Coding Class

Spring Lake Elementary News - Wed, 04/26/2017 - 9:28pm

This summer, Jr. High school students are invited to attend a fun 2-day workshop learning to code using’s App Lab and BBC’s microbit. Students will use App Lab to create apps that can be published and shared to run on any computer, tablet, or smartphone with a modern browser.

The BBC's microbit is a small hardware processing device (about 1/2 the size of a credit card). Projects will include: LED message display, thermometer, compass, connection to external LEDs, composing music, etc.

The registration fee for the two ½ days is $10.  Registration is limited to the first 25 students at each site. Enrollment is open to current 6th-8th grade students in Nebo School District.


Springville Jr. High School

June 6-7, 8 am -noon

Registration Link:

Salem Jr. High School

June 15-16, 8 am-noon

Registration Link:

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3rd Grade Track Meet rescheduled for May 4th

Spring Lake Elementary News - Wed, 04/26/2017 - 4:45pm

3rd Grade Track Meet rescheduled for May 4th

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FF State Competition

Maple Mountain High School News - Wed, 04/26/2017 - 3:57pm
Attributions: Story and photo by Jen Gardner.

We just got back from our state FFA contest and our Horse Evaluation team rocked it. They took 4th out of 62 teams! Ashley Rothaug was the 9th place overall high individual and Hannah Smith was the 10th out of about 180 kids! 

If you see the horse team, which is made up of Hannah Smith, Ashley Rothaug, Breanne Henry and Breanna Harding, tell them congratulations. Horse is one of the hardest contests to win, and they sure got close! 

3rd Grade Track Meet Cancelled

Goshen Elementary News - Wed, 04/26/2017 - 3:53pm

The 3rd Grade track meet scheduled for Thursday, April 26th has been cancelled because of rain.  It is being rescheduled for NEXT Thursday, May 4th.  Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Foothill Cloggers Visit Goshen School

Goshen Elementary News - Wed, 04/26/2017 - 3:48pm

(more pictures available)

Goshen school was visited by the Foothill Cloggers, led by Tara Osborn last week.  It was so fun to watch some of our students and the awesome talent they have!  The music, the rhythm and the dancing was enjoyed by everyone!  We would like to thank Tara, her assistants and all of the dancers for coming and performing for us!  Thanks so much!

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K-2 Dances about the Weather

Santaquin Elementary News - Wed, 04/26/2017 - 3:01pm
Attributions: Melanie Fillmore

This last week the K-2 classes at Santaquin Elementary used dance and movement to help them review, learn, and remember information about the weather.  As part of Nebo School District's GAINS (Growing Arts In Nebo Schools) program, Dance Specialist, Melanie Fillmore visited with these younger grades to model for teachers and provide for students a Dance Integrated learning experience.   Using the natural energy and movement qualities inherent in weather students: Skipped a happy skip (sunny)Did swinging and swooshing movement side to side (wind)Floated gently while swaying (snow)Moved from high to low with their arms and body (rain)Stomped and clapped (thunder)Did big, energetic, fast jumps (lightening)and MORE.   Students then acted as "meteorologists" and put the movements together in their own "5-day forecast." Students that move as part of their learning experience are shown to remember information better and retain it longer.  Good job Santaquin Elementary!

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Information for 3rd and 5th Grade Parents.

Taylor Elementary News - Wed, 04/26/2017 - 2:56pm

Hello 3rd and 5th Grade  Parents,     

Due to weather, the Track and Field has been rescheduled for next week. 5th Grade will have their meet on May  3rd and 3rd grade will have their meet on May 4th.  Sorry if this causes any inconvenience with schedules.   I think the kids will like 70  degree weather instead of rainy 30 degree weather.  I know I will.:)   

Just a reminder that Shadow Mountain Registration will start tonight for 5th Graders at 6:00 -8:00.  We will open the doors at 5:00 to allow parents to enter the building.     

If you have any questions, please call the office.Thanks,Mrs. Robbins

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5th Grade Track and Field - CANCELLED TOMORROW

Sierra Bonita Elementary News - Wed, 04/26/2017 - 2:14pm

Hi Parents of 5th Grade Students!

Mapleton Recreation just let us know that Track and Field Day for the 5th grade is CANCELLED for tomorrow!!!  We think with the rain all night tonight and a high in the 40’s tomorrow,  it will be just too wet and cold.  The make- up day will be Wednesday, May 17th.

Thank you!

