Article: The Talent Show: Behind the Curtain and More.

Springville Junior High School News - Wed, 12/20/2017 - 10:14am
Attributions: Article by Raquel Marquez - SJHS Student Staff Writer
(more pictures available)


Ah the talent show! One of the biggest, if not, the biggest event at SJHS. An opportunity for students to show the school what tricks they’ve got up their sleeves, or simply a burning passion for music and the arts. It looks fun to be a part of, and many of these acts shock us because they come from the people who tend to be outcasts. But what lies behind the curtain of confidence these people drape over their faces when performing? If you keep reading, you’ll get an idea as to how these performers really feel. Before we get into what the contestants feel, let’s listen to what the audience has to say.

First off, what kind of performances are you expecting? This year’s freshmen, Sky David, Marsha Woods, Arianie Perez, and Daniel Boggess all agree that there’s going to be a lot of music related performances.

“A lot of singing, dancing, and instruments” Arianie said.

Another thing we should go over is of these students would ever consider auditioning, and what they’d do. When this topic popped up, it was a direct “no” from Sky, but she did say she’d play guitar and do it with a band. For Marsha, it depends on what she’d want to do.

“I’d probably show my art or an animation”, she answered.

What Daniel would consider doing is sing and “maybe an easy song on the guitar.”

Before we move on these people have a question for the contestants.

“Is it scary to be up there?” (Sky David)

“How are you not nervous in front of people?” (Arianie Perez)

Now that we’re through with that, let’s listen to what Hanah Cornaby and Christine White, two of the stars of the show have to say. How long did it take for them to figure out what they wanted to do, and were they hesitant about auditioning. Both girls were hesitant about the auditions.

“I was. I knew there were lots of talented people”, said Hanah.

“Yeah, especially since I wrote my own song.” (Christine White).

Judging by the applause they received from the crowd that Friday morning, they both did an amazing job. Well, that’s all the time we have. So what was your favorite performance and will you consider signing up for next year?

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Article: Jessica Shumway- The only SJHS girl wrestler!

Springville Junior High School News - Wed, 12/20/2017 - 10:05am
Attributions: Article by Cheyenne Skinner - SJHS Student Staff Writer

A lot of you know about SJHS  wrestling team, but did you know that their is only one girl on the team?! If you didn’t you should know! Because she is doing awesome and she is awesome! Her name is Jessica Shumway and she’s pro! Although she started 2 years ago, she is winning A LOT! Jessica Shumway was born a great strong wrestler! Read more to get all the facts!

In 6th grade Jessica played football and learned that she liked tackling people. This sent her down a path of wrestling and fun! Jessica has won 38 out of 48 meets. That is amazing! Cody, a SJHS wrestler, said “It’s embarrassing for other teams because she annihilates them!” Jessica may be a normal student at school, but when playing wrestling she a beast!

Being the only girl on the wrestling team has its consequences though. Jessica said, “A lot of people think different about me.” Except if you get to know her, then you will know that there is a whole different side to her! The wrestling team is doing great this year so far and hopefully they will continue to.! When you get the chance say hi to Jessica Shumway in the halls, remember she is the only SJHS girl wrestler.


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Article: All About Mrs. Reese

Springville Junior High School News - Wed, 12/20/2017 - 9:52am
Attributions: Article by: Mathew king - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Mrs. Reese is a 9th grade Geography and World Civilizations teacher. She moved from Diamond Fork to our school this year. Mrs. Reese is a really fun teacher who teaches with really good methods, like activities around the classroom. Last week, her students were able to take a quiz as a class, going around the room and working together to earn our score. Ms. Reese is not married, but has "200 kids"! She loves her students and has lots of fun with them.

Amanda Gardner, a ninth grade student in Mrs. Reese’s 7th period class says “I love that class because it is entertaining to watch some of the students in the class goof around when they aren’t supposed to.” Although some people mess around Mrs. Reese is really good about getting everybody back on task to learn. Emily Snyder says that “Mrs. Reese is really nice and funny, and also makes assignments really fun at times.”

Mrs. Reese came to Springville because “I LOVE Springville! Fifteen years ago, I actually did my internship at SJHS so, for me, transferring to SJHS is like coming home. At Diamond Fork, I taught/collaborated with an amazing teacher (Vicki Gardner) who retired at the end of the school year last year, and it felt like her leaving DF was a great time for me to make a change, too. In addition, our SJHS Principal, Ryan McGuire, also taught at DF when it was Spanish Fork Middle School and he also taught with Vicki Gardner. I actually taught in Mr. McGuire's old classroom! Mrs. Gardner would always talk about Mr. McGuire and how wonderful he is! So, when there was a job opening at SJHS, it was a no-brainer for me to seize the opportunity to work with him.”

