Annual 5k/1 Mile Fun Run

Sierra Bonita Elementary News - Wed, 04/01/2015 - 9:00pm
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Coming on Saturday, April 25th is our 4th annual Sierra Bonita 5k/Mile Fun Run event.  The 5k will begin at 9am and the 1 Mile Fun Run will begin at 10am at the school.  Each participant needs to have a waiver completed and turned in by April 23rd.  Waivers are attached and can be printed at home or they are also available at the office.  The event is free of charge.  Thank you to Erin Creamer for organizing this event!

Bears Bulletin - April 2015

Sierra Bonita Elementary News - Wed, 04/01/2015 - 7:56pm

Envision Utah Survey
Envision Utah is working with Governor Herbert to gather information from Utah citizens to help build a vision for Utah’s future. The method for gathering information is a survey titled Your Utah Your FutureThe goal is to have 50,000 participate, and schools have been invited to help get the word out. The survey is located at  and will be live beginning April 2. Your participation will assist our state and Sierra Bonita. Our school will receive $1 for each adult that completes the survey and marks Sierra Bonita at the end of the survey.

It’s expected that it will take anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes to take the survey on how deeply you want to dive into any of the topics. By completing this survey your voice will be heard in shaping Utah’s future, and at the same time, you will be supporting Sierra Bonita Elementary. Thank you!



Class Request Information for the 2015-2016 School Year

Sierra Bonita will continue the same process used last year regarding class requests and special considerations for next school year. Parents who would like to share a request (including AM/PM kindergarten) or other information with me regarding their child’s class placement for next year, are invited to come to the school’s front office during the request window of May 18-29 to receive and fill out a request form.

In order for a request to be accepted, it must be completed according to the guidelines on the form, have a secretary’s approval, and be received by a member of our office staff during the request window (May 18-29).

Forms will not be sent home. The gathered information/requests will be combined with other academic and school information as I work to balance classes according to range of student ability, behaviors, gender, and the number of students. If you have any questions, please visit with me or a member of the school’s office staff.   

Thank you. 

Mike Larsen

Aladdin Play
Thank you for your support for our school play, Aladdin. Each performance brought joy to so many. Thanks to our students, faculty, and parents who participated and gave so much of their time, energy, and resources. It truly was a Magical Experience for all.

Peak Reader Passes
We want to send a reminder that the Peak Readers from Seven Peaks are due back to the school this Friday, April 3rd. Please make sure that the form is signed by student and parent.  Seven Peaks will not accept unsigned or late entries. If you have questions, please contact a member of our school office staff.

Penny Wars
Sierra Bonita PTA will be coordinating a Penny Wars Competition from April 13-17. The proceeds from this friendly competition will be used to fund technology purchases at the school. We thank our PTA and our school community for your support!

5K and 1 Mile Fun Run - Saturday, April 25th

9:00 AM Start time for 5K.     10:00 AM Start time for 1 Mile Fun Run

We invite all Sierra Bonita students and families to participate.  We will need a waiver/ permission for each individual to participate.  Both the minor and adult waivers are available on the Sierra Bonita website at  We will also have additional waivers in the office.  The waivers are due by Wednesday, April 22nd.  This event is free of charge.


Second Grade Field Trip to Harward Farms

Hobble Creek Elementary News - Wed, 04/01/2015 - 5:41pm
Attributions: Photo Mrs. Bingham
(more pictures available)

The second grade visited the Harward Farm.

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Barnett Barker Newsletter- April 2015

Barnett Elementary News - Wed, 04/01/2015 - 3:58pm
(more pictures available)

Please see the April 2015 Newsletter attached below.

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Who's Who Wednesday

Santaquin Elementary News - Wed, 04/01/2015 - 2:28pm

Miss Willes is our 4th grade intern teacher.  She grew up in Payson, Utah.  She has one brother and a teacup Yorkie named BUSTER.

Her favorites are sushi, reading, Yoga, running, country dancing, and playing with her dog.  Her favorite subjects in school were P.E. and Language Arts.

Favorite List

  1. Movie – Harry Potter
  2. Actor – Jim Cary
  3. Music – Tyler Hilton and Skillet


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Canyon's College Week!

Canyon Elementary News - Wed, 04/01/2015 - 2:17pm
(more pictures available)

This month, students in grades 1-6 have been learning about college and careers from Mrs. Lewis, the School Counselor. They learned about how important college is, and that it's never too early to start planning for college!

Last week Canyon had its first annual College Week, where students and teachers dressed up in their college gear and students did a mascot trivia game, where winners got some fun college shirts and other fun college things!  Student Council also gave everyone fun facts about colleges every morning. (Did you know that Mrs. Perkins was her school's mascot in college?)

Ask your child what they learned, and what college THEY are going to!


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Salem Arts Fair

Salem Elementary News - Wed, 04/01/2015 - 12:49pm

(more pictures available)

Students did a fantastic job showcasing their artistic abilities in the Salem Elementary Art Fair.  

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Spirit Week

Salem Elementary News - Wed, 04/01/2015 - 11:39am
(more pictures available)

Students at Salem Elementary really know how to show their school spirit!  