Sierra Bonita Elementary

9th grade students learn from Salem EMT's

Salem Junior High School News - Wed, 04/26/2017 - 1:34pm
Attributions: KyLynn James

Ms James's class had EMT's visit her class today. The students learned about choking and basic first aid. This is the beginning of a CPR certification course that Ms. James will be doing with her students. Ms. James always has great opportunities for her students to learn fun and interesting lessons that are very relevant to students' lives. 

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Too Cool For School

Sierra Bonita Elementary News - Wed, 04/26/2017 - 12:32pm
Attributions: photos by: Miranda Graves

Students in Mrs. Graves third grade class are "Too Cool for School".

Recess Fun!

Sierra Bonita Elementary News - Wed, 04/26/2017 - 12:10pm
Attributions: photos by: Nadine White
(more pictures available)

Recess Fun!

MNJHS Track Meet This Friday, 4/28

Mt Nebo Junior High School News - Wed, 04/26/2017 - 10:59am
Attributions: Lynn Harmer

Our MNJHS Track Team is up and running!  If you haven't had a chance to watch one of their meets then head over to Spanish Fork High School this Friday, April 28th, from 2-5pm and see them go the distance!  Our students love hearing you cheer them on.


Black, Reagan Bibler, Hannah Bartholomew, Briana Burningham, Ella Boswell, Lukas Black, Brinlee Cabrera, Eduardo Brokaw, Hannah Chandler, Ben Christensen, McKenna Bundy, Kambry Christensen, Jarrett Clinger, Elmina Chandler, Olivia Cox, Tegan Davis, Kevin Cowan, Lauren DeHart, Tavah DeHart, Leah Dustin, Jaxon Ewell, Kylee Ewell, Kendell Edwards, Radyn Ewell, Rian Ewell, McKay Finai, Blaze Hall, Hunter Flinders, Jason Garcia, Alexa Hall, Isaiah Gull, Ammon Hardy, Cassidy Jockumsen, Gabe Hanks, Paisley Jensen, Oaklie Kilmer, Braxton Hansen, Sydney Johnson, Zac Kirkpatrick, Jacee Hazelet, Hannah Liddle, Megan McKnight, Josh Heaton, Madison Lloyd, Colton Miller, Jason Judd, Paiden (Greg) Marsh, Grace Neil, McKenzie Lindstrom, Lane Miller, Jeremy Quist, Hyrum Magdaleno, Antonio Neilson, Richelle Racule, Lini Mason, Hadley Nixon, Justin Risenmay, Ethan Montague, Marissa Orton, Colby Shannon, Thomas Morley, Monson Peterson, Brooklyn Sorensen, Maycie Nish, Alyssa Phong, Gideon Sorensen, TJ Quist, Abram Raff, Josh Stubblefield, Dallin Rhoade, Mak Rogers, Mary Alice Tarango, Emery-Lei Risenmay, Justin Scholl, Cameron Tew, Caiden Sabel, Allen Scholl, Kyle Todd, Kade Sabin, Gunner Seamons, Joslyn Tongi, Solomone Scott, Kendyll Small, Gabe Ventura, Coltran Taylor, Bridger Stinson, Kason Williams, Autumn Tischner, Kyler Taylor, Cache Williams, Natalie Williams, Mandy Thomas, Shaylee     Walker, Delaney     Walton, Izaak   Go Panthers!


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MNJHS Panthers of the Day - Tuesday, 4/20/17

Mt Nebo Junior High School News - Wed, 04/26/2017 - 10:40am
Attributions: Kirsten Bennett

Hear the ROAR! A Panther is: RESPECTFUL, OUTSTANDING, ACADEMIC and RESPONSIBLE!  Congratulations to Sebastian Perez and Megan Leiva for being nominated as our MNJHS Panthers of the Day on Thursday, April 20, 2017.  Sebastian was nominated for working extremely hard to get good grades.  Megan was nominated for always having a cheerful disposition and starting 4th term strong.

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MNJHS Panthers of the Day - Tuesday, 4/18/17

Mt Nebo Junior High School News - Wed, 04/26/2017 - 10:35am
Attributions: Kendall Call

Hear the ROAR! A Panther is: RESPECTFUL, OUTSTANDING, ACADEMIC and RESPONSIBLE!  Congratulations to LeRoy Kable and Yadira Vasquez for being nominated as our MNJHS Panthers of the Day on Tuesday, April 18, 2017.  LeRoy was nominated for helping other students understand math concepts.  Yadira was nominated for translating for another student and being kind during math. 

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3rd Grade Program

Mapleton Elementary News - Wed, 04/26/2017 - 10:30am

Our third grade students performed their program for the school today, and will be performing for the parents tonight at 6:30.  It is an amazing program that you will not want to miss!

