the Payson City Council.

Here's what some of Quinton's teachers had to say about him.

Quinton Hadlock is an outstanding Student.  He maintains high grades and achievement.  Even in Honors courses.  He is also an outstanding example and regarded highly by his peers.  

Quinton is an active member of the HOPE Squad in his 3rd year.  He is continually assisting other students and directing them to see the counselors when they it is needed.

Recently in a poll among the students in our school he received the most votes as a student others can talk to who cares about his fellow students.  

We have seen examples of his service and kindness to others during his few years at MT. Nebo Jr. High. Time and again he is helpful to students who need a good mentor.

Congratulations Quinton!

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MNJHS Panthers of the Day - Wednesday, 10/11/17

Mt Nebo Junior High School News - Wed, 10/11/2017 - 2:31pm

Hear the ROAR! A Panther is: RESPECTFUL, OUTSTANDING, ACADEMIC and RESPONSIBLE! Congratulations to Cristian Lemus-Rodriguez and Salvador Sanchez for being nominated as our MNJHS Panthers of the Day on Wednesday, October 11, 2017. Cristian was nominated by Mrs. Brown for asking questions, working hard, and coming in for extra help. Salvador was nominated by Mrs. Henderson for helping with the share table at lunch.

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Calling All Preschool Age Children - MNJHS Panther Preschool Class Needs You!

Mt Nebo Junior High School News - Wed, 10/11/2017 - 12:26pm
Attributions: Mary Stoneman
(more pictures available)

One of our Discovery classes at MNJHS this term is called Panther Preschool.  In this course students are discovering what it takes to be a preschool teacher, and becoming experts in early childhood development.  At the end of our term our class would like to put our skills and projects to the ultimate test, by opening the Panther Preschool. Please complete this form  if you would like to register your preschool aged child (3-5 years old) for a FREE preschool on October 27th from 2:00-2:45pm. You can also fill out a form at Mt. Nebo Jr. High in the front office. (Click the above link or scroll to the next photo to print form.)

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