Onion Days Children's Parade Grand Marshall - Sean Reilly

Spring Lake Elementary News - Tue, 09/04/2018 - 2:13pm

(more pictures available)

On Saturday on of our students Sean Reilly was the Grand Marshall of the Children's Parade. Here is the write up the city did:

Sean lives in Payson and is the oldest child with two younger brothers, Jimmy and Connor. His dad, Wayne, is a Firefighter/Paramedic for West Valley City, UT., and his mom, Rachell, is a Registrar for eR Department at Intermountain Healthcare. His Uncle Terry is a Payson Police Officer, Payson Firefighter, and assistant eMS Chief. His Uncle Jason is a Utah Valley Police and Fire Dispatcher. Sean is proud that his family helps people who are sick and/or hurt. Sean attends Spring Lake elementary and was nominated by his school principal, Ms. Jordan. He will be in 6th grade this year, 2018-2019. He attended preschool at Spring Lake, and attended autism units for K-1st at Foothills elementary in Salem and for 2nd-3rd at Riverview elementary in Spanish Fork. He has attended regular classes at Spring Lake since 4th grade. Sean really loves being in the classroom, and is great at math and spelling. He enjoys music class, and had fun participating in Hope of America. His teachers love him for being organized and prompt, helping keep the class on-routine and on-time, and for his goofy sense of humor. Sean also participates in Boy Scouts and enjoys camping and hiking with his scout troup and his family. He likes to bounce out his extra energy on a trampoline and ride his scooter. He loves playing with his best friend, his brothers, and his uncles. His favorite colors are red and black. Sean loves all things angry Birds, “Phineas and Ferb,” Star Wars,” Lego and Minecraft games, Marvel movies/games, and puzzle games. 

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School Safety

Spring Lake Elementary News - Tue, 09/04/2018 - 1:58pm

For the safety of our students and staff the kindergarten door must remain closed and locked. Please help us by pulling the doors shut as you exit the building. All student and visitors must enter through the main doors at the front of the school. Thank You. 

You are still welcome to drop off students there in the morning. They will just have to walk down to the front of the school.

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Brookside 2nd Grade Students Raised Over $650 In 2018 For The Food And Care Coalition

Brookside Elementary News - Tue, 09/04/2018 - 12:27pm
Attributions: Mrs. Becky Jorgensen
(more pictures available)

In May 2018, 2nd graders from Brookside Elementary did a drive for loose change to turn over to the Food and Care Coalition.  The coalition can buy about $500 worth of food with every $200.  We were able to collect $654.93.  WOW! That is over $1500 in food that they were able to buy.  Besides fulfilling one of the social studies core standards of doing something for the community, second graders got practice sorting, counting, adding, and graphing money.  

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2018/2019 Reflections: Heros Around Me

Wilson Elementary News - Tue, 09/04/2018 - 11:03am

All Grades are welcome to participate in the 2018-2019 National PTA Reflections! This year’s theme is Heros around Me.  The deadline is October 12th.

To enter you need to have both 18-19 Official Rules for Participation page AND the Rules for the arts category which they plan to enter.

You can find those forms and additional information at http://www.utahpta.org/reflections

All information is in the office. Good luck Lions!



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Brockbank Picture Day Coming Soon

Brockbank Elementary News - Tue, 09/04/2018 - 10:22am

Brockbank Elementary picture day is Tuesday, Sept 11.  ALL students will get their picture taken this day, regardless of whether or not you order a packet - we want every student in their class picture. Younger siblings can come between 1:00 and 1:30 to get their picture taken.

Please remember neither the photographer or the office will have change. You can order pictures online at mylifetouch.com Brockbank's picture day ID is UM228074Q0 if you choose to order online. 

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PTA Reflections - Entries Due Oct 4!

Sage Creek Elementary News - Mon, 09/03/2018 - 10:09pm

Please click on the PTA tab on the left for more information.

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Partnering with Smith's to Earn iPads for Classrooms!

Sage Creek Elementary News - Mon, 09/03/2018 - 9:08pm

 If you are a Smith's reward member, you can link our school to your rewards which will result in Smith's giving us a fraction of all of your sales.  It will not reduce your benefits in any way, but is a way to give a charity of your choice some kickback (we hope you choose us!).  You can link us to your account on www.smithsfoodanddrug.com/inspire.  

