"Save Sam" in Mrs. Taylor's 2nd Grade Class

Park Elementary News - Thu, 04/12/2018 - 1:17pm
Attributions: Natalie Taylor

It looks like Mrs. Taylor's class had a great time learning about habit 6! "I taught a lesson on Habit 6- Synergize. We did the following activity called Save Sam. It was a huge hit with the students. Under the cup was Sam's life preserver (gummy Lifesaver). On top of the cup was Sam (gummy worm). They each had a paper clip. They couldn't touch anything with their hands, they could only use the paper clip. The object was to grab Sam, turn over the boat (cup), and put the life preserver onto Sam. There couldn't be any stabbing with the paper clips. They then put Sam with his life preserver into the boat." -Mrs. Taylor 

Way to go, Mrs. Taylor's class! 

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Mrs Eckhardt Receives Teacher of the Year for Larsen ELementary

Larsen Elementary News - Thu, 04/12/2018 - 11:53am

Mrs. Eckhardt was awarded Teacher of the Year for Larsen Elementary last night at the district board meeting. The following is what was read about her during the meeting:

“Angela creates a classroom environment where her students love to be with many hands-on activities for her students to learn and participate. She is a leader and advocate for students. Angela has provided an enriching 4H program for many years and has taught an Underwater Robotics club that competes. She is an incredible leader and advocate for students and staff.”

We love you Mrs. Eckhardt!  Thank you for all you do for the students and staff here at Larsen Elementary.  You are the best.

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Brockbank Bronco Best Students for March

Brockbank Elementary News - Wed, 04/11/2018 - 4:13pm

Brockbank is happy to announce the Bronco Best students for March.

Front; Thomas Simmons, Lacie Swenson, Emillee Peterson, Halle Hales, and Julia Mockett. Middle; Ella Crandall, Cahill Simons, Sydney Jensen, Maria Wetzel, Joey Jensen, Isabelle Eddington, and Principal Larraine Nelson. Back; Bentley Briggs, Dahl Winters, Brycen Daniella, Carter Rigby, Ethan Jensen, Sam Oldham. Absent from Gracie Dart and Brylie Olsen.

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Poetry Slam!

Spanish Fork Junior High School News - Wed, 04/11/2018 - 3:17pm

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Mrs. Valgardson Nominated for DFJHS Peak Award

Diamond Fork Junior High School News - Wed, 04/11/2018 - 2:21pm

Mrs. Valgardson was recognized in faculty meeting by her peers as the Diamond Fork Peak (Positive Energy And Kindness) Award winner. Mrs. "V" as she known by her students is such a fantastic teacher and fellow employee. She is hardworking, reliable, positve, fun, and all around amazing. She is willing to do anything asked of her with a smile on her face. She is approachable and students know that she has their best interst in mind. We are so happy to have her here at Diamond Fork!

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Classified Employee of the Year for Spanish Oaks

Spanish Oaks Elementary News - Wed, 04/11/2018 - 9:28am
(more pictures available)

Angie Lindstrom is a great choice for our employee of the year!  
 She loves the outdoors and goes to Wyoming a couple times a year to camp with her parents. She adores her parents, and is a wonderful daughter, wife, mom, grandma and every other title she holds. She likes to sew and is very crafty! She has so many talents, but one I saw regularly was her ability to fix things. I mean she is the laminator whisperer! She is just the best person on the planet! She is kind, thoughtful and an amazing friend to all that know her. To know her is to love her. She exemplifies what We want Spanish Oaks to be.

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Butterflies have Hatched!

Rees Elementary News - Wed, 04/11/2018 - 9:11am
Attributions: photo: Annette Harvey

Our 1st graders have been waiting patiently to see the process of butterflies hatching, and now they have!

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Recycle and Re-Design Fashion Show

Spanish Fork High School News - Wed, 04/11/2018 - 7:55am
Attributions: Whitney Carter

Fashion and Textile Design students have created outfits using recycled materials.  They will present these on a runway in a competition the evening of Tuesday, April 17th at 6:30pm.  Come see their designs and cheer them on as they showcase these designs.  Cost is $3.00 per person or $10.00 per family.  Hope to see you there!

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Testing Treat Tuesday

Park Elementary News - Wed, 04/11/2018 - 7:38am
Attributions: Shauna Hatch

We have an amazing principal here at Park Elementary. Mrs. Hughes is always looking for ways to fill the buckets of our teachers and staff. This month she has decided that we could all use a treat, so she brings her cart of happiness around for "Testing Treat Tuesday." Thank you Mrs. Hughes! We sure do appreciate you! 

