Pioneer Day

Cherry Creek Elementary News - Fri, 05/16/2014 - 10:07am
Attributions: By Michelle Hartman
(more pictures available)

On Wednesday, 4th grade students stepped back into time to discover
what life may have been like for young pioneers. From games to button
sewing and nail pounding students were able to explore a variety of
activities and discover multiple tasks that were time consuming and
very different from what they are used to spending their time doing.

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Life Jackets Buy Time

Santaquin Elementary News - Fri, 05/16/2014 - 9:58am

The faculty at Santaquin Elementary sported life jackets sponsored by Utah State Parks, Boating Division, in recognition of National Safe Boating Week.

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It Pays to Read!

Foothills Elementary News - Thu, 05/15/2014 - 9:43pm
(more pictures available)

Students were rewarded for reading all year long at the "It Pays to Read" assembly.

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Making Peanut Butter in 2nd Grade!

Brookside Elementary News - Thu, 05/15/2014 - 8:44pm
(more pictures available)

Second graders at Brookside have been learning about natural resources and goods & services.  As an activity students made peanut butter.  Students shelled peanuts, and watched as salt, suger and oil were added to the ground up peanuts to make peanut butter.  Students tasted it and loved it!

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April Fantastic Falcons

Foothills Elementary News - Thu, 05/15/2014 - 8:38pm

(more pictures available)
  • Taylor: McKay Benson
  • Peterson: Zander Burke, Avery Miner
  • Kindergarten: Alison Roden, Grant Stevens, Colin Conant, Samuel Devore, Cruz Hadley, Beckham Penrod, Abigail Southam, Kian Van Valkenburgh, Adalyn Kirk, Alexia Richards
  • 1st Grade: Milo Cope, Mason Rogers, Savanna Seat, Sarah Strassburg,Benjamin Curley, Jaidyn Heller, Ethan Hopkins, Elsie Jones, Myleigh Bigler, Afton Christensen, Porter Harmon, Abraham France, Karissa Murray, Brandon Snow
  • 2nd Grade: Maggie Abbott, Brock Thomas,Deuel Cheney, Cameron Kaletta, Logenn Marziale, Elexa Roundy, Braxton Bills, Carson Bybee, Katey Carly, Hunter Smith,Kira Hamblin, Grace Lassen, Kenadi Lee, Ella Roden, Peyton Slye,Isaac DeGraw, Kayden Whitaker
  • 3rd Grade: Ashley Hiatt, McKray Thorpe, Tessa Treanor, Anna Belle Gunderson, Connor Ramondini, Treyson Zobell, Sophie DeGraffenried, Brennon Hawkins, Katelyn Kirk, Brooks Johnson, Ammon MacArthur, Benjamin Miller, Sophie Sokol
  • 4th Grade: Taggert Argyle, Andre Callister, Micah Flint, Olivia Garrick, Lindsay Goold, Lucy Groberg, Ezekiel Watson, Samantha Bleggi, Conner Guest, Kanyon Rasmussen, Olivia Taylor, Oakley Bates, Abigail Harding, Abbie Lasson, Gabriel Shallenberger, Austin Slye, Julian Snow, Kade Dimick, Amy Johnson, Austin Taylor, Miki Black
  • 5th Grade: Sheala Jean, Dawson Turner, Meili Wilder, Logan Boswell, Kristen Grogg, Ethan Miller, Trace Palmer, Olivia Christensen, Alex Lindberg, Ashlyn Pulley, Logan Blanchard, Kyler Hite, Kaden Kirk, Everett Linn, Samantha Ostler, McKay Snell, Chloe Sokol
  • 6th Grade: Zane Zobell, Lily Dayton, Olivia DeGraw, Kaylee Hiatt, Mersadie Black, Christian Hawkins, Samantha Wheelock, Colby Workman, Trayven Averett, Grace Briggs, Justin Christensen
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2nd Grade Animal Report & Habitat Display

Brookside Elementary News - Thu, 05/15/2014 - 8:33pm
(more pictures available)

Second graders spent the last month researching animals and creating habitats for their animals.  As a culminating activity they created an exhibit in their hall for the other grades to tour.  Parents were also invited to attend. It was a huge success!

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April Tigers of the Month

Brookside Elementary News - Thu, 05/15/2014 - 8:07pm

Tigers of the Month for April were 1st Grade: Lauren Clark, Jeremy Franco, Sophia Melendez, Taven Castillo, McKenna Brand and Harlee Crandall.   2nd Grade: Sabrina Southern, Abigail Hansen, Devon Anderson and Charity Barlow.  3rd Grade: Blaise Toelupe, Allie Prestwich, Sophie Laing and Matisse Jorgenson.  4th Grade:  Zackery Antonino, Trevor Grover, Calianne Skinner and Lydia Brooks 5th Grade: Adi Whiting, Maia Kentjana Putra, Elizabeth Nunez and Anahi Magallanes.   6th Grade: Josh Clark, Jordan Pugmire and Brayden Archer.

Thanks for showing your Tiger Pride!


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Retirement Open House for Brockbank Teacher - Mrs. Shelley Thomas

Brockbank Elementary News - Thu, 05/15/2014 - 4:57pm

Congratulations to Mrs. Shelley Thomas on her retirement!  