Some of Mrs. Reeses hobbies are; drawing, painting, graphic designing, singing, and traveling. She also like tapioca pudding, and would rather be trapped in a pit of spiders because snakes totally freak her out. In her opinion she likes summer over winter and since she is a history teacher she loves celebrating Thanksgiving because of what it celebrates, its historical roots in our country, and because it's a holiday created by President Lincoln. But, she doesn’t really care if people start celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving, either.

Mrs. Reese is a really nice teacher and if you see her in the halls or in class be sure to say hello.

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Article: Especially 4 Athletes

Springville Junior High School News - Wed, 12/20/2017 - 8:32am
Attributions: Article by Oakley Toelupe and Kekoa Akiona - SJHS Student Staff Writers

There are a lot of sports in the world. Football, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, just to name a few. And there’s a super cool program, called Especially for Athletes, that helps you improve your sports skills, just as much as your social skills, like talking and also being nice. Bullying is something they don’t really tolerate. So, other than keeping sports real and bullies away, what is E4A? Well, they came to Springville Jr. High School just a few weeks ago and some kids have a few thoughts on it.

“The assembly was kinda cool,” Parker was saying about the man who introduced the program to our school, “It kinda showed you what their about on a different level, I guess. Like, how they’re more than just sports players and all.” He says it never occurred to him that the big football players, and the tall basketball players could be so inspirational. So, it was nice to see some inspirational talks and know that those big guys know what’s going on at the schools these days.

Miguel Pina, an 8th grade boy, also went to the E4A assembly. He was thinking the same thing as Parker. “Yeah, it’s so weird that those sports players can be so inspirational. I never thought that was true.” It’s weird how everybody seemed so surprised at the fact that anyone can be inspirational. And most of them started here. That’s right. E4A.

All in all, they said they’ve been getting good reviews. Each of the students we talked to said they liked the idea that they were talking about, and enjoyed the assembly. Would you take the pledge for E4A? Join the movement at


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Band and Orchestra at the Elementary Schools

Mapleton Junior High School News - Wed, 12/20/2017 - 7:35am
Attributions: Emily Smith
(more pictures available)

The band and orchestra have been busy presenting Holiday Assemblies for five of our local elementary schools. The students did a great job and the elementary kids loved it!

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Skyhawk Students of the Month!

Salem Hills High School News - Tue, 12/19/2017 - 3:28pm


Congratulations to our students of the Month at SHHS!

10th Grade - Jacob Ith and Selina Dennis

11th Grade - Kaitlin Slade and Todd Wilson

12th Grade - Whitney Wagner and Brent Watson



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Penny Wars Dance And Winners Announcement!

Mt Nebo Junior High School News - Tue, 12/19/2017 - 1:37pm

Congratulations to the 7th students at MNJHS for winning our school Penny Wars!  Money donated through this fundraiser goes directly towards helping students at our school. A big thank you to all those who participated and helped make our Penny Wars successful. As a reward, the winning 7th graders will be released 5 minutes early for lunch tomorrow. There will also be a Christmas Dance tomorrow, December 20th, from 3-5pm. The cost is $3. Students will be allowed to wear Santa hats to the dance.

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Red Devil Wrestler on fire; takes home three consecutive championship wins

Springville High School News - Tue, 12/19/2017 - 12:11pm

(more pictures available)

Simote ILoa  has won all three of the last consecutive wrestling tournaments.  He won 1st place at the Christmas Clash and Skyhawk Showdown.  Amazingly, he went undefeated at the Nephi Winter Classic. 

The Skyhawk Showdown was held at Salem Hills High on Saturday, December 2,  Nephi Winter Classic was held on Friday, December 8, at Juab High School, and the Christmas Clash was held on Friday, December 15, in Farmington.

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Red Devil Wrestlers take 1st and 2nd place at Christmas Clash

Springville High School News - Tue, 12/19/2017 - 12:10pm

(more pictures available)

Red Devil Wrestlers take 1st and 2nd place at Christmas Clash

Red Devil Wrestlers Simote ILoa and Aaron Mele took 1st and 2nd places respectively on Friday, December 15, at the Christmas Clash in Farmington.