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Kristen Van De Graaff is SaJHS Teacher of the Year

Salem Junior High School News - Wed, 04/26/2017 - 9:57am

Every year the faculty at Salem Junior High votes on who should be teacher of the year. This is an award that teachers give to one of their colleagues who represents everything that makes a teacher great. This year, Kristen Van De Graaff was chosen because she lives and breathes everything that makes a good teacher.

Mrs. Van De Graaff does a lot for this school and our students. She is involved in several important leadership roles at this school and always looks ahead with the goal of making a better learning environment for our students. She is a teacher who has a lot of passion for her content and her students. One thing that we admire about Mrs. Van De Graaff is that she always asks the hard questions and doesn't settle for easy answers. She pushes herself and others, and she does so with an infectous laugh and positive disposition. 

This is why we are happy to have Mrs. Van De Graaff at our school and chose her to be teacher of the year.

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Spanish Fork High School News - Wed, 04/26/2017 - 9:25am
Attributions: Kaylee Liddiard
(more pictures available)

Spanish Fork FFA competed in their State Career Development Events this week. We had 32 students compete in 10 different competitions. We had 4 teams place in the top 5 and an additional 3 in the top 10 and 8 individuals in the top 11.

Livestock: Amanda Olsen, Britton Redd, Jared Roach, Stran Sorensen

  • State Champions and will have the opportunity to represent Utah at nationals in October
  • Competed against 57 teams!
  • Jared Roach 3rd high individual out of 218 participants
  • Britton Redd 7th high individual out of 218 participants

Floriculture: Brylee Ferre, Brooklynn Giles, Kacie Jones, Josi Woodhouse

  • 4th Place out of 41 teams
  • Kacie Jones 2nd High Individual out of 165 participants
  • Brooklyn Giles 11th High Individual out of 165 participants.

Dairy Cattle: Lance Jensen, Jake Jones, Brady Orton, Jaiden Stewart

  • 4th Place Team out of 29 teams
  • Jake Jones 11th High Individual out of 100 participants

Nursery: Brylee Ferre, Kacie Jones, Zackery Prior, Gavin Swan

  • 4th Place out of 17 teams
  • Kacie Jones 5th High Individual out of 64 participants

Vet Science: Rochelle Christensen, Raquel Christensen, Noah Runolfson, Gavin Swan

  • 6th place out of 34 teams

Meats: Porter Olsen, Jessica Olsen, Brooke Sorensen, Kalley Stubbs

  • 6th place out of 25 teams
  • Kalley Stubbs 10th High Individual out of 73 participants

Poultry: Lance Jensen, Jake Jones, Brady Orton, Jaiden Stewart

  • 7th place out of 29 teams
  • Jake Jones 6th High Individual out of 113 participants

Horse: Ellie Ash, Bailee Argyle, Kacie Sorensen, Tanner Voorhees

  • 18 out of 62 teams

Food Science: Marlei Clayson and Storri Nelson

Ag Mechanics: Kyle Clark, Hayden Ferran, Dhanyata Hardman, Chase Holt

Congrats FFA members for all of your hard work!!


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Skyhawk Students of the Month

Salem Hills High School News - Wed, 04/26/2017 - 9:23am

Congratulations to our Skyhawk Students of the Month.  These students were nominated by teachers in the Math department.

 10th Grade Students

Myley George, nominated by Mr. Nielsen
Josh Denaugel, nominated by Mr. Crystal

 11th Grade Students

Conner Kemp, nominated by Ms. Ericson
Aylin Castro, nominated by Mrs. Beckstead

 12th Grade Students

Jaiden Mayo, nominated by Mrs. Coffey
Austin Weight, nominated by Mr. I. Clark


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State Drama Results

Maple Mountain High School News - Wed, 04/26/2017 - 9:12am
Attributions: Story and photo by Bradley Moss.

The MMHS Drama Team competed in the 4A State Drama Competition last Friday and Saturday alongside 24 other schools.  MMHS was awarded 2nd place in the One Act Play competition for its production of the Greek tragedy, The Trojan Women.

Here are the cast members:
Chloe Henry
Sophie Hill
Shay Swenson
Nicole James
Isaac Maltby
Anton Moss
Sarah Foutz
Caitlin Martinez
Marguerite Morgan
Sam Slade
Hannah Wood
Ashlynn Rober
Gavin Henry
Corban Radford

Savannah Henry
Clark Tolbert

The production also had original music composed by Corban Radford and he was given a special judges award for his work with the music composition.

Additionally, Michelle Squire and Corban Radford placed 3rd in the Scene competition.  In total, 11 students received Straight Superior ratings (the highest possible) in their individual events.

As Shakespearean audiences used to say, Huzzah!