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Get JAZZED About Walking to School

Spanish Oaks Elementary News - Wed, 04/11/2018 - 7:24am

This spring, Spanish Oaks can win prizes for our school and students by encouraging parents to use the Utah Department of Transportation's (UDOT) free Walking School Bus app.  This app allows parents to create walking carpools to help their students get to and from school safely and also reduces crowded drop off zones, improves health and increases activity. Between March 19 and April 27, parents who use the app to walk to and from school will enter your school and students for a chance to win the following prizes:  

  • The school with the most miles walked from walking groups using the app will win $500 towards the school and PTA's safe walking and biking programs.
  • One walking school bus group will be randomly selected to win breakfast with the Utah Jazz Bear and a new bike rack for their school.
  • Students can win scooters and helmets in weekly drawings. 
  • Three parents can win an overnight stay at the Blue Boar Inn in Midway, Utah's number one rated bed and breakfast.

Last year, more than 300 walking groups at 100 different schools participated in the event, improving the safety and health of schools and communities across Utah. Thank you again for your commitment to safety and your willingness to help promote safe walking and biking to school snap@utah.gov

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Sierra Bonita Show Choir will perform at MMHS Music at the Mountain

Sierra Bonita Elementary News - Tue, 04/10/2018 - 10:18pm
Attributions: by: Amy Staheli and Marilyn Paice

Attention for Show Choir Parents

We have been invited to sing at Maple Mountain High School’s Music at the Mountain, April 11, at 7:00 P.M. In order to be ready for this, I would like to have some additional choir practices for JUST the Show Choir kids.

One more practice tomorrow, Wednesday, April 11th, at 8:30 a.m., so we can make sure we have everything ready for that night.

The kids will need to wear Hawaiian/Tropical/ bright clothing, Flip flops/sandals, sunglasses, beach towels, etc. Don’t go and buy anything. Just have the kids let me know if they need to borrow some of my things for that night.

Our call time to do our number on the stage is at 5:45I would like all of the kids there around 5:30 to be ready to go on stage. We will then leave the stage and have an hour before the performance. The kids can bring a snack to eat after our practice.

We are the opening number for the program. This is a wonderful concert for the kids to listen to.  Encourage them to stay for the whole program. However, I do understand that a lot is going on that day.  If you need to leave after that, please let me know when you pick up your child. We will be sitting in an assigned area.

Thank you so much for allowing us to work with your children in choir year. We love it, and we hope it shows!

Thanks for all of your support!

Marilyn Paice and Amy Staheli


Sierra Bonita Elementary News - Tue, 04/10/2018 - 4:07pm
(more pictures available)

I have attached the Registration Form for the Mapleton Track and Field. These forms are only for students in 3rd-6th grade. Please fill out, sign and print the form. Forms need to be turned into the teacher or the office TOMORROW, April 11th by 10:00am.

Track and Field Dates are as follows:

5th grade Tues.  April 24th

6th grade Wed.  April 25th

4th grade Tues. May 1st

3rd grade Wed. May 2nd

Please call the office for any questions 801-798-4480.

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

Diamond Fork Junior High School News - Tue, 04/10/2018 - 3:37pm

Dear Nebo School District Parent,

April is Child Abuse Prevention month and we are excited to announce a way for you to get involved in this important cause.  During this month we are inviting all of our parents to take part in a free child abuse prevention training through Prevent Child Abuse Utah.  This interactive course only takes 30 minutes and you will be awarded a certificate once the course is completed.  It’s simple, just go to the website: https://pcautah.org  and  complete the registration indicating that you are a parent from our district.  Then complete the parent course entitled “Preventing Child Sexual Abuse-An Online Course for Parents.”  The information in this engaging presentation will empower you with knowledge that will provide greater protection for your children.  Thank you for taking the time to complete the course.

Student Services Department

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PTA March Madness Fundraiser Winners!

Diamond Fork Junior High School News - Tue, 04/10/2018 - 3:33pm
  • Thank You to all of those who helped by donating towards our PTA fundraiser this year. We appreciate the support from our parents and students.  The following classes will be awarded with their prizes for having the most notes returned.
  • 1st Place- Mr. Clark's 5th Period Class
  • 2nd Place- Mr. Mrs. Barber's 3rd Period Class
  • 3rd Place-Mr. Clark's 7th Period Class
  • 4th Place-Mr. Bingham's 6th Period Class
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Getaway Today Supports the Nebo Foundation

Larsen Elementary News - Tue, 04/10/2018 - 2:56pm

There will be a Getaway Today brochure coming home within the next week.  Getaway Today supports the Nebo Foundation,  which in turn,  provides grants to our schools.  If your planning a fun vacation look at their awesome prices and help support the Nebo Foundation. Thank you Getaway Today for all your support to our school district.


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Brockbank Bulletin

Brockbank Elementary News - Tue, 04/10/2018 - 2:20pm

Hello, Brockbank Families!