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Mr. Francom wins the Crystal Apple Award at SHHS!

Salem Hills High School News - Tue, 12/19/2017 - 10:55am

The Crystal Apple Award is given to one teacher in each school per year. Mr. Francom was recognized by his peers and chosen to receive the award this year at SHHS.  Congratulations to Kyle Francom! We are honored to be able to teach and work alongside you! 

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MJHS Annual Fundraiser Was a Huge Success

Mapleton Junior High School News - Tue, 12/19/2017 - 9:51am
Attributions: Jessica Mohler, Nate Whitney

The Mustang Charitable Fundraiser recently finished up by raising $3479.20 that will now go toward three different causes. First, it was used last week to fund our Sub for Santa project - Student government students went shopping and bought gifts for local kids so they can have a christmas that they might not have had. Second, we will be buying fleece and tying the ends to make blankets for Utah Valley Hospital Primary Children's Network in Provo. Lastly, with the remaining money we will be donating supplies to a women and children shelter that helps local women and children going through a crisis. Thank you for your amazing support of this holiday tradition!

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One of Us Award

Salem Hills High School News - Tue, 12/19/2017 - 8:52am

On Friday, December 15th we had our Pursuing Victory with Honor Assembly. It was a pleasure to recognize our students that have performed well in athletics and the arts. We also had the special pleasure of honoring one of our faculty members. Greg Wilson has been fighting cancer. He has been an incredible example to all of us of what it means to pursue victory with honor. He has been positive and strong through the whole ordeal. He and his beautiful family have been here to support all our students in their various activities. It was a pleasure to honor Mr. Wilson, and to offer some of the money that we raised in our Make-A-Wish Week to help him and his family. We are so proud that he is "One of Us"! 

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US History Honors Track

Mapleton Junior High School News - Tue, 12/19/2017 - 7:37am
Attributions: Suzanne Rowley

It's time for US History Honors track students to complete their term 2 project! This was done by Hannah Hill. Isn't it amazing? We have so much talent at MJHS!

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Announcements for the week of December 18th

Springville High School News - Mon, 12/18/2017 - 5:34pm

Please see the PDF for this week's announcments and information. Students will be released at 11:15am on Thursday, 12/21/17. School will resume on Tuesday, 1/2/18. Have a wonderful break!

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Volleyball Region Champs

Spanish Fork Junior High School News - Mon, 12/18/2017 - 4:45pm
(more pictures available)

Last August, Spanish Fork High School held tryouts for the high school volleyball team. Among the 26 girls who made the team were six freshmen from Spanish Fork Jr. High School including Trinity Benson, Brooklyn Pintar, Jessi Mangum, Zoie Lockhart, Kennady Charlton, and Shelbee Reid. 

These girls worked hard, practicing on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, with games on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

How did it feel to play as a freshman on the high school team? Brooklyn Pintar said, “The high school girls were super nice and fun to play with!” Brooklyn’s goals are to become better as an individual and as a team. 

Trinity Benson, who was a starting varsity player said, “Being a freshman and playing on the varsity team was a whole new experience and was really exciting. All the girls were really nice and we got to be good friends.”  Trinity’s goals: “I would like to be a four year varsity starter and possibly continue to play at the college level. It was really neat to be the only freshman that got to start varsity and get to play in the state tournament.” 

Congratulations on being Region Champs this season! Way to go girls! 

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Spanish Fork Junior High School News - Mon, 12/18/2017 - 4:40pm

We will run a shortened schedule for the half day before Christmas break as follows:

PERIOD 1: 8:00-8:30PERIOD 2: 8:35-10:05 (Assembly)1st assembly is 8:40-9:20 with class from 9:20-10:052nd assembly is class from 8:40-9:20 and assembly at 9:25-10:05PERIOD 3: 10:10-14:40PERIOD 4: 10:45-11:15 

Times for the assembly are approximate and may change 3rd and 4th periods. There will be no lunch served on Thursday. Students will know which assembly they are in based on their 2nd period teacher.

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Cross Country Coaches Really Made a Difference

Spanish Fork Junior High School News - Mon, 12/18/2017 - 4:35pm
(more pictures available)

Several of our junior high school students had the opportunity this year to participate on the high school cross country team including Ammon Beck, Bayleigh Redd, Ethan Binks, Daniel Buckley, Tyler Reese, David Riding, Josie Wright, and Allyson Fernandez. 