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Bootcamp Assembly

Barnett Elementary News - Mon, 09/03/2018 - 9:07pm
Attributions: Marie Moore
(more pictures available)

Attention! On Wednesday, Barnett leaders were known as Barnett recruits. With teachers and students dressed up in camo, the scene was set for a great Bootcamp assembly. Sergeant Sheets led the Bootcamp assembly so our recruits could learn and master the rules. All of the teachers put on skits or played videos to help teach the recruits the rules of the school. This year, we are going to "Lead like Champions" and following the school rules will help! The recruits graduated from bootcamp, now all experts in following the rules. 

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Shaving Cream Sight Words

Spanish Oaks Elementary News - Fri, 08/31/2018 - 8:06pm
Attributions: Lindsay Robison
(more pictures available)

We killed two birds with one stone when we practiced writing our sight words with shaving cream!  Students got their practice and it also cleaned their desks! 

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2nd Grade Water Day

Spanish Oaks Elementary News - Fri, 08/31/2018 - 7:37pm
Attributions: Chrissie Robinson
(more pictures available)

2nd grade started the year out with a splash!! The kids had a great time playing some water games and then soaking their teachers and Mr. Billie! 

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September Explorer Events Newsletter

Spanish Oaks Elementary News - Fri, 08/31/2018 - 6:54pm


Please click on the "school news" link, and on the "pull down menu" you will find our September Explorer Events Newsletter  ...  School News

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4th Grade Makes Over 100,000

Park View Elementary News - Fri, 08/31/2018 - 5:54pm
(more pictures available)

In fourth grade, we jump from working with numbers in the thousands to working with numbers in the millions!  Those are some big numbers!  To help us better conceptualize large values, we used thousands cubes to show the framework of a million.  We discussed how each row of ten thousand cubes was equivalent to 10,000.  We found that ten rows of ten thousand cubes equaled a million!  This activity allowed us to explore the concept of the power of ten (10 ones = 1 ten, 10 tens = 1 hundred, 10 hundred = 1 thousand, etc.), and practice creating three forms of a number.  Using these manipulatives helped our students have a concrete visual of number value, which we will continue to use as we work on breaking down and building numbers. 


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Weekly Parent Newsletter 9/4-9/7

Mt Loafer Elementary News - Fri, 08/31/2018 - 5:06pm

Parent Newsletter   9/4/18

Early Arrival for Students:Please note that the school will be accessible to ALL students beginning at 8:00am. We do not provide direct student supervision until 8:30. If your student arrives early we will ask them to play on the playground or sit in the office until appropriate supervision is provided. At 8:30am all students will be allowed to access classrooms or play outside with direct supervision. And as always, we kindly ask kids not to run, play or wander the hallways or other classrooms in our building. Students are our top priority and we want them all the have a great experience each day! 

Bus Lane Pick-up/drop-off: Some clarification of where to access your students before or after school. Please be courteous and follow the painted lines on the curbing. 

Yellow painted lines = parent pick-up and drop-off zones (North & South ends)

Green painted lines = bus zone (Center East side)

We invite you to drop your student off or pick them up in the correct locations. The flow of traffic though tricky at times is critical to helping students arrive and leave safely. If you choose the North end of the building please pull through from the South end and leave on the North end. This will help us all do our best to get our grizzlies here and home. 

Please do not pull in to the green busing zone. Even if you do not see a bus we currently have 8 buses to transport students at Mt. Loafer and it is not an approved area for parents to park or pull through. 

PTO News: BOX TOP COLLECTION! September 13-14. Bring in 10 or more Box Tops and you get a bag of popcorn! Look for the Box Top table outside at lunch recess. 

Fall/Halloween Carnival: We will have our annual carnival on October 8th! Please mark your calendars and plan to come spend an evening full of outdoor fun with our grizzly family! Our awesome PTO does a great job planning and executing this event. Whether new or returning to Mt. Loafer we are excited to have you come support our PTO fundraiser.  

Spirit Friday: Each Friday our faculty & Staff as well as any students who want or choose to participate will have a Mt. Loafer Grizzlies Spirit Friday! We invite our grizzlies to show their school pride by wearing a Mt. Loafer Tee Shirt. If you are in need of a shirt The PTO will have school spirit shirts for sale in the front office. They are $10 each or 3 for $25. You may pay the PTO directly by check, cash or venmo. 