Shelley has been a teacher for 24 years. She began her career in Virginia where she taught for 7 years and then continued here in Utah for 17 more. Shelley has taught primarily Special Education during her years, but has taught regular education as well. She is certified in both areas. Whether it be a Special Education preschool, a Special Education resource class, a Special Education cluster unit or a regular education classroom, Shelley has helped each of her students receive his/her potential. She has worked diligently to find the best curriculum match for each student and is gifted at helping each student find success. She truly embraces what it means to differentiate her curriculum. Mrs. Shelley Thomas currently teaches transitional kindergarten at Brockbank. She and her husband live in Spanish Fork. Shelley has three daughters and one son. She loves listening to music, tole painting, and photography.

We are going to miss her but wish her the best in her retirement!


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Fun Run Reminder

Barnett Elementary News - Thu, 05/15/2014 - 4:55pm
(more pictures available)

Just a reminder about the Fun Run tomorrow morning!  Students will not be allowed to call for their waiver slips in the morning so please make sure to have them bring them in the morning, if they haven't brought them to school yet.  If you need another copy, just print off page 5 from the May 2014 Bulldog Barker (see attachments).

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3rd Grade Spelling Bee 2014

Barnett Elementary News - Thu, 05/15/2014 - 4:49pm
Attributions: Beth Knudsen
(more pictures available)

Thursday, May 15, 2014 was the annual 3rd grade Spelling Bee at Barnett Elementary.  Three contestants from each of the third grade classes participated in the Bee.  The participants did a fantastic job of spelling the words supplied to them by the proctor, Ms. Robyn Curtis.  Unfortunately, there could only be one winner and Lexie Christiansen took the day at this Bee.  The winning word was "squirrel."  Wonderful job to all the Spelling Bee spellers!

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Run, Fifth Grade Spanish Oaks ... RUN!

Spanish Oaks Elementary News - Tue, 05/13/2014 - 6:17pm
(more pictures available)

On Tuesday, May 13, the 5th grade students in the Spanish Fork area attended the annual Hershey Track Meet at Spanish Fork High School.  Students had fun competing in the 100 yard dash, 200 meter race, 800 meter relay, softball throw, and standing long jump.  It was a beautiful, sunny day and everyone had a great time, including the 5th grade teachers, who took had the opportunity to race!  Run, Fifth Grade ... RUN!

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Park Elementary News - Tue, 05/13/2014 - 4:58pm
Attributions: Article by Adam Gull Photos by Lorie Graham
(more pictures available)


If you know anything about Park Elementary, the first thing you would think of, is the Leader in Me program.  But, there is something else at Park that is just as special.  Mrs. Graham, our wonderful and caring computer specialist teacher, has spent about an hour a week for the past four months working with a special group of students called P.A.L.S or Park Advanced Learning System. 

In this group, students have been studying the history of our amazing city.  Students recently took a field trip around Spanish Fork learning about its’ Icelandic heritage and the Spanish explorers Escalante and Dominguez.  When visiting the Pioneer Cemetery, Spring Kemper said: “I had fun! Half of my family is Danish and we learned about the people who were Danish. I had so much fun reading all the signs.”  Hampton White said: “I definitely enjoyed learning about Spanish Fork and, hope to learn more.” 

Spanish Fork is a wonderful city with a rich heritage of pioneers and leaders in history.  Park Elementary also has a rich heritage and is a beacon in the community of Spanish Fork thanks to teachers like Mrs. Graham and the amazing P.A.L.S students!


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Brockbank Fourth Graders Enjoy Hershey Track Meet

Brockbank Elementary News - Tue, 05/13/2014 - 1:35pm
(more pictures available)

The fourth-grade Hershey Track Meet was recently held on Tuesday, May 6, 2014 at the Spanish Fork High School track. Brockbank fourth-graders worked really hard getting ready for this competition and it showed. Everyone that competed did a great job! 

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Seuss Assembly

Sierra Bonita Elementary News - Tue, 05/13/2014 - 1:33pm

(more pictures available)

Students and staff at Sierra Bonita Elementary recognized National Poetry Month by reading and writing poetry.  A school-wide poetry contest generated hundreds of original poems from all grade levels.   A few well known judges were enlisted to help select the winning poem.  Mrs. Shanna Stirland, Park View Elementary’s new principal, Mrs. Stephanie Galt, literacy coach, Mr. Nathan Pyfer, Grammy nominated songwriter, and Mr. Jason Gray, local comedian from Studio C, were chosen to complete the daunting task of picking just a few winners.  These winners were recognized at a Seuss themed awards assembly:

Grand Prize – Parker Thomas
First Place – Julianna Matteis
Second Place – Grace Johnson
Third Place – Coleton Rasmussen

Honorable Mention
Ava Welch – Kindergarten
Cher Jackson – First Grade
Carter Brandon – Second Grade
Jaydon Matsuoko – Third Grade
Jamie Payne – Fourth Grade
Anna Linford – Fifth Grade
Sydney Mitchell – Sixth Grade

Sierra Bonita was also honored to have a few distinguished guests in attendance. Mrs. Tami Pyfer, Education Advisor to Utah Governor Herbert, introduced the keynote speaker, Lt. Governor  Spencer Cox with a poem titled “What Does the Cox Say.”  Sierra Bonita students found out that the Lt. Governor does not like cauliflower or carrots but loves music and his family.   Lt. Governor Cox shared his passion for poetry and mesmerized the students with his favorite childhood poem “Casey at the Bat.”  When invited to the next Seuss assembly, Lt. Governor Cox replied “only if I can bring my band!”  Sierra Bonita is looking forward to next year’s assembly.