I hope you had a wonderful Spring Break!  It was a great time to rest and relax with family and friends!

I also want to thank our wonderful PTA for the great Teacher Appreciation Week they put together for us!  We were amazed at all the nice activities that were done for us!  I know many of you were involved and we all appreciate it so much!  A very special thanks goes to Ali Stewart and Cammee Baum!

Parents, this time of year is especially busy, as you well know!  Please read the bulletin carefully!  I think every day in May has a scheduled event!  We are excited as we begin to wind down the school year and have such special activities!

Kindergarten PRE-Registration:  If you were not able to make it to our Pre-Registration, please come and get pre-registered for Kindergarten.   This will really help us know our numbers for next year.  Please help spread the word if you know of families with a child coming to Kindergarten next year!  

Year-End SAGE Testing:  April 9th will be the beginning of our SAGE Testing in grades 3-6.  Teachers will be testing over the course of several weeks.  Your child will not be testing every day, however, it is imperative that he/she is at school, to either review or test.  If your child is going to be absent during this testing period, please notify your child’s teacher so he/she can make arrangements for alternate days of testing.  First and Second grades will be testing April 23-May 11th, and the Kindergarten Assessment will be May 21-25.  

Family Information:  
Utah Association for Gifted Children is offering a tour of the Leonardo Science Museum.  Please see the attachment.
Circles Community Action is looking to make a difference in our community!  Whether you would like support for your family, or if you would like to help people in our community, Circles is a resource for you to consider.  Check attachments online in email.  There is also information at our office. 

Math Lab:  Just a reminder that we have our Math Lab opened in the mornings before school, at 8:30.  Any student is welcome to come and practice math facts, use the online REFLEX program, or get help with math assignments!

PTA:  Parents, we need your help!  We need more parents to get involved with PTA!  This is such a great organization and the PTA does so much for our students, but we need all the help we can get!  We know it takes a village to raise a child, and PTA makes it possible to help make this happen!  PTA volunteers are there to support students make good progress with their academics, with activities, with needed items for our school, and with support for families.  Please come be a part of our PTA!  Contact Brenda Dudley for more information with how you can help!

We invite you to LIKE us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as our own Brockbank website!  Follow us on Instagram--#Brockbankbest, #Lookatbrockbank, and #BrockbankBFF

Thanks for being the BEST!

Mrs. Nelson

Brockbank Bulletin:    

4/10-1st Gr. Field Trip
4/13-2nd Gr. & 6th Gr. Field Trip
4/19-Ms. J’s Field Trip
4/20-Kindergarten Program-9:30 & 1:30
4/24-3rd Gr. Track Meet
4/27-Ms. J’s Science Fair-1:30-2:30
5/1-4th Gr. Track Meet!
5/7-Kindergarten Field Trip
5/8-6th Gr. Track Meet
5/9-5th Gr. Freedom Walk
5/10-6th Gr. Field Trip
5/15-5th Gr. Tack Meet
5/16-4th Gr. Program-6:00 pm 
5/17-1st Gr. Program-6:30 pm
5/18-Kindergarten Last Day/5th Gr. Field Trip
5/21-5/25-Kindergarten Assessments


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Excellent Explorer Award Winners at Spanish Oaks

Spanish Oaks Elementary News - Tue, 04/10/2018 - 12:43pm

(more pictures available)

Each time we do this, it amazes me the quality of students that are chosen by their peers and/or teachers.  Each one is an amazing all around person who contributes so much to our school.  Our Excellent Explorers are as follows:  "Mason Robinson-Mason is always on task and is consistently tring his best.  He has a positive attitude about learning.  He is kind and respectful to everyone around him."  Ella O'Gwin-" Ella is a volunteer that helps us get Kindergarten students to the leveled library.  She is an excellent example to the students.  She is kind, sweet and loving, yet has high expectations for the students she is in charge of.  I appreciate her donating her time to help our students each and everyday."  Kesley Johnson-"Kesley is a also a student volunteer who helps take our Kindergarten students to the leveled library.  She is such a great help!  She is loving and the students just love her!  Each day she volunteers her time to help out, and each day she does it with a smile.  She is very dependable, and is such an amazing young lady that I appreciate so much."  Madison Johnson-"Madi is such an amazing helper and I rely on her every day.  She is kind, sweet, dependable and the kids love her!!  She has great management of the kindergarten students she helps, and they are always eager to follow her directions.  She is an amazing young lady!" Emry Barbakos-"Emry is on always on task, shows respect and make good choices.  She is helpful to both her teacher and her fellow peers.  She is an amazing student!"  Jessie Tiapson-(from teacher)"Jessie not only works exceptionally hard at her own work, but I catch her daily helping others understand their work.  She is an incredible student and mini-teacher.  She also never shouts out, listens, and she has a great sense of humor. (from peers) She is always willing to help and be a good friend by playing with us.  She never brags.  Jessie is smart.  She never hesitates to help others.  She is always trying to obey the rules."