As always, If you have any questions regarding PTO please contact Tara Rasmussen at:  rrasfam@gmail.com


Upcoming Events:

Sept. 3 Labor Day- No School 

Sept. 5 Hearing screenings (k,1,3,6)

Sept. 7 Student Recognition Kick Off Assembly

Sept. 13 Jump Rope Assembly

Sept. 14 Vision Screenings

Sept. 17 Minimal Day- Students excused at 12:00pm

Sept. 18 Picture Day


Online Calendar: We will do our best to keep the online school calendar updated as well as send out announcements through our weekly parent newsletter this year. You can find the calendar under Upcoming Events located on the school webpage. http://mtloafer.nebo.edu

Have you checked out our facebook and instagram? Follow us @mtloafergrizzlies or search #mtloafergrizzlies on your IG to see the day to day happenings at our school! 

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Cabbage Contest!

Taylor Elementary News - Fri, 08/31/2018 - 4:01pm

4th graders....how did your cabbages do from 3rd grade?  It looks like Jentrie Walker’s cabbage grew pretty well! If  you would like to submit your cabbage in the growing contest, contact Mrs. Ellsworth or Mrs. Provstgaard for more information!  #beenheresince1866 #manytigersoneroar #taylormeansfamily #taylortraditions #cabbagecontest #thirdgradecabbages

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East Meadows Happenings

East Meadows Elementary News - Fri, 08/31/2018 - 3:39pm
(more pictures available)

It's been a great couple of weeks here at East Meadows!

We have great such great students, faculty and parents:) 

Thanks to all who help make East Meadows a great school!!!

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How Many Licks Does It Take To Get To The Center Of A Tootsie Pop?

Sage Creek Elementary News - Fri, 08/31/2018 - 3:39pm
(more pictures available)

Mrs. Evans 6th grade class asked this question while learning the Scientfic Method and even got to find out. If you have one of these students ask them, "So how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?"

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Mrs. Beckert's Monday Message

Brookside Elementary News - Fri, 08/31/2018 - 3:33pm
Attributions: Mrs. Dana Beckert

Dear Parents,

We are off to a great start for a wonderful school year. We bagan by welcoming the students back to school with a red carpet, balloons, and excitement. Thank you to everyone who helped provide this lively welcome.

Here are a few items of business as we begin our second week:

  • On September 12th, Brookside students have the opportunity to perform at the Nebo School District Board Meeting. Tami Evans has volunteered to put a choir together for that performance. They will practice each Wednesday afternoon until the performance date. This choir is for 4th through 6th grade students but 2nd and 3rd grade students are invited to join as well if they have an older sibling participating in the choir. We appreciate Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Gallagher for helping with this event and we appreciate your support.

  • This Friday at 2:45 pm we will be having our first fire drill of the year. I know this can be a frightening experience for our younger students so I wanted to make you aware of the drill in case you wanted to talk to your student prior to the drill. The office staff and teachers will help students understand that it is just a drill and that everything is OK. More information about our emergency drills can be found on the school’s web page in the parent handbook. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

  • Be watching for September’s Parent Newsletter. I will be sending it out toward the end of this week.

Have a wonderful evening and, again, thank you for all your support!

Dana Beckert


Brookside Elementary


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September Newsletter From Brookside Elementary

Brookside Elementary News - Fri, 08/31/2018 - 3:25pm
Attributions: Mrs. Dana Beckert
(more pictures available)

September Newsletter

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6th Grade Coding

Spanish Oaks Elementary News - Fri, 08/31/2018 - 3:01pm
Attributions: Mrs. Taylor

Mr. Quinton is working with the 6th graders on coding!

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School Carnival Silent Auction Items Needed

Sierra Bonita Elementary News - Fri, 08/31/2018 - 2:03pm

We are in need of donations for our School Carnival Fundraiser baskets! The money raised from these baskets will go directly to the school. A notice will go out about how these funds will be used throughout our school. To clarify, this is not a PTA fundraiser.

(Carnival will be held on Monday, September 10th 5-8:00pm.)

Below you will find a list of suggested basket items. Please turn in your donations to the front office. If you have a business, or know a business that would like to donate, please let us know.











Thank you to those who have already donated! We appreciate it so much!