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Fifth Grade Science Fair

Salem Elementary News - Wed, 04/01/2015 - 11:22am

(more pictures available)

The 5th graders did a fantastic job with the Science Fair. They planned and executed excellent projects, and presented them to parents and students. The students had fun and learned a lot through the Science Fair experience.

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Kindy 500

Salem Elementary News - Wed, 04/01/2015 - 11:15am

(more pictures available)

Salem Elementary's kindergarten students excitedly showed up to school, sporting their new cars.  Their cardboard, Kindy 500 Cars, that is.   Students then drove their cars through the hallways of school, making several stops throughout the day, to learn about many of our Nation's memorials and patriotic symbols.  Students had a wonderful time on their road trip, visiting Lincoln Memorial, The Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Bell, Mt. Rushmore, a Bald Eagle, and more!  Students were especially excited for the soveniers that they were able to take home.

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Dan Hansen Crystal Apple Award Recipient

Wilson Elementary News - Wed, 04/01/2015 - 10:43am
(more pictures available)

     Dan Hansen is a great asset to Wilson School. He goes the extra mile in everything that he does. He is a loyal teacher and friend. He has taught at Wilson School for 25 years. HE has taught 3rd, 5th, and 6th grades. He even spent one year teaching in Japan. 

     Dan is the first one to the school every morning, and one of the last teachers out the door at night. He is always willing to help with all of our technical needs at anytime of the day or night. He will drop whatever he is doing to help a fellow teacher in a pinch. 

     Dan is an expert with scince and technology. He spends extra time preparing fun and creative lessons that his students love. One student said that the best thing about Mr. Hanson is, "that he makes everything into games and that makes learning fun. He also makes sure we have P.E. every day." 

     Dan also helps studnets before and after school develop their talents by teaching them how to play the guitar. In other words, he is a man of great patience!

      We at Wilson School feel very fortunate to have Dan as a part of our team. He is a great guy, a great teacher, great friend, and an amazing person. 

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Fifth Grade Program

Westside Elementary News - Wed, 04/01/2015 - 9:58am
(more pictures available)

On Wednesday, April 1st, the fifth grade students at Westside performed their program for the school and for their parents and families.  The program focuses on special events and music throughout United States history,- especially during the 1900's.  Students and teachers alike came dressed reflecting a particular decade throughout history.

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Mountain Man Rendezvous

Barnett Elementary News - Wed, 04/01/2015 - 8:37am
Attributions: Lynette White

Barnett Elementary held it’s annual Mountain Man Rendezvous on Friday, March 13th.   Students dressed up as mountain men and enjoyed an afternoon spending their beaver pelts earned in class.  At the trading post students learned the value of bartering.  Parent volunteers and students tried to see who would be victorious in bartering for special items.

 Students also participated many feats of skill trying to out-do their partner in strength, skill, and savvy.  They proved which of them were the best in: catching fish by hand, leg wrestling, arm wrestling, target practice, stick pull, balance and strength activities, plus many other feats of skill.  

 When they got plumb hungered, there were buffalo chips, Bridger’s brew, and fry bread to satisfy their cravings.  To top off the Rendezvous activity, the students settled in around a campfire to hear the best tall tale tellers share their yarns.  

 Special heartfelt thanks go to the many parents who volunteered to help make this years rendezvous a success.  

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Brockbank Students Enjoy "Marva & Jessie" Assembly

Brockbank Elementary News - Tue, 03/31/2015 - 11:55pm
(more pictures available)

Brockbank has a character education program where each month, a different group of teachers and staff act out a common scenario that could happen any day at school. "Marva and Jessie" (a.k.a. Mrs. Terri Jensen, school counselor and Mrs. Kristel Peterson, sixth-grade teacher) are "students" at Brockbank who have different experiences each month that they share with the students. This year's topics were Friendship, Patriotism, Conflict Resolution, Hard Work, and most recently Self Confidence. Students love watching their teachers, janitor, principal, and other staff members act out the parts of the program!


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Brockbank Staff Spotlight!

Brockbank Elementary News - Tue, 03/31/2015 - 11:21pm

Brockbank is happy to spotlight Mrs. Wendy Dimond.

Mrs. Wendy Dimond  teaches transitional kindergarten. She and her husband live in Payson and one son and one daughter. Wendy likes reading, doing cross stitch, crocheting, handy work, traveling, politics, and cleaning. Some of her favorites are the color blue, licorice (any flavor), coke zero, the movie, "Maleficient" (which happens to be the last movie she saw), mystery books written by John Grisham, Mary Higgins Clark, and Dan Brown, the song, "Cinderella" song by Steve Chapman (says it reminds her of her husband and daughter), and eating at Mi Rancherito in Payson. Her favorite vacation destination is Hawaii. Something Wendy said not everyone knows about her is that she is a political junkie! Before coming to Brockbank, Wendy was an ESL tech for 9 years at Wilson and Spring Lake, subbed for 2 months at Taylor, and taught one year at Park. We are so glad Wendy came to Brockbank! She is a great addition to our staff! 