The season began about halfway through August and went through the middle of October, but training began much earlier. These athletes began their training in June, practicing throughout the summer including attending a mountain camp. Mountain camp gave the students a chance to train on a lot of hills and grow together as a team. 

Once school began, students practiced every day after school with meets on Fridays. Sometimes the courses were dirt and grass with grueling hills. Other times the course was flat with lots of pavement.

 Bayleigh Redd said, “It was so amazing to work with the coaches and athletes at the school. Coming in as a freshman, I did not expect to be welcomed as well as I was. I assumed that I wouldn't be of much importance to the team because I was very young and new to the team, but the team helped me improve much more than I thought I would be able to. They took in all the freshmen and helped them with everything. The whole team is very supportive of each other and wants everyone to do well. The coaches helped all the athletes to know what they had the potential to do and know how to do it. They helped to push everyone to improve. I could immediately tell that the coaches cared about the team and wanted the best for everyone. It was nice having coaches that were so experienced and knowledgeable. Coach Kary, Coach Cable, and Coach Romney all played a part in helping me do as well as I did, and everyone benefited because of them.” 

Congratulations on a great season!

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Lobo Update 12/18/17

Spanish Fork Junior High School News - Mon, 12/18/2017 - 4:29pm

Parents, Students, and Friends –


We will run a shortened schedule for the half day before Christmas break as follows:

PERIOD 1: 8:00-8:30 PERIOD 2: 8:35-10:05 (Assembly) 1st assembly is 8:40-9:20 with class from 9:20-10:05 2nd assembly is class from 8:40-9:20 and assembly at 9:25-10:05 PERIOD 3: 10:10-10:40 PERIOD 4: 10:45-11:15  

Times for the assembly are approximate and may change 3rd and 4th periods. There will be no lunch served on Thursday. Students will know which assembly they are in based on their 2nd period teacher.


We have less than 3 days until Christmas break and we continue to help students have Cs, Bs, and As by the holidays! Please check Aspire SIS often to help your child finish assignments and turn in work so they can enjoy the holidays. WE HAVE LESS THAN 100 STUDENTS OUT OF 1,250 WITH DEFICIENT GRADES.


Penny Wards was very successful and our students really stepped up this year. We do not yet have totals, but Mr. Lawrence will be announcing the total this week. Thank you for supporting this project and encouraging students to participate. We will present Nebo Credit Union Warm the Soles with the money raised on Thursday during the assembly. Way to go Mr. Lawrence and Spanish Fork’s National Junior Honor Society.


From Desmond Tutu, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, “Forgiveness says you are given another chance to make a new beginning.” As we follow the Lobo Way, we forgive and accept others and use mistakes as learning opportunities to grow and improve.


The Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run (PACER) test is a maximal aerobic fitness test.

Lines are placed 20 meters apart. The test involves continuous running between the two lines in time to recorded beeps. The time between recorded beeps decreases each minute (level) requiring an increase in pace. The students continue until they are unable to keep pace with the beeps. There are a total of 21 levels, which would take approximately 21 minutes to complete.

By class period, the top students are listed with the number of runs between lines:


1st- Kaleb Feland                    1902nd- Jordan Tingey                 1363rd- Taggert Harrison             1804th- Darian Harrison               134        Chloe Evans/Anna Salisbury   1005th- Tanner Koyle                   1836th- Colton Barraclough         210          McKenzie Clark                       1207th- Ryan Cobb                       151


3rd- Mckay Schaffer               1614th- Peyton Harrison              1406th- David Riding                    1407th- Nicolas Almiron and Julio Morales 148


Dec 18th:                GBB and BBB Payson @ SFJHS 3:30Dec 19th:                 GBB – American Fork @ SFJHS 3:30Dec 20th:                 Wrestling @ Salem JHS 3:30Dec 21st:                 HALF DAY OF SCHOOL – SEE SCHEDULE IN LOBO UPDATE AND ON WEBSITEChristmas Assembly 8:35 – 10:05 (1st @ 8:40, 2nd @ 9:25) – Shortened ScheduleDec 22nd:                Christmas Break begins – school resumes on January 2, 2018


HAPPY HOLIDAYS! See you on January 2nd. 

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SHHS Wintertide!

Salem Hills High School News - Mon, 12/18/2017 - 4:22pm

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