Congratulations, students!!  We love you!

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Winter Guard State Champions!

Maple Mountain High School News - Tue, 04/10/2018 - 12:41pm
Attributions: Story by Joshua Hurst.
(more pictures available)

Our Color Guard coach, Brielle Summerhays, and the students involved with Winter Guard are the Scholastic Regional AA State Champions for the 2018 season! Great job to this team and all of their hard work!

Service Project for Stoneman Douglas High School

Spanish Fork High School News - Tue, 04/10/2018 - 11:10am

Origami Service Project: April 11 4 pm in SFHS Cafeteria

Also April 10 at Timpanogos High School 6:30- 9:00 pm

Schools and communities unite during Utah Kindness Month


Quick Facts--

-Two Origami Folding Parties are scheduled to build lilies with a special message of hope and encouragement for Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

    • The first folding party is scheduled at Timpanogos High School in Orem, located at 1450 North 200 East, Orem, UT 84057 from 6:30- 9:00 pm. on Tuesday April 9th

    • The second party is scheduled at Spanish Fork High School, located at 99 North 300 West, Spanish Fork, UT 84660 from 4:00 to 9:00 pm. on Wednesday April 10th

    • The public is invited to participate in building flowers. Additional donations to help ship these flowers to Florida are welcome.


Spanish Fork, Utah--

Several Utah County schools are joining forces to do something special for students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School as part of Utah Kindness Month.


This effort began shortly after Valentine's Day as tragic news from Parkland Florida blanketed headlines across the country. Mr. Glen Zobell, Science Teacher at Timpanogos High School was inspired to do something to heal those who were hurting across the country. Zobell served a LDS Mission to Japan and had a strong background in origami. As you look around his classroom, you will see many complex and beautiful examples of his amazing paper art.


As heartbreaking news from Florida eclipsed local heartwarming stories, the Daily Herald highlighted a Junior at Spanish Fork High School, who wanted to help students and staff know that they are respected, remembered and loved. Sterling Brinkerhoff, with help of hundreds of volunteers and sponsors ensured that every student and staff member at Spanish Fork High School received an origami flower and Valentine's Day treat, donated by Mrs. Calls Caramels and V Chocolates. The flower design was an original created by Sterling in 5th Grade, representing a lily instead of a rose. A heart folds out with a hidden message of hope and encouragement. The lily has represented faith, wisdom and chivalry since the 14th century.


Mr. Zobell contacted Sterling after reading the story to see if together, they could do something similar. Within days, two schools were united in an effort to share that same message with students and staff at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.


As Sterling was trying to connect with someone to receive the flowers in Florida, Mr. Ryan Petty was in Utah during the last week of the 2018 Legislative Session. Father of one of the shooting victims, he initiated a declaration that April be designated as Utah Kindness Month- in memory of the goodness of his daughter. Sterling contacted him and was able to start setting dates to build flowers for Florida. Mr. Petty was excited to hear about the effort and wanted it to serve as an example to others around the world.


This project is a significantly larger folding project than Sterling's recent one for Valentine's Day. With 3600 origami flowers, supplies and shipping was a growing concern on a limited budget. Paper supplies have been generously donated by The Paper Store and More, located at 1786 South State Street in Orem. Shipping and copies have been kindly donated by the UPS Store in Springville and Spanish Fork.


Mr. Zobell invited several school clubs and organizations to help in the effort. They will be hosting an origami party April 9th at Timpanogos High School from 6:30- 9:00 p.m.


Spanish Fork High School will be hosting the second origami party on Wednesday April 11th from 4:00-9:00 p.m. Brinkerhoff invited the entire Spanish Fork community to participate. He commented, “If I were to build 3600 of these flowers myself, it would require more than 900 hours to get it completed. United schools and communities together can get it done quicker and have a much stronger impact for everyone involved. I am so excited to see everyone who wants to build these flowers. They are not the easiest flowers to make, but to me they are some of the most beautiful.”


Brinkerhoff concluded, “It was incredible that Mr. Zobell contacted me to do something on this scale. I am so impressed with him and his enthusiasm. This is going to be a lot of fun.”

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Summer Fever Fundraiser at Lagoon

Maple Mountain High School News - Tue, 04/10/2018 - 8:59am
Attributions: Story by Lana Hiskey.
(more pictures available)

For the 2018 season, Lagoon will be introducing the “Summer Fever Fundraiser”. We are hoping to seize the excitement for summer by giving students and families a jump starts on Summer Fun at Lagoon. The Summer Fever Fundraiser will offer an exclusive discount to Utah School Families, and the Education Foundations will reap the benefits.