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March Fantastic Falcons

Foothills Elementary News - Tue, 03/31/2015 - 9:15pm

Congratulations to our March Fantastic Falcons

Taylor: Paige HarrisKindergartenDavid Carter, Caleb Gunderson, Jaden Conant, Brooke Peterson, Thomas Richards, Dallin Rogers, Braxdon Ash, Dominic Francom, Rainn Yoder,1st Grade Reesa Garner, Katherine WilsonLundell: Seth Dayley, Afton McConahayWard: Avery Argyle, Paxton Ramsey, Payzlie Taylor2nd GradeCope: Miloh Garner, Leah Ford, Annie BigelowEddington: Sarah Strassburg, Regan SwensonJacobsen: Tylar Barney, Milo Cope, Amelia HawkinsShipp: Brock Mortensen, Gus Brinkerhoff, Landon DeHartSwenson: Keyana Murray, Sienna Pope, Ryan Taylor

3rd GradeBrindley: Maggie Abbott, Katey Marziale, Cohen PenrodMarzan: Layken Averett, Ashton Henderson, Kenna WimmerRoberts: Elizabeth Burnah, Kira Hamblin, Bradyn RaymerThurgood: Isaac Christensen, Yadira Guzman, Miles Hadfield, Kate Richards4th GradeGammell: Isaac Button, Anna Belle Gunderson, Natassja NebekerHaskell: Bailey Black, Brennon Hawkins, Sophie SokolMuhlestein: Corbin Harris, Emery Moser, Ryan PulleyRobison: Avery Blanchard, Rylee Jackson, Benjamin Miller5th GradeHiatt: Oakley Bates, Kennedy Goodsell, Tyler Larsen, Emma SackettMuhlestein: Lauren Black, Miki Black, Carter WorkmanScharf: Garrett Scott, Austenne VanValkenburghThorpe: Landon Ealey, Trey Hunter, Joshua McGowan6th GradeBushman: Westin Corless, Tanner Rogers, Josie WoolstenhulmeElliott: Hyrum Gunderson, Ethan Prins, Max WilsonPetro: Zachary Butler, Kristen Grogg, Kyler HiteRussell: Jentrie Hanson, Calvin Myers, Dawson Turner

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Quiet as a Mouse Day

Foothills Elementary News - Tue, 03/31/2015 - 9:12pm

It was very quiet in the classroons on Quiet as a Mouse Day. Students enjoyed a day of communicating only through writing. 

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Made it by a Hair

Park Elementary News - Tue, 03/31/2015 - 4:01pm

(more pictures available)

Last month, Park students were challenged to read 180,600 minutes during the month of March in connection to the Champions Challenge Rodeo.  

Our little Panthers made it by a hair with 181,000 total minutes read.  As part of the challenge, Mr. Kay, Mr. Gull, Mr. Talbot, Mr. Glenn, and Mr. Hales agreed to let students shave their heads or beard.  Needless to say, we have a few bald teachers walking the halls of Park School.

Seven lucky students also won tickets to the Champions Challenge Rodeo next month, two students won a pair of Justin Boots.

We encourage students to continue reading and hopefully that reading can have a reverse affect and the hair of these men will grow back.


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March Victory Assembly

Park Elementary News - Tue, 03/31/2015 - 3:46pm
Attributions: Photo by Adam Gull

The following students earned Victories during the month of March:


Dakota Payton, Tierra Corbett, Kenslee Burnette, Levi Christley, Rylee Matthews, Ava Taylor, Preston Johnson, Jasmin Matute, Cohen Terry, Alyce Archuleta, Chloe Hansen, Trevor Miller, Hailey Christensen, Kelly Shoemaker, Talon Larsen, Savannah Stauffer, Kenyen Randall, Jasper Butler

Language Arts

Alan Juarez, Aspen Olsen, Katherine Nielson, Kayla Guerrero, Suade Tilton, Abby Platt, Wyatt Witt, Isaac Wiloughby, Brinley Strobel, Daxton Sabey, Kenna Warren, Landon Buchanon, Zackry Duke, Megan Parodi, Canyon Larsen, Lenneah De LaCadena, Karli Butler, Madi Thomas, Raven Barnett


Jonathon Roque, Greytl Musser, Isaac Chidester, Andrew Cook, Eliza Bristow, Alexis Carter, Sarah Olsen, Abraham Herrera, Joey Shotwell, Nakiya Bridges, Madeleine Wright, Zoee Mecham, Melanie Mulloy, Lexy Allen, Madilyn Beattie, Axston Squire

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Click It

Spring Lake Elementary News - Tue, 03/31/2015 - 3:22pm
(more pictures available)

On Thursday March 19th, representatives from Utah Valley University came to show students the importance of making sure they buckle their seat belts. There were several eggs that students drew faces on that did not buckle up in the car, and they cracked. We would hate for that to happen to someone we know. Student’s pledged to make sure they buckle up, and check to make sure others in the car with them, have also buckled up. Students were also taught the importance of making sure that seat belts are worn properly. They should be at the waist, and on the shoulder, not behind their backs, or under an arm. For some students, and booster is needed to help this